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October 21, 2010 at 10:18 pm

Really been enjoying your articles and looking forward to the full course here as we make room in our budget. I’m a country boy that’s been living and working in the big city for far too long, but really glad for the experiences I have received here. I have always been a ‘tweener of sorts, straddling the line between working in the city and spending my free-time working on my bush skills. Politically, as well, I find myself stuck between worlds, most of my city friends are more educated and lean left, but there are a surprising number of libertarians among them, and most of my country friends are less educated and tend to echo anything told them by FOX “news.” I find if I want to have any kind of intelligent discussion on anything political, as perhaps you can imagine, it is almost always with the better educated, whether they be from the country or the city. Certainly the less educated tend to have their heads filled by the prevailing winds, whichever way they blow. The true exceptions are those who may not have a classic education but are damn smart in their way and tend to be independent and largely “self-made” (for lack of a better term- no one makes themselves, after all.)
I can tell by your excitement that you are more than leaning towards the political right, like many, perhaps, blindly so. This surprises me somewhat even though it tends to be rather prevalent among the “preparedness” crowd and seems largely linked to issues and fear of government take-over and gun control. Now I am a big supporter of 2nd amendment rights and generally cringe whenever I hear a politician claim they aren’t going to take away “guns from hunters,” because the 2nd amendment doesn’t mention or pertain to hunting. I also feel we are a safer country with an armed populace, but as a city dweller (who knows more than one licensed concealed-carry permit holder here), I am quite glad that not every idiot who comes along can get a gun, although I wonder if there would be less road rage here if people had to consider the guy they are about to cut off might have a .357.
Sorry, I’m trying to get to the point but I wanted you to know a little of where I am coming from.
Now, I just wonder why you would want to go back to the guys who got our country into this mess to begin with. Despite opinion to the contrary, it was not gays or immigrants who got us here. It was corporate greed, corporate lobbyists and a government full of corruption, as well as a complacent and ignorant populace. Now, I want the government out of my business, too, but I do want a government that looks out for domestic enemies as well as the foreign ones. It was not foreign terrorists that polluted all our rivers and streams, or caused the Valdez spill, or the current Gulf crisis. I have American friends who have crossed the border To Mexico and they will tell you the thing that is keeping that country from developing business is a LACK of government oversight. There is no body to prevent the bait and switch, no BBB, etc. Now, like you, I don’t want more government regulation, but I do want smarter regulation. Most people don’t seem to understand that it is precisely Government interference that has stunted our energy development by subsidizing coal and oil and allowing externalized costs and the ignoring of the value of resources that had to be destroyed during mining efforts. Given a choice between cheap coal and clean rivers with edible fish, I will choose the cleaner greener and much more valuable waters every time.
Most survivalists seem to know that living a self-sufficient armed existence off-the-grid is something to strive for. If the majority of our populace had been encouraged to do so when Dick Cheney was stealing the energy policy for his cronies, we would be a safer country today and not as subject to great blackouts. Don’t forget that the rolling California blackouts that led to the election of Arnold were fabricated by a corrupt corporation, which I was screaming about years before they finally were outed and crashed. Corporate cronies are now trying to co-opt the “green” label into another oil-consuming industry with centralized control.
Now some of the people who legitimately worked for that corporation for years lost everything as they were not allowed to sell their company stock, while the bigwigs sold-off and ran-off. I sadly feel that it is people like this who also fall under your banner of idiots who should be allowed to fail. Now I do think that we need some reform, and much much more personal responsibility, like maybe making people who are unemployed pick up garbage or something for some of their benefits (which is an insurance that they purchased through their taxes, after all.)
But please don’t forget that the last time our country had a glimmer of soundness was under a Democrat, who gave us surpluses as far as the eye could see, and started reducing the deficit we are leaving to our children, largely by moving his party to the political right.
Also, I would like to point out that the World Health Organization has pointed out that France has the BEST healthcare system in the world. They have less preventable deaths than anyone and no lines. Their doctors are still private and free to make money. The populace is allowed to pool their resources into coverage for all. Most people say they don’t want socialized medicine like Canada, but fail to point out that the only country in the civilized world that has worse healthcare than Canada, is, you guessed it, THE USA, which spends more money than anyone and leads the industrialized world in preventable deaths and infant mortality rates. People say they don’t want their tax dollars going to pay for someone else all the while thumping a bible, but I don’t recall ever being asked if i wanted my tax dollars to go to subsidize coal and oil or support imperialist policies. People seem to forget that it was our tax dollars that trained Osama bin Ladin and armed him as well, and we didn’t get to vote on that.
Now I just bring this up because people like you and people like me have far more in common with each other than either of us has with any politician. Obama and Palin are cousins after all. And George H.W. Bush was not “just a regular guy that you could share a beer with.” He was a spoiled silver-spooned tool surrounded by dirty-moneyed corporate tools. Not a rarity up on the hill, by any means.
So, what I’m saying is let’s not stir the hornet’s nest, or lead people back to the idiots who led us into this mess. Let’s look for commonalities and a new direction for a flock that has been left without any real choice and is largely brain-washed into looking at only two choices that aren’t really much different. People like you (sorry to use that phrase, but I mean people with a voice and exposure and seemingly half a brain) could be a real force for education instead of simply being alarmist because it is good for business, or worse just parroting the brainless chatter coming at us from the true “experts” and “patriots.”
We should never forget that we are all immigrants on stolen land after all, stolen under the name of Liberty and God.
But here we are.
Go in Peace,
All good medicine,
Keep up the good work and thanks for hearing me out.



