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Vote -1 Vote +1Diane M. Gilligan
March 18, 2012 at 1:39 pm

I want to get a message to Pat Brabble. He has a license to sell handguns, and I am in need of HELP. I belive as he does, and am a senior,cripple, and alone.I have little money, and $ 678.00 a month coming in, so I can’t buy new.I am scared! Perhaps he or someone he knows could find me a handgun to protect myself. You have my email address, and my address is 389 Mithoff St. Columbus, Ohio 43206. Give him all my information, have him run a check on me, please. I don’t need a license, because it will never leave the house. Someone out there must be willing to help me, PLEASE!


Vote -1 Vote +1Diane M. Gilligan
March 18, 2012 at 2:03 pm

Thank God for people like the editor of Urban Survival, and the ones who are willing to show how they are protecting their families. I mean that sincerely.For months now I have said that we are headed for another depression. We are a generation of plenty, but at least we treasured our possessions. The kids we have raised are those who have plenty, but don’t care what happens to it, cause mom and dad will fix it for them. It would do them good to have to ride a bike to work, eat eggs and rice instead of steak, and do without for awhile. The green project is wonderful, even if to late, but if you check, the ones doing it are seniors, not the young. The old are living on less and less, because the government has spent un wisely, so we must do without. I only pray that what we all are afraid of doesn’t come true. Wether it is financial, weather, riots caused by drug lords, or the infra structure. we are in trouble. We had better pray and pray again. Not for more, but for forgiveness.


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