Tornadoes Caches Obama vs Texas and SOWF

by David Morris on May 26, 2011

This weekend is Memorial Day weekend. I’m so thankful to all of you who served our country, and thankful to those of you who lost friends and loved ones in the service of our country.

We’re doing something special for Memorial Day that I’ll tell you about in a minute, but first…

On Saturday, we had another massive tornado go through a populated area. This time it was Joplin Missouri and there were 124 fatalities and 8,000 buildings destroyed. Although we’ve had a very bad run of fatalities from tornadoes this year, we’ve only had 100 so far this month when the average for May over the last 10 years is 298. In any case, our thoughts and prayers go out to those affected.

I want to quickly touch on one of the things you should consider if you have preparedness supplies and live in tornado country. Caches. I’m doing a series of articles on caching in my monthly print newsletter called the Lamplighter Report. In short, if there’s a chance of your house getting completely wiped out by a tornado (or other disaster), you might want to think about keeping some of your preparedness supplies away from your home.

This could be as simple as keeping some in a cellar, at your work if you own a business, at a relative’s house, or in a storage unit. You do have more risk of loss because of having more locations, but you lower the chances of being completely wiped out by a single event. To learn more and get signed up for the Lamplighter Report, go to

You may all go to hell…I’m going to Texas” (Davy Crockett after losing a reelection bid to the US House as a representative from Tennessee.)

Texas as a state and Texans as individuals have always had an ornery streak. They are rugged individualists, don’t want other people telling them how to live their lives and, in the spirit of the Alamo, are willing to take up a righteous fight no matter how bad the odds.

This week marked a sad event in the battle between states trying to preserve individual and state’s rights and the Federal Government. I want to give you a brief overview of this and let you know why I see it being important for people concerned about preparedness.

The Texas Legislature had a bill that would fine TSA agents up to $4,000 and jail time for groping passengers in airports in the name of security. It passed the state House, but died a death of expiration when the Justice Department threatened to cancel all commercial flights out of Texas if the bill passed.

Wow! It’s bizarre. Simply bizarre.

The DOJ threatened to shut down air transportation from the 14th largest economy in the world because they are attempting to defend their citizens from having their 4th amendment rights violated by a government entity.

You probably already know, but here’s the back story. TSA reserves the right to do one or more full body hand patdowns if you refuse to go through one of their backscatter x-ray machines. They can go inside your undergarments, touch breasts, and “touch your junk.” Many think that this crude, rude, and unnecessary treatment is simply a way to punish people who don’t want to go through the back scatter machines.

These machines were first tested in 2006 & 2007 and officially deployed at 11 US airports in early 2010 and have raised both safety and privacy concerns. There are now hundreds of them around the country and it’s hard to avoid them.

Many people in forums wax eloquently about how outrageous the machines are and how they are no longer going to fly because of them. Personally, I wonder if ANY of the people saying they’ll never fly again flew anywhere in the first place.

My income has depended on flying multiple trips and several thousand miles a month for years. There isn’t a viable option for myself or others who travel often…which means that we simply have to suck it up and take the abuse if we want to travel back and forth across the country. It’s not fun. I really dislike flying now and constantly wondering whether or not I’m going to be treated like a criminal or not when approaching airport security.

Osama had to be laughing right up until the bullet that shut down his central nervous system wiped the smile off his face about how much he was able to disrupt our day-to-day lives. We’re almost 10 years after he spent less than $500,000 to pull off the 9/11 attacks and the effects are compounding rather than easing over time. The fact that Al Qaeda can cause me, and other law abiding first responder/sheepdogs so much frustration and discomfort has been a huge victory for them.

**Important note to all of the 9/11 and Osama conspiracy believers…you may be right, you may be wrong, but if civil order breaks down and/or the dollar crashes, one of the few things that’s going to matter is whether or not you’re prepared, which is why I focus on preparedness and not conspiracy theories. Not to say that I don’t like or agree with some conspiracies…I just don’t want them to distract from preparedness issues and questions.**

Back to the pat downs…they’ve been ridiculous. Babies get patted down. At least one TSA agent has been caught on a camera phone with their hands down a young girl’s panties. At least one lady had her breasts exposed in front of other passengers. TSA’s response? Laughter, joking, and comments about how they’d have to watch the video later on. They paid for that one with a legal settlement, but it didn’t get rid of the underlying problem.