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October 22, 2010 at 9:41 am



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October 22, 2010 at 10:20 am

The surpluses as far as the eye could see were six years of Republican Senate and House who forced slick Willie to reform welfare, and tighten up on everything. Unfortunately they lost their way under a Republican president and at best became tax and spend Democrat Lite. Maybe worse than that. And don’t for get the extravagant spending, bailouts, etc during the last two years of Bush’s administration were done by a Democratic Congress(senate and house). It is simply not possible for a president to spend a penny without Congress. Unfortunately Bush was a Progressive or RINO and never vetoed many bills he should have. Neither did Clinton, he went along to get along and now takes credit for what was accomplished by Ragan and six years of a Republican Congress that believed in limited government and were true conservatives. Hopefully we are about to get another such congress. Obama is an idealoge and will veto many bills and will not try to cooperate as Clinton did. Too bad until 2012.


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October 22, 2010 at 11:50 am



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October 22, 2010 at 11:57 am

My comment of “exactly” was referring to J.T.Collins, NOT J.R.!! He is so misinformed, that I do not know where to start. And, he would not listen anyway. J.R., you need to get back to the farm where the real folks live who know our true history. The progressives are destroying our country. Do your homework and stop being a “parrot”.


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October 22, 2010 at 4:14 pm

Here, here! Or as they say here in Arkansas, Yas-suh!


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October 22, 2010 at 8:24 pm

Jimmy I have to disagree. We never had such huge deficits UNTIL Reagan. The man who said trees cause more pollution than people do. And thought that a packet of ketchup was a fine serving of vegetables.

And now people invoke him like he is some demi-god.
Iran-contra? Oh he suddenly couldn’t remember.

Don’t you ever wonder how a Hollywood-hating political wing would ever take one of those ridiculous know-it-all actors into its fold?
Because they could bend over, tow the line and play the part and put a face on it that would “golly shucks” suck in Americans into believing that if they take more and give less it was good for you.

Sounds like eating the jelly bean to me.


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October 22, 2010 at 10:21 am

I was going to reply point by point, but came to realize you are a moron and incapable of rational, logical dialogue. I really hope you don’t live near me.


Vote -1 Vote +1JR Gray
October 22, 2010 at 8:13 pm

Laughably ironic that you absolutely illustrated my point.


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October 25, 2010 at 2:30 pm

Read “The Five Thousand Year Leap” good for both sides to know.


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October 22, 2010 at 11:23 am

JR, I don’t know where you get your facts but you really think that the US is the only country with medicine worse than Canada? Have you ever been to the middle east or other third world countries? Do you really think they all have better medical programs than Canada? If you look closer at what you typed that’s what you said. And infant mortality rates? America is the worst? I had to read it right to make sure my eyes weren’t playing tricks on me. And preventable deaths? That may be true because there are so many stupid westerners who willingly clog their own arteries with fast food and suck cigarettes all day long but that’s their own damn fault if you ask me and they shouldn’t be supported by a tax payer funded health care system. I say use their obese bodies to make biodiesel.

First of all Canadians come to America for treatments, the ones who can afford it anyway. Also, I am a deployed medical sergeant and my job is to do assessments of foreign hospitals. You are smoking crack if you think those hospitals are better than anything we have in the west and have better infant mortality rates than us. Check your facts dude; you’re the one doing the parroting.


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October 22, 2010 at 8:10 pm

The World Health Organization ranks the US 37th out of Industrialized countries. We are better than 3rd world countries where any kind of clean water is rare. But we lead the world in preventable deaths, i.e. Deaths that occur when a person visits a hospital for some reason where in normal circumstances they are not in any danger of dying (like having your wisdom teeth removed) but you die anyway.

And like you said it is not Canadians coming to America, but wealthy Canadians. If you are rich of course you can still get the best healthcare almost anywhere. But we are talking about a system, not individuals. In the 3 decades after WWII, the richest 1% of the nation owned around 9% of the total wealth of our country, now that number is like 23%. A new study shows that where income disparity increases so do social stresses which leads to an increased divorce rate. Which doesn’t sound good either.

My point is we need to look at new candidates and stop watching the two parties bat the same balls back and forth while every year we have a bigger government, regardless of who is in power, and for all the taxes we already pay, we have a system of healthcare where we pay the most and get the least, a crumbling infrastructure, and endless wars for peace and freedom. Can anyone show me a single freedom that we have gained through these wars. No you can’t because since the wars for freedom have started all that has happened is your freedoms have been slowly stripped away, all the while congress decides that a corporation has all the same rights as an individual. It is criminal.


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October 22, 2010 at 11:40 am

Hey J.R.,

No disrespect, but I think you’ve been in the “big city” too long. I will not go into all of the areas that I vehemently disagree with you on, but honestly, you need to do your homework on who was in control of congress when the democrat you mentioned that gave us “surpluses as far as the eye could see”. Go in peace, but do your homework and don’t take anyone’s opinion verbatum.


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October 22, 2010 at 11:59 am

Hey JR,

There are several things that you said that aren’t entirely correct…I’m about to get on a plane and can only touch on two of them.

1. The people who got us into this mess were people who thought that big government was better than small government. They were also people who minimized the importance of God and who embraced corruption. They were both Republicans or Democrats. They were bad people. By voting in a new batch of people who presumably want smaller government, generally respect God, and who abhor corruption, we are not giving power back to the people who got us into this mess. Whether they’ll be able to do anything constructive is another question.

Along with this, corporations got into federal politics when it became profitable to do so. If the federal government wouldn’t have their fingers in everyone’s business, then it wouldn’t make sense for companies to spend so much on lobbiests. It is actually government intervention and excessive regulation that has caused so many businesses to HAVE to spend money on lobbiests. In other words, excessive government created the opportunity and incentive for big corporations to meddle in government. Of course, once this vicious cycle started, it quickly escallated out of control.

2. As to France having the best healthcare system in the world…why would you believe anything the WHO says? They hate the US and everything that we stand for. Secondly, the ONLY reason why France has been able to afford their ridiculous social programs for the last 70 years is because they didn’t and don’t have to pay to defend themselves…the US does it for them.


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October 22, 2010 at 12:15 pm

Yes, David, sadly to say I don’t think that J.R. is listening, but I want you to know that many others are! You are greatly appreciated.


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October 22, 2010 at 8:39 pm

David thanks for the reply. I appreciate your points. I just feel that those out there who claim to want smaller government- if they came through yeah! But I doubt it. Someone financed them, and it was probably the richest 1% who have 23% of the wealth now and are getting more and laughing all the way to the bank especially whenever we bail them out. After all, the difference in the tax plan proposed between Obama and Republicans is the amount that goes to the richest 5% of our country. The other 95% get about the same break by both parties. Which dollar for dollar is about $125.00 dollars more per person over Bush’s $300.00 dollar buy back. The difference is instead of one fancy check, the amount is actually in your check now spread out over the year.
Our greatest resources as a country is our ability to grow food. And we are spending 10 calories of energy for every single calorie that we get in return. The entire thing is upside down and it is greed and cheap, powerful, subsidized fossil fuels that got us here.


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October 22, 2010 at 12:52 pm

JR, you accuse people of blindly following Fox News, yet you spout word-for-word the liberal talking points. Oil and Coal have never been subsidized. As a matter of fact, in Wyoming the federal government keeps taking money for oil/gas/coal leases and never lets the companies drill, but, of course, they don’t return the money.

You blame the republican presidents with the faults caused by democrat congresses and credit the democrat presidents with the good caused by republican congresses even though the president doesn’t have power to do anything, congress does. You don’t seem to understand how the government works. Maybe you should listen a little more to those you think are uninformed, because you seem to be very misinformed.


Vote -1 Vote +1JR Gray
October 22, 2010 at 8:55 pm

Christy I don;t know what tto say. Do your research. Coal and oil have been subsidized from the beginning. They are also allowed to do what is called “exteranlize” certain costs. That means when A guy who is working in the coal mine gets silicosis at 40 and has to go to the hospital they don’t deduct that. When a lake gets entirely polluted and the fish are no longer edible, they don’t deduct that, etc etc etc. If GM and Ford and Chrysler had to pay the same percentage for the interstate highway system that amtrak has to pay for the rail your eyes would light up. Many coal companies also recieve subsidies to build access roads into the most remote locations the net effect ends up that instead of getting to sell out precious oxygen producing trees, we end up PAYING the energy company to cut them down. Only about 5 dollars a tree but those are trees that can be sold for thousands. and they belong to us. and all I can say is stop watching so much fox not- the- news if you are going to be so sensitive about defending them. Not that the other news sources are good. There used to be over 200 independent news organizations in the US, now there are about 4 major players.And they all copy each other and get their funding from very similar advertisers. The internet is changing that but is so unreliable, lol, that you never know what you are going to hear. I am laughing as I write this and hope that you are too. I really am. Humour is one of the few things we are still allowed.


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October 23, 2010 at 1:23 am

Please don’t vote!


Vote -1 Vote +1JR Gray
October 23, 2010 at 8:49 pm

Nice thought-out reasoned response.
One of my biggest points is that we need to grow up as a country and stop acting like assinine children on a playground.
We are in care of this world and its resources. It’s time for some true conservation from the so-called conservatives and some true liberation from the so-called liberals. WHEN I vote it will be for real candidates that I choose even if I have to write them in myself. I will not just take whoever they try and shove down my throat.
I only ask you to do one thing honestly; take whoever you are leaning on voting for and follow their money trail. If you do that you may stop believing everything you see or hear and try to do more in your community


Vote -1 Vote +1David Morris
October 25, 2010 at 11:17 am

Hey JR,

Thanks for your passion and your comments…but you just made another one that is way too far off from reality to let go.

Specifically, you said “If GM and Ford and Chrysler had to pay the same percentage for the interstate highway system that amtrak has to pay for the rail your eyes would light up.”

This analogy is convenient, but it would only make sense if GM, Ford, and Chrysler were in the business of transporting people from one location to another like Amtrak is…they’re not. They’re car manufacturers who sell cars to end users who use the highway system.

Your argument is the same as saying that Pullman, Bombardier, or other train manufacturers should pay for the use of the rail system. In reality, they’re like Ford, GM, and Chrysler and therefore don’t have to pay for the use of the rail system.

When you look at the pump price for a gallon of gas, 18.4 cents per gallon goes to federal taxes. For me and my gas guzzling SUV, that means that I pay 1c per mile in federal taxes. GM, Ford, and Chrysler don’t have to because they’re not the end user…I am…just like Amtrak is.