If the pat-downs are really as vital as TSA says they are, then I’m completely baffled at why we haven’t had numerous airline hijackings between 2001 and when they started increasing the number of pat downs over the last year or so.

Finally, Texas had enough and decided to stand up for the rights of their citizens and fight the TSA on it…and they got crushed.

The battle between Texas and the Federal Government has intensified since Perry threatened to invoke Texas’ right to secede in 2009 when he said, “There’s absolutely no reason to dissolve it. But if Washington continues to thumb their nose at the American people, you know, who knows what might come out of that.”

Since then, the Federal Government, and Obama in particular, have actively engaged in a campaign to punish Texas for daring to believe that the state and their people have Constitutional rights.

  • The U.S. Department of Education denied Texas’ application for $830 million in funding because they decided that Texas needed to have stricter requirements than the other 49 states. In an incredible twist of irony, the representative that added the amendment that created the additional requirement was from Texas. The amendment
  • FEMA denied Texas’ request for disaster assistance after 2.2 million acres burned in wildfires this spring. Obama added to the snub by refusing to fly over the damage and asking instead that Governor Perry fly out to El Paso to join him at a grand-standing event.
  • The EPA is considering adding the sagebrush lizard to the endangered species list and declaring the Permian Basin in west Texas as their habitat. This would shut down oil drilling in the Permian Basin, which is the largest onshore source of oil in the US. This decision is being made after surveying less than 1% of the area in question and the scientists doing the surveying supposedly didn’t see ANY lizards during their search.
  • NASA decided to retire 3 working and one prototype space shuttle in Virginia at the Smithsonian, Cape Canaveral, FL at the Kennedy Space Center, LA at the California Science Center, and New York at the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum on the west side of Manhattan. Houston, also called Space City, USA, didn’t get any of the 4. Cape Canaveral and the Smithsonian make sense, but choosing LA and NYC over Houston seems to lack reason and logic.
  • One of the claims Obama made while he was in El Paso in early May was that the 700 mile double layer border fence with Mexico was “basically complete” and mocked people who claim otherwise saying that many people wouldn’t be satisfied until there was a moat with alligators in it.

    This “700” number is interesting since the border with Mexico is 1,969 miles long. The 700 number comes from the Secure Fence Act of 2006 that called for 700 miles of 2 layer high security fencing with enough space between the fences for border patrol to drive in.

    In reality, only 36.3 miles of the double layer fence have been completed. The rest of the fence is either single layer fence or vehicle barrier. Vehicle barriers are 2′-6′ tall poles spaced so that people can walk through them. This is what Obama calls “basically complete” and mocks people for challenging.

    Meanwhile, Texas is left to spend millions on defending it’s borders from drug smugglers, illegal immigrants, and terrorists.

  • And, this week, Texas backed down on the defense of their citizens from the TSA after being coerced by the DOJ.

All of these could be coincidental. To me, it looks like a bully flexing his muscle at a kid who dared to stand up to him. In any case, it’s not healthy for the country, and it’s discouraging for people like me who believe in personal responsibility and limited government.

Why do I see it as important? Because these incidents highlight how important it is to be prepared to weather disasters without the help of fickle outside help. Because when disaster strikes, the Federal Government may not be able to help or choose not to help.

What matters is that you’ve taken steps to insulate yourself and your family from these decisions by preparing yourself for interruptions in commerce, the supply chain, and utilities.

And one of the ways that you do this is to imagine what would happen if the disaster you are most concerned about happened tomorrow. What would you need to have in place so that you wouldn’t be a burden on your community? For 72 hours, 7 days, a month, 6 months, or even a year.

What skills and items would you need to have in place to be able to stabilize your neighborhood? I’ll tell you right now that you probably won’t be able to have enough food, water, or medical supplies on hand to support much more than yourself. But you CAN have skills that you could use and/or teach other in a time of emergency to take the load off of your fire/EMS/police.

How do you accomplish this? One of the best ways is by going through the Urban Survival Course. More than 10,000 people have completed the course over the last two years…many of them being career military, law enforcement, and first responders looking for a way to organize a lifetime of training for themselves and their family. If you haven’t gone through the course, I suggest that you read more about it by going to

This weekend, in honor of Memorial Day, we’re going to donate 10% of all sales on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday to the Special Operations Warrior Foundation. The Warrior Foundation has a two part mission…The first is to pay for college for the children of members of the special operations community who die on a mission or training accident. The second is to provide financial assistance to make sure that family members can travel to and stay with operators who are wounded in action or training.

Why the Warrior Foundation? Simple. One of my best friends and another good friend just got back from being deployed with a SF unit. My brother is SF, and the Warrior Foundation helps the kids of one of his teamates who was killed during an ambush while in a truck with my brother a couple of years ago in Afghanistan. There are hundreds of worthy charities out there, but this one has personal meaning for me.

This 10% is on sales of everything I’ve got, including the course, and my print newsletter, the and you don’t have to designate anything special. 10% of ALL sales for the weekend will go to the Warrior Foundation.

What are your thoughts on tornado preparedness? On caches? How about the Federal Government’s treatment of Texas? Do you think it’s personal between Obama and Perry? There are several full time and guard SF guys that I know of in the audience. If you’ve got any stories of the Warrior Foundation helping the families of buddies, please share (anonymously) by commenting below:

God Bless and stay safe,


David Morris


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Vote -1 Vote +1Dan
May 27, 2011 at 11:48 am

Your article is spot on and something I’ve never really given thought to. Have a cache located elsewhere in the event my main cache is destroy or compromised is something I need to put some thought into.

Your discussion on what is being done to Texas should give anyone living in a blue state or have conservative values should be a warning to be prepared. As long as this administration remains in power we are all in jeopardy. We have lost the skills and incentive to be self sufficient and only recently have slowly started to rekindle those skills.


Vote -1 Vote +1Gwendy
May 27, 2011 at 11:58 am

In the wake of all the devastation caused by the recent tornadoes, may I suggest that when it comes time to REBUILD….people should consider building dome homes. This is the perfect time to rethink our way of building our homes. These homes are virtually indestructible, they are much more energy efficient than ‘normal’ homes and are much safer in case of civil unrest. Seems to me that it would only take one town to rebuild this way … to start a trend. Also think of this…you could rebuild in the ‘normal’ way and be wiped out again the very next day.


Vote -1 Vote +1Mike
May 27, 2011 at 12:12 pm

Hi Dave,

Great choice supporting the SOWF. I was able to contribute to them several times last year as part as Glenn Beck’s Restoring Honor rally in August 2010. They do a great service!

You bring up great points about Texas and I have no doubt that the Obama administration is doing everything they can to punish Texas. Why? I suspect mostly because because it is a red state. Adding that they dared challenge the authority of Fedzilla just sweetens the pot for Obama. Obama has displayed a very thin skin when he’s been critized so vendettas are surely par for the course.

I live in upstate NY so tornados are very rare, thankfully!


+2 Vote -1 Vote +1Jean
May 27, 2011 at 12:28 pm

I think everyone in Texas should refuse to participate in the IRS, kick them out of our state.
They refuse us money and help, we should not add to their pot!!
Have these idiots forgotten WE PAY THEIR SALARIES!!!!!!!


+2 Vote -1 Vote +1DD
May 27, 2011 at 1:17 pm

I am saddened every day that I see my friends and neighbors just believing what they are used to will never end. Most of them will not be able to survive a situation because they don’t know how to cook, they don’t know how to garden, they don’t know how to fix anything, they don’t want to prepare, and they will starve to death if the McDonald’s is closed and the cell phone doesn’t work to call for pizza. My church leaders are sending some of our best to Joplin with some supplies to help whoever they can up there, but it was hard to even collect some basic items from our own congregation because they don’t readily have any of the items on hand, nor were they willing to purchase them. We have about a dozen people in the entire congregation that you could count on. It makes me feel ashamed for them all, as they won’t even listen. I could mention that the dozen good ones are native Texans, but that might make some of our other members feel insecure!