Vote -1 Vote +1R D Spain
October 22, 2010 at 1:21 pm

One of the most thoughtful well reasoned post I have seen on this or any other site. I have spent significant time in third world countries both with and without strong governments and would choose the latter every time.
Every society is an economic race with winners and losers, by definition we can’t all be “above average”. A society that only recognizes winners will soon evolve into a dictatorship of the “haves” over the “have nots”. I believe that a strategy based on self sufficiency and weapons is delusional and imprudent. In the end, we have to work to make our communities stable that includes folks who through no fault of their own have fewer resources.
While I work at “preparedness” and assemble reserves, I also work for social programs that form the “safety net” for those who statistically have to be “below average”. No amount of weapons or a distant retreat will protect my family if the SHTF and we don’t respond collectively to the disaster. I have never heard of calamity where a “run and shoot” strategy ever succeeded.
So I pay my taxes (painfully) and I support laws and regulation of our affairs (though some are asinine), with the actual real world experience that the alternatives are infinitely worse.
David has made a sincere effort to address mental preparedness and the involvement of church groups in development of a SHTF strategy. However I fear that too many will overvalue the MREs in the attic and undervalue the truly more demanding task of making our communities strong and resilient.
Sadly I see from the replies that have appeared since I started this reply that you have already been reminded of the simple and useless bromides that are commonly posted. Thank you for your post, it was well reasoned and thought provoking. While I probably don’t fully agree with all your opinions, take heart that there are others who understand the complex and difficult task we face as we prepare for unanticipated. Take care…


Vote -1 Vote +1JR Gray
October 22, 2010 at 11:18 pm

Thanks. I appreciate your thoughts and applaud your community-minded approach.


Vote -1 Vote +1R Lee
October 23, 2010 at 9:49 am

I have always felt that there is an innate desire for people to feel safe- in their work, homes, future- and when there is a downturn in the economy, this desire comes to the surface. In most basic terms, this is normal. What is not normal is to be extreme in the defense of a single point of view, irregardless of the rationality of the argument.
In this vein, I want to assure those who prepare and maintain their vigilance that it is a good thing, if it does not keep them from having a good life. Likewise, it is important to take care of our world, as long as it does not mean sacrificing our needs to a good life.
People have been waiting for SHTF since the dawn of time- this shows how ingrained the need to suvive is in our psyche. The respect for nature is where our religious beliefs have originated.What has changed is the ability for humans to manipulate our environment, and this leads to conflict with our beliefs.
The basis for survival should be to cooperate as a community, realizing there will be disagreement. This is the basis for government. When the goverment fails in its fundamental function, this causes the extreme rhetoric and reaction. Maybe we need to vote on what the real issues are, instead of what we are told they are. I don’t pretend to know what ultimately will happen, but I will go by the old adage “hope for the best, but prepare for the worst”


Vote -1 Vote +1Mary Christine Erikson
October 22, 2010 at 5:48 am

one of the things we need to TAKE ACTION about, is to stop
the insanity of “getting equity out of hour homes” aka
going into debt, and stop the insanity of using real estate
and homes as an investment or a profit game which just
drives up the prices, drives up the resulting taxes, drives
up the prices of those who pay rent for their business space,
and that rent goes up with property value and taxes, and
so forth.

The real estate market is a MAJOR hidden driver behind
the cost of goods and services and the inability of people
to buy or keep property.

It is good that it is down, and I pray God it keeps going
down slowly and stays down, we get a soft landing
and resulting security


Vote -1 Vote +1David Morris
October 22, 2010 at 12:00 pm

Great comments, Mary


Vote -1 Vote +1Shawn M
October 22, 2010 at 5:49 am

Hi David!
Seems we’re closer together in politics than I imagined!! The way I say it is….
“No wonder we’re having a problem with oil…..all our dipsticks are in Washington!!”.

Ok, thats off my chest now, I’d highly recommend one of the things people look at getting, and these aren’t particularly cheap, but you can buy one or two parts at a time. Get a 100W solar panel, at least 1 deep cycle battery, 2 or more is better, and an inverter.

Protect these in a faraday cage, (A grounded metal box) in the event of a natural or man-made EMP. This way you’ll always have a source of power. Short term would be to run a heater in the winter, as most furnaces will not work without electricity, a light, a radio, etc……obviously the more the better….but it can get expensive!! I’m presently slowly converting our home over to solar and wind power. Its a grid-tie system, which means it runs even with incoming power, and I either use less, or once its big enough to feed out onto the grid, they’ll have to pay me for it. I also designed mine so that SHOULD the grid go down, ice storm, etc which can happen here in the north, it will disconnect the mains, and come online by itself, so our house will have power. I presently have enough batteries for about 1 to 1.5 days of low usage power, ie: no AC, or electric range. And that is without any sunlight to recharge the batteries. By next summer I hope to have it large enough that as I feed the grid, they have to pay me for the power, and can run the entire house.

Just to see where you’d be sometime…..turn off everything electrical in your house for even 1 day. clocks, radio’s, tv’s, (ok, you can leave the refridgerator on), but realize that in a true outage, even that will be off. What will you do?? In the winter in the north, thats a no brainer…..nature produces a great refridge outside…..but what if it was summer?? Are a lot of your “supplies” frozen?? What will you do when they spoil? Can you barter them away for something useful before that?

Just some things to think about!!

Happy “Prepping”!!

Shawn M.


Vote -1 Vote +1David Morris
October 25, 2010 at 11:41 am

Hey Shawn,

Faraday cages are very simple and very complex. You might be fine with a ammo box buried 6 inches underground, a mylar blanket covering your stuff with a 12 inch ground rod, or chicken wire to a 12 inch ground rod.

On the other hand, some of the Faraday cages that I’ve seen, worked in, and or researched were closer to plaster mesh made out of copper, connected to a several thousand pound mass of copper buried under ground and watered on a weekly basis.

It depends on the sensitivity of the equipment, the size and distance of the EMP, and the atmospheric conditions at the time of the event.

For most people, the time that it takes to try to figure out a “perfect” EMP solution would be better spent on more basic skills and simply setting up a “good” EMP solution like you mentioned.


Vote -1 Vote +1Bob
October 22, 2010 at 6:19 am

David, I’m only half way through with your survival course, so I’m begging you to keep things non-political as I don’t want to see you become a victim of the Peter Principle.


Vote -1 Vote +1David Morris
October 25, 2010 at 11:33 am

For those who don’t know…the “Peter Principle” states that people in a corporate setting will get promoted until they are in a position where they are no longer competent to perform the duties.

It also states that the only people in an organization who are competent to perform duties are those who have not been promoted.

Glad you’re enjoying the course, Bob. It has been life changing for many people who have gone through it and I hope it has a positive impact on you as well.

As soon as the actions of local and national politicians stop having an impact on our stability, need to prepare for disasters, and our ABILITY to prepare for disasters, I’ll stop concerning myself with politics.

Unfortunately, many of our biggest threats and vulnerabilities are a direct result of power hungry politicians in Washington who believe that we’re all too dumb to take care of ourselves and need them as a nanny.


Vote -1 Vote +1Charles R Graves
October 22, 2010 at 6:39 am

David, I am in the process (I say process because it takes 14 days) of deleting my account from Facebook. I am not so much concerned about the privacy issue as I did not post anything my mother could not see or anything in regard to finances. I was most concerned about Facebook and their submission to GLAAD. I am sure you know who and what they are. I have had enough of this stuff being crammed down my throat from all sources but to have it on something I was doing voluntarily, that is the end.


Vote -1 Vote +1John
October 22, 2010 at 6:41 am

My reply will be a bit biased. I just finished reading, “One Second After”.
It will get your mind going………………..
I took your course last year. Great ideas to get us moving toward our goal. Survival.
I am suffering a bit from information overload.
EMP seems like a given. When is the question. How bad will it really be?
Wish I knew that answer.
Faraday cages are still a gray area. What actually works? What will it actually save? What is the best design? Where to ground it?

Working steadily on physical preps. Family not fully on board, but coming around.

Worried about the 2nd ammendment.
Worried about medications, post SHTF.
Worried about enough food.
Worried what the government will do, after.

Worried about my families survival……………….

Never been on Facebook, or any other social website.
Do not have a GPS. The government has enough ways to track me without helping them.
I don’t text. Call me if you want to interact. Or, e-mail.

I encourage all to take the Survive-in-place course. Good info, well thought out.


Vote -1 Vote +1Shawn M
October 22, 2010 at 9:25 am

Hi John!
A faraday cage can ge something as simple as chicken wire creating an entire box in a room, to sheets of copper or metal!! Obviously the chicken wire is not going to do as well, but it WILL help depending on how strong the pulse is, and nd just make sure all edges are connected!! It must be a complete cage, and then connect it, just as it says to ground!! This can be a 6′ piece of rebar hammered into the ground, with a good size anchor wire going to the cage, but the easiest will be just tie it to your grounding strip with your power. You can look up Faraday cage on the internet and find tons of info. Put anything with electronics in it that you want protected. Some say a strong blast can cause a car battery to even short out.

I DO KNOW that back in the 1800’s there was a solar flare that caused an EMP spike strong enough to fry most of the countries telegraph wires. Although how wide spread it actually was is hard to say……most of our wires back then were pretty concentrated in the east.

Hope this helps!

Good Luck!
Shawn M.


Vote -1 Vote +1Jerry
October 22, 2010 at 2:16 pm

Well, I’m on John’s side…..I don’t have facebook, twitter, blackberry or any of the other mindless and useless trinkets that society finds fascinating. It’s the “shiny” things that keeps the populace absorbed and truly mindless. I’ve quit watching television and pretty much stop the radio noise. I spend more time reading(nope, not “online” reading……hardcover books, papers, and paperbacks. Even the newspapers have become nothing more then puppy piddle refuse and not worth the money you spend on them.) Preparedness is a state of mind. Constantly watching what goes on around yourself tells you more about what is happening in society. Don’t become a “mindless drone” and walk around “texting” or constantly blabbing on a cellphone…it makes you a primary target because you are largely distracted from what surrounds you. Intelligence is determined largely by wisedom, knowledge, and common sense. Apiece of paper cannot convey that.


Vote -1 Vote +1David Morris
October 25, 2010 at 11:52 am

That’s awesome, Jerry. I want to commend you for your stance.

There IS another side of it as well. For people of certain ages, cutting yourself off from electronics puts a ceiling on your ability to earn, provide for your family, and prepare.

The key item here is discipline. There have been opportunities to screw around and get sidetracked from the beginning of time. Pioneers coming across the midwest had the ability to waste time as well as people do today. Successful people needed discipline both then and today to make sure that they didn’t waste their most valuable resource–time.