As to Texas, I’ve lived here my whole life, been divorced and widowed, but completely believe in self-sufficiency, and Governor Perry and my representatives get affirming letters from me on a regular basis. I support the fight against the infringements of my liberty and my rights, and Obama is not understanding the lengths a Texan will go to in the fight. He needs to read a good history book if he thinks we will lay down and give up just ’cause he feels like being a bully. We don’t mind using our teeth, or our toenails if we have to.


Vote -1 Vote +1Bill
May 28, 2011 at 9:39 am

I hope these actions taken by Texas spread to other states. BUT, 40 out of 50 states have so much federal money stuck in their jock straps they are afraid to oppose them. Good freakin’ lick America.


+1 Vote -1 Vote +1Charles H. Burk
May 27, 2011 at 2:01 pm

What does the initials “SOWF” stand for?


+3 Vote -1 Vote +1David Morris
May 27, 2011 at 2:14 pm

Great question…Special Operations Warrior Foundation


Vote -1 Vote +1Otto
May 27, 2011 at 3:30 pm

I surely hope Rick Perry decides to run for president. Strategically, he’d have a better chance in 2016, but I don’t know if our country will be recognizable if we get another 4 years of Obama in 2012.


Vote -1 Vote +1debra
May 27, 2011 at 6:42 pm

I absolutely agree. I have a great deal of respect for Rick Perry and feel he would be very
effective in getting out of this mess. He seems like a modern day Ronald Regan. I would like
to see him run with Marco Rubio or Allen West.


Vote -1 Vote +1Robert
June 9, 2011 at 11:14 am

Out here in Texas we know Mr. Perry as a tax and spend RINO. His fiscal record is positively abysmal. The first freedom is financial — without that there is no real freedom. Period.


+2 Vote -1 Vote +1David Morris
June 9, 2011 at 12:12 pm

He’s a confusing one, the Perry. You’re right about financial freedom. But until people realize that money=time (not the other way around) then we’re basically screwed.

What I mean is that if someone makes $15 per hour, that works out to $1 every 4 minutes. When that person is told by a government entity that they have to pay $1000 in taxes or go to jail, what they’re really being told is that the government is claiming 4000 minutes of their life, or 66 hours and 40 minutes. That’s a week and a half. That’s a week and a half that they could have spent loving on their kids and being an influence in their lives. A week and a half that they could have spent loving their spouse and fixing or improving their marriage. A week and a half that they could have spent exercising and getting enough sleep that they need to get control of their stress levels. A week and a half that they could have volunteered at their church or a local charity.

In other words, every dollar that we’re taxed is stealing time out of our lives. I believe that some tax is necessary, but taxes shouldn’t simply be a tool for a minority of powerful people to be able to force people to support programs that they wouldn’t support if given the choice.


Vote -1 Vote +1Grambo
May 27, 2011 at 9:04 pm

It isn’t recognizable to me NOW! I am a child of the Greatest Generation and remember well the “good old days” when you didn’t have to lock your doors, people trusted each other and you could walk the streets at night in your junior high days to skate at the park six blocks away. We learned in school about iron-fisted dictators and how bad it was in the Soviet Union–and now I find that America almost matches the textbook descriptions of that country today with children instructed to spy on their parents, the state taking over your children for any slight deviation from THE GOVERNMENT’S way of thinking, cameras everywhere, certain school books banned, no daily honoring of God–I could go on and on–it’s sickening and I am so happy to be nearer to the end than the beginning!


Vote -1 Vote +1m5th
May 29, 2011 at 12:30 am

The soviet union, cuba and China all have used their children to cause the revolutions and to seek out dissenters. Children are easily manipulated and don’t have some of the judgment skills they need and don’t keep their mouths shut. I know of a homeschooling family her in FL who sent their oldest to a very good public high school. A few days later CFS showed up at the house, told the mom to get the family together. She told them that some of hers (large family) were at another house and she had other kids at her house. She was threatened to have her kids taken away if she didn’t comply immediately. Apparently one of the teachers at the school asked the child if she was ever spanked and the child told her yes. So now they are on the CFS watch list when spanking is still legal in FL.
I got laid off last year from this stinking, crummy school district and it was a wonderful blessing!