I find myself living in two worlds. I embrace technology, because it allows me to feed my family and learn at a pace that the world has never known. I also shun technology and try to get completely away from it as often as possible.

Everyone’s got to figure out the right balance for themself and their family…and mine is probably going to be different than most of the people reading this. And you know what? That’s fine 🙂


Vote -1 Vote +1David Morris
October 25, 2010 at 11:44 am

Hey John,

I apologize for posting the same response twice, but it’s appropriate here too: Faraday cages are very simple and very complex. You might be fine with a ammo box buried 6 inches underground, a mylar blanket covering your stuff with a 12 inch ground rod, or chicken wire to a 12 inch ground rod.

On the other hand, some of the Faraday cages that I’ve seen, worked in, and or researched were closer to plaster mesh made out of copper, connected to a several thousand pound mass of copper buried under ground and watered on a weekly basis.

It depends on the sensitivity of the equipment, the size and distance of the EMP, and the atmospheric conditions at the time of the event.

For most people, the time that it takes to try to figure out a “perfect” EMP solution would be better spent on more basic skills and simply setting up a “good” EMP solution like you mentioned.


Vote -1 Vote +1Becky
October 22, 2010 at 7:34 am

I will vote but don’t believe in my heart it will make any difference!! We are beyond saving the status quo of what we think is good…….I say prepare because it is coming however is voted in and what lies ahead is beyond belief. Prepare your heart, first and foremost. Then prepare your surroundings as there will be many who don’t believe and will try and take what you have when they are starving. As far as facebook being read, anyone thinking even their email is safe better be ready for the PTB to knock on their door!!


Vote -1 Vote +1Mike Harlow
October 22, 2010 at 10:23 am

I agree with Becky to a point. I WILL vote because it’s our last chance to correct a corrupt system. Before I help the SHTF, I want to know I tried all peaceful means of taking back our country from the criminals. We continue to send one dirtbag after another to Washington in hopes that they will ignore the graft and do what we hired them for. We need a screeining process for prospective politicians. Like cops, they should have to submit to a civil service exam, background check, polygraph, urine test, psych test. Until we do this, we’re just pushing water uphill. We also need to get back to enforcing the law. Break the law-go to jail. Politicians don’t have Diplomattic Immunity. Speeking of that, Diplomatic Imunity needs to be cancelled and kick out the spies at the U.N. Sell the building and put the money back into Social Security. then do the same thing with the DOE, the BLM, FBI, ATF, all unions, ACLU, NAACP, the congressional black caucus and about 50% of all the three letter federal agencies that do nothing. Sell the buildings. Put the money into Social Security. Since we all know these good ideas will never see the light of day, I guess I’ll see you at the revolution…………………Mike


Vote -1 Vote +1David Morris
October 22, 2010 at 12:02 pm

Hey Becky,

The 2nd law of thermodynamics applies here…everything tends towards entropy (chaos) unless acted upon by an outside force. Don’t give up…keep being the outside force.


Vote -1 Vote +1janice
October 22, 2010 at 9:50 am

David I have one more number to add to your list.The moral and spiritual breakdown of this country.When I look around I am scared because I see people with no underpinning.They just drift whichever way the wind is blowing.This is our ultimate downfall.What makes us think God isnt going to bring judgement on the U.S.?Wake up people and get your act together.Am I going to continue preparing for disaster?you better believe it.I want my grandchildren to be around to help pick up the pieces when they grow up because it will take that long.


Vote -1 Vote +1Doug
October 22, 2010 at 11:19 am

The more Conservative (not necessarily Republican) control yielded by the election, the more consumer and business confidence will grow. They will, however, have to prove their claim of being Conservative (small gov, honest regulations that apply equally to all) come January when the 112th Congress convenes.

Should they prove to be truly Conservative, the consumer / business confidence will pay off in a return to commerce. Should they prove to be more of the same, the confidence will be gone for a very long time (possibly forever). Without that confidence America is no more.

That is the moment when socialism becomes slavery.


Vote -1 Vote +1Tessa
October 22, 2010 at 11:40 am

I agree 100% that greed is the root cause problem. But let’s put a big splash of common sense in here. It’s not corporate greed. They are after all just people too. It’s individual greed that is the problem. I know several people that have walked away from mortgages after buying another house because they got a better deal. Just put it in the other spouses name or a relative. Then left the old house that they have removed the equity from behind to become a burden on the bank and society. But hey, they got theirs, screw the young couple starting out trying to buy a house that has to now jump through impossible hoops and a large down payment. Hey they got theirs. The question is not always if they can pay the mortgage, it’s upside down now so they don’t want to pay . I also know several people who have lost their jobs. They lost their jobs because of government regulations, more greed. Hidden income sources for the government: regs, fees and fines!
So it’s not the big bad, it’s us! My family member, my neighbor. We now have a culture of corruption that does not think of others but self first. Be the first on your block to prepare, but to also try and change the way people think in those small teacheable moments. It’s not o.k. to get “yours” at the expense of others, no matter if it is your personal finances or you are a corporate employee.
Let’s remember the Golden Rule, do to others as you would have them do to you.
Prepare-but work for the best possible outcome!