Vote -1 Vote +1RAY
May 27, 2011 at 3:31 pm

All I can say is that fellow TEXANS, and all other freedom loving Americans need to make sure they are prepared.


Vote -1 Vote +1Robert
June 9, 2011 at 11:28 am

The real concern is that the feds will withdraw the protection that the border guards provide. If that happens, though, invading and looting mobs will probably end up being killed in large numbers. Those who come in peace are welcomed. Those who come to rob and steal are very unwelcome. Our penal code is very clear about the use of force being allowed to protect persons and property.


Vote -1 Vote +1Ed S.
May 27, 2011 at 3:56 pm

Even the Homeland Security wonks have been running advisories on TV in my area encouraging folks to stockpile 3 months worth of food, water and medical supplies in case of an emergency. This leads me to believe that it may not be too long before that gelatinous, oleaginous, malodorous brown stuff hits the fan. And my hat is off to the great state ofTexas. Just maybe the South will rise again.


Vote -1 Vote +1wendell diefenbach
May 27, 2011 at 4:05 pm

i’m proud of texas for trying to stand up against this out of control government. i admire and respect texas. i have frends and family in texas. i am appalled at the arrogance of this government. i am from illinois ( the land of taxes & corruption ) and outside of chicago and the college towns, we’re good level headed people. but with there voter base we don’t stand a chance. i traveled to texas with a friend, when he got out of the navy. there are signs there that say DON’T MESS WITH TEXAS. they are do not liter signs, what ever. when the stuff hits the fan, i got your back.


Vote -1 Vote +1NLM
May 27, 2011 at 4:27 pm

Dave, this is nothing new with State and local government afraid of those Thousands Standing Around Taking Shoes Away. In 2005 as and airline employee, cleared by TSA for AOA (aircraft operating area) access I was entering the same checkpoint I entered daily for work. As a person with medical implants, I can assure you that the option of entering an x-ray as opposed the terrorist pat down that I got several thousand times between 2001 and 2007 is a blessing. I was not permitted to use an “employee checkpoint” operated by contractors because I set off the metal detector and therefore required a pat down which they did not perform.

I agree that as citizens on who the government has an extensive dossier (at least they do on me) we should not be subjected to the terrorist physical exam. As I was saying, in 2005 during one of these exams, in public, as an obvious airline employee, I was assaulted when the “female” TSA agent assaulted me by punching me with her closed fist, making contact with the pelvic bone, with force sufficient to cause me to lose my balance. This entire incident was caught on video from 5 different angles. The airport police were called and I reported the assault. 2 months later, I was informed that the district attorney declined to prosecute based on a request from Homeland Security. I went back to the airport police to get copies of the video and learned that TSA had taken all video from that checkpoint that day for a 4 hour period. Under a freedom of info request, they denied posession.

It was done. I recently traveled to DC. This was my first trip since 2001 that I have not been touched by a member of the federal police. It made traveling pleasant again for me. As a retired medical professional (paramedic; thats why both knees were replaced so early; I’m not 60 yet), the amount of radiation is not going to hurt me or any of the other Granny’s and Grandpa’s with spare parts installed to keep us going.

I have learned the hard way that I will pick my battles in life. Airport x-ray is not a battle I choose to fight. I’ve had my junk touched too many times!


Vote -1 Vote +1NLM
May 27, 2011 at 4:32 pm

TEXAS Secede! I live in the county with the highest per capita CHL rate and work in the city with the highest CHL per capita in Texas. Frankly, we the people are tired. And if you think our current governor on a box (he’s short and carries a box to stand on) will be an improvement over the current residents on Pennsylvania Ave, think again.


Vote -1 Vote +1juanita rey
May 27, 2011 at 9:46 pm

Man, I’ve been waiting to SECEDE for a long time! If this stupid lizard thing gets passed I believe Gov. Perry REALLY NEEDS TO SERIOUSLY CONSIDER SECESSION!!!


Vote -1 Vote +1Ron G
May 28, 2011 at 12:21 am

Thank you for this interesting article. It is a great shame when this once great country will continue to impose technical measures to put there thumb on it’s citizens. These laws and the department of Justice are imposing tyranny instead of liberty. Eric Holder should be removed from office. He is overstepping his authority and behaving like an enforcer from a banana republic. Our congress should stop sitting on their hands and impose laws against the TSA from foundling our citizens. People should know what this this Godforsaken administration is doing to destroy this country.
When we vote in 2012 These communists should be thrown out of office and The United States should go back to constitutional law instead of liberalism.

On the idea about having caches: I look forward to any articles regarding this subject. If our home is removed like in Joplin it would be a great idea to have a cache which is easy to get to and have the items to survive with.


+2 Vote -1 Vote +1Bill
May 28, 2011 at 9:28 am

The Federal Government knew Texas would put its tail between its legs and go off like a beat puppy. What needed to happen was to take a stand, tell the feds to go pound salt and if they shut down even one Texas airport the state would find every way to hold ALL revenues that would normally go to them from gas, oil and other sales. Their decision would explode in their face. Close D/FW or Houston and see what would happen. No federal revenues from car rentals, etc. gas sales to refill those cars, no jet fuel sold. Business would suffer but then maybe that’s what needs to happen………..hunker down!


Vote -1 Vote +1Robert
June 9, 2011 at 11:58 am

Dr. Corsi showed that when push comes to shove that Mr. O. blinks first. It is time to go to the mat.


Vote -1 Vote +1gil
May 28, 2011 at 12:36 pm

why are the supporting the sowf’s and other service member’s organizations?

you support them now, but will you be supporting them when their gazes are turned inward during the martialaw phase? be interesting to see…

on another note, caches are good to have…multiple ones are better…but if you have the land to do this, lay them in on a north to south basis…tornados and other storms have a general east to west flow…this is why farmers in general plant large sections north to south…

also, aside from metal detection concerns, if you’re burying your caches, would it matter so much where they are? i’ve never seen a tornado path that excavated the earth…could happen i spoze, but can you prepare for every possibility or freak of nature?


Vote -1 Vote +1David Morris
May 28, 2011 at 2:46 pm

Well, Gill…if you read what I wrote, you’ll see that my brother is SF, one of my best friends is attached to and deploys with a SF unit, and most of my friends are either military or law enforcement…current and former.

I’m grateful for the sacrifices that they’ve made and that service members before them have made for our country and I’m actually disgusted by your comment in light of the fact that you’re suggesting that I stop supporting family and people who I see as family.

I disagree with the direction that our country is going with every fiber of my being…but so do my friends in military and law enforcement.

It appears as if you’re taking a “throw out the baby with the bathwater” approach to military and law enforcement and ignoring the reality that many guys who are on the front lines are a lot like you and me.

That’s a mistake.

Good guys work in bad bureaucracies. Good guys work for bad agencies. Good guys work under bad leadership. If you piss on their efforts to do the right thing, despite the conditions they work under, you’re helping create a self-fulfilling prophecy where all the good guys leave and only the bad guys are left to run things.

Maybe you should get to know some guys in uniform to see if they’re the jack-booted thugs that you seem to think they are. There are too many that are like that, but you owe it to yourself to find out for yourself whether the majority of guys in uniform would support martial law. If you do, you’ll find that they’ll probably be getting rounded up as soon, if not sooner, than you in a martial law situation.


Vote -1 Vote +1Martin
May 31, 2011 at 7:25 pm

Dave, you are spot on. All military and real law enforcement take an oath to uphold the Constitution. As a retired (31 years) law enforcement officer, I would never have even thought of doing anything in violation of our Constitution, and the vast number of officers I know are the same. I worked in a military city, and the same goes with the military personell I knew. Its Obama and his cronies we have to worry about, not the the decent law enforcement and military. This country is in dire straits, I don’t know if we can pull ourselves out of it. If obama gets another 4 years, forget it, we are doomed to be another third world country.