Vote -1 Vote +1Dave W
October 22, 2010 at 12:15 pm

No it’s do unto other before they do unto you.lol


Vote -1 Vote +1Dave W
October 22, 2010 at 11:56 am

I knew about Facebook back in February.Do you know how it is free for everyone to join?Because they have a way to make millions of dollars a day.Selling your information on a corporate level.See you tell them where you live,then you tell them what you like.They find out all kinds of things about you.Then sell it.
For example:
Your on facebook and you are talking to someone about how you like to get a new car. Just by you saying that,facebook will sell your info to car dealers.Next your getting e-mail about great deals on a new car.You didn’t even know that your info was sold.Now if facebook sells your info and you bought a car in 30 days?Facebook gets a kickback from the car dealer.It’s ment to go undetected,you would never know.But facebook can’t screen all the buyers.Next your info was sold to some one who wants to scam you out of your money.

Stay away from facebook! You can use other safer web sights to stay in toutch with friends & family.

I have it.Dave Morris could build us a websight that we all can hang out in.
Name it: Dave’s Survival Hut.
We all join.He can run it and make money by advertising for stores like Cabela’s,Gander Moutain,Bass Pro,and many others.He has the info we need,and the stores have the gear we need.It’s a win win for all of use.


Vote -1 Vote +1Jonathan Kahn
October 22, 2010 at 2:20 pm

In regards to medical care in this country: I am a traveling anesthesiologist and licensed in 9 states. If americans knew what really went on in operating rooms throughout this country they would be horrified. Do not confuse a good outcome with good medicine. Also, a bad outcome does not mean malpractice. We allow money and production pressures as well a egos (of Docs, patients and administration) to have direct effects on the quality of medical care. Do not confuse an attempt to reform health care INSURANCE as a reformation of quality of health CARE. As work hours increase and salaries drop you will no longer have the best and brightest going into medicine. You will also not have people willing to stay up all night to take care of you or risk getting hepatitis or hiv. If you want quality you have to pay for it. Why is it we will pay $100 a ticket for a concert or a game but a $30 copay for our health is out of the question.
In the end America ranks approx 36 in the world for quality of health care, 1 behind Cuba.


Vote -1 Vote +1Paul
October 22, 2010 at 3:21 pm

So, if a person needs major surgery, best to go Cuba, not the USA ? Who knew.


Vote -1 Vote +1Ruth
October 22, 2010 at 7:24 pm

Best to stay healthy, don’t smoke, stay away from processed foods and get off the sofa! Stay as far away as possible from doctors and Rx drugs!


Vote -1 Vote +1MP
October 22, 2010 at 10:37 pm



+1 Vote -1 Vote +1Vic Monzon
October 22, 2010 at 3:47 pm


I like my US health care. And I don’t mind paying the extra cost of a PPO plan and CoPays. I think it is a prudent investment. Do you agree that US healthcare is 36th in the world? What reference is that from? I’d like to read more about it. Are you a member of the AMA?

So, do you think ObamaCare is a bad thing? It certain scares the heck out of me relevant to all the heavy handed controls, taxes, and boards soon to be implemented.

I love Dave’s survival education contribution to us all. As a former senior career military officer, I thought I had a reasonable handle on survival. The number of new insights he has provided me are countless. I am well underway with my preparations…but still have a long way to go. I’m about 2/3’s thru the book.

I am a Conservative, and I hope Nov 2 will throw a monkey wrench in all the socialist changes and deficit spending we have seen recently. I want to see less government regulation, less spending, and no new taxes. Once business can see some stability (and hopefully no new taxes), they will be more willing to commit to business expansion…which will result in hiring and help the economy get back on track. BTW, I wrote to GeorgeW challenging him on his excess spending and not protecting our borders.

I hope the election will not trigger anything that will cause us to have to employ the preparations we have been making.


Vote -1 Vote +1Ruth
October 22, 2010 at 7:31 pm

I don’t want to sound pessimistic, but I don’t think the November elections will make one iota of difference even if conservatives are elected. Our heads have been in the sand way too long. The global elites are moving at a rapid pace to bring down our economy and are stealing America’s wealth right from under our noses. The government will end up owning all the real estate in the U.S. and have total control over the populace. Their golden opportunity has arrived for them to usher in the New World Order. Within six months, we will not recognize this country. Cheerio!


Vote -1 Vote +1MP
October 22, 2010 at 10:42 pm

That’s very true, but under many circumstances we’re already at the point where the gov’t owns all property in this country. Just try going one year w/o paying property taxes, they take your land/house and sell it. Don’t pay the yearly tax on a mobile home in some states, like MS, they sell it for the taxes. Don’t pay any taxes for that matter, they take everything they can get their hands on, bank accounts, house, cars, even the contents of your house to cover taxes. You’re lucky you even own your own body, but then again, that’s where the plethora of stupid retarded laws comes into play; make it illegal to do just about ANYTHING nowadays and soon enough you will find everybody a ward of the state, whether they’re actually in jail, or at a stage where after going thru the system, they no longer have the rights they used to have (gun ownership, etc)


Vote -1 Vote +1Sandra M.
October 22, 2010 at 5:38 pm

Here’s my two cents:
Congress: for every one-issue law you pass you must repeal five laws.
since congress thinks it HAS to be seen doing something, even if it’s a destructive thing, I think gettin busy with law repeals would be just dandy! ;))