Vote -1 Vote +1David Morris
June 1, 2011 at 9:14 am


The thought that there is a widespread culture among US military and police that supports enforcing martial law is a fantasy. There ARE people in military and law enforcement with God complexes…just like there are in any occupations of power, but the vast majority grew up playing with GI Joe dolls who were “Real American Heroes” fighting evil Cobra. Put another way, the movie in their mind has them protecting grandma from bad guys, not taking away grandma’s revolver and slamming her to the floor as a “decenter.”

Another part of this is that roughly 60% of the people who have gone through the course have been current/former military/law enforcement. It’s safe to say that the ratio of readers of this newsletter are the same. Many of them have emailed me privately thanking me for the course and expressing their concern over where the country is heading. Ironically, since they are in the community that would impose martial law, they aren’t concerned about it nearly as much as a crash of the dollar, an infrastructure collapse, or anything else that would cause a breakdown in civil order. Why? Because they know they’d be out fulfilling their duty while their families had to take care of themselves.

I do see potential threats from martial law after an extreme event, but not from US military or police. I see (and agree with) curfews in areas where rioting and/or looting is happening, but full-out martial law is a very bad dream for most law enforcement and military. Also, I see SEVERAL threats to our way of life that have a much higher probability of happening and I’ve only got a limited amount of time in the day.


Vote -1 Vote +1gil
May 28, 2011 at 7:29 pm


i agree with you that there are some right-thinking americans in the military, however, i think it’s underestimated how many would relish obeying orders and putting down the people…this isn’t much, but i was in a seaee unit attached to a marine expeditionary unit for years…they in general loved the idea of looking for the next fight and it didn’t seem to matter to the majority that the people are combatants who are disobeying the orders of the day…

also, i’ve heard that seal team 6 was cheney’s personal kill squad…i work with several former sf members (army) who seem to confuse the mission first mentality…and understandably…often, if you take the time to question orders, you and your friends are dead…it’s more of a reactionary environment….

but, i do in general like your message of preparedness…we’re going to be in a world of hurt if we can’t get it through to the common man to put in garden, buy one more can of what you’re already buying, learn to function without lights and heat and the innernet for a week…

so, keep up the good work and fight the fight…if we can shed enough light on what’s happening in the shadows, we’ll win the fight…if enough americans would only stand up and say: NO! you’re not doing this to us, then the destruction of america and other free countries would be over…


Vote -1 Vote +1Martin
May 31, 2011 at 7:32 pm

Don’t confuse combat outside the country with orders inside the country. If you question illegal orders here, it’s not the same as in war. Time is not of the essence here and it likely won’t cause immediate loss of life or limb. I can only home the current military understands this.


Vote -1 Vote +1Catherine Haugh
May 28, 2011 at 8:20 pm

I am retired so no second site, but, can bury small tubs with up to a weeks worth of supplies and cover the site with a raised bed garden of large pots. I live in tornado alley and don’t think they uncover much dirt so this would kill two birds with one stone and I can eat all summer long.


Vote -1 Vote +1john
May 29, 2011 at 8:09 pm

here in the mostly progressively deomocratic city of el paso we get what we deserve and we deserve high taxes and lousy leadership and our rep congressman reyes takes orders from mexico and not from el paso voters and when they demonizee peppers it really hurts but in the end when the shtf we will be there to put it all back together and all the progessives will still bitch and complain that life is not fair well get use to it


+1 Vote -1 Vote +1Robert
June 9, 2011 at 12:12 pm

Also in the extremely socialistic El Paso / Las Cruces area. Keep your head down and attend the local survival group meetings. Call J. Kincaid, a local vet, about the time and place. Great for networking.


Vote -1 Vote +1Caribou
June 4, 2012 at 8:29 pm

Basements and root cellars have served many decades as protection of people and goods against tornados. They have the bonus of being on site and therefore easier to protect.

David, as for your query whether or not those claiming to stop flying had ever really flown previously, I was for many years a member of the highest level in a mileage award program. I have now driven tens of thousands of miles rather than fly jets. I do take prop flights that do not require TSA scrutiny.


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