Vote -1 Vote +1Freeman
October 22, 2010 at 7:45 pm

Well, gee whiz…too late.
The financials and elites are on the way down, so…
Get ready!
The tipping point of eventual no return already happend.
The drop in 09 in conjunction with the bailouts did it to us.
Euroupe has even worse problems…so
The next few months will be interesting, as will 2011.
When the fiat paper money becomes worthless, then what?
How about all debts are settled through attrition. As this ends, either new Constitutional money comes out, or, barter is the order of the day.
Look at two to three generations IF man survives the coming 2012 fun house ride…
Guess we’ll see who really is a survivalist and who ain’t.
By the way, none of the nasty we got now is supposed to survive…
The retake to our generic Constitution is well under way, according to a few I have made contact with.
Everything from 1860 on, is invalid.
Freemen are taking the Constitutional Offices in order to reclaim America from the USA Incorporated…
Common law is on its way…Oh Lord, turnips are comin, Oh Lord, Turnips are comin, and I don’t want it to leave me behind…
Great Depression Hymn…


Vote -1 Vote +1Tim
October 22, 2010 at 10:11 pm

I’m glad to see everyone has a political opinion…and thank God we are able to do so. Our country is great because we are able to freely do so. But on this site I am more concerned about getting real life meaningful information on what to do in a disaster and how to best to preserve my family. Best to all.


Vote -1 Vote +1Westley
October 22, 2010 at 10:57 pm

Hello everyone,

Thank you so much for a well-informed forum discussion. As this is not a political forum whereby we should only concerned discussing left-right issues, the preparedness issue has much ties with how stable our government is. Unfortunately, if we continue this path, the US government will not be able to sustain itself and collapse under socio-economic disaster.

Please understand that this is not a left vs. right, progressive vs. conservative, Democrats vs. Republican, etc, it’s about false illusions vs. common sense. It seems that too many people have lost track of true reality and common sense and subscribe to illusions. We cannot continue to print money we don’t have in order to bail anyone out of a ditch. We all have learned since kids to stand up on our own feet, or we would still be crawling on all fours. Whatever decisions we make this Nov election, it will be historic and decide the fate of our nation. Therefore, I hope we all exercise our right as a citizen to vote as informed voters, not what’s popular or anti-establishment. If we learn to vote for long-term effects, then we would avoid a short-term collision. Survival preparedness is all about avoiding long-term (and perhaps some short-term) disasters, but only if we act now with correct facts and decisions.

Thanks, and I wish everyone a wonderful weekend !


+1 Vote -1 Vote +1MP
October 22, 2010 at 11:38 pm

Many may disagree with me on moral grounds or on many other gounds, but coming from a true Libertarian philosophy, I think that the gov’t should only be there to enforce the Constitution, not create laws that protect themselves from the rest of us, or protect some fat cat’s money trani from being derailed by one of us. The Libertarian philosophy is that no one have the right to initiate force against another person, meaning from the obvious perspective that none of us can do things to each other that would take away from our well being, things like theft, rape, murder, etc. But also, it means that when the gov’t makes laws that take away from a person’s life, laws turning simple acts into crimes, laws turning things into contraband, then the gov’t is “breaking the law” as well; we do not need some overpaid bureaucratic schmuck decide along with some bloated fat cat lawyer turned politician decide that we shouldn’t own certain things or consume certain items.

What does this mean? It means that the war on drugs is BS, and one of the biggest contributors to our loss of freedom. Don’t think so, just ask the many poor bastards who lost homes, cars, bank accounts, their whole lives because they were caught with a doobie during some traffic stop, or one ot the many “papers please” nazi checkpoints that are commonplace nowadays. Many of these stoners and wasteoids tend to actually use their junk in the privacy of their own homes and not run the streets wreaking havoc like many want you to believe. Those that commit all the crimes while being stoned are those that had a predisposition to violence anyway, it would’ve happened if they were piss-drunk just as well as if they’re stoned. Look at our prisons, a growing percentage of the population consists of nonviolent drug offenders. Don’t think that I’m a stoner myself, I hate drugs and don’t like alcohol or cigarettes either, but it isn’t my right to tell someone else they can’t use weed or whatever, as long as they don’t invade my personal space or violate my rights in any way. They have to answer to common law if they steal from me whether its to pay for dope or to pay a bill or buy food, theft is theft. You can ban as many drugs as you want to but people are going to continue to find things to get stoned on whether its healthy or not. What’s the gov’t going to do? Ban gasoline, sharpie markers, paint, glue, racing N2O, cool whip, and the countless other things that people use to get high on?

Same thing goes with guns, people say that they want to ban this gun or that gun, or not allow some people to own guns or not let people carry guns in certain places. What difference does that make? People are going to get guns when they want them, and they’re going to use them or carry them where they want them. Some stupid law isnt going to stop someone with criminal intent, no regulation will either. The NFA act, totally unconstitutional, 68 GCA, unconstitutional. The gov’t gets to have the machine guns and silencers and we can’t, how are we supposed to defend against enemies foreign and domestic, which the founding fathers determined to also include tyrants within our own gov’t ranks? Even the convicted felons not owning guns or making a number of different crimes disqualifiers for owning guns, well gee, has that stopped many a felon from getting a gun to do something? Nope, but what it has done was disqualify a bunch of people who committed a number of victimless crimes that were labeled felonies by our tyrannical gov’t, partly to help take away more freedoms from more people, mostly 2nd amendment freedom.

I can go on and on, but the point is, the more we endorse the making of laws and regulations, even for minor puny things, the more likely the gov’t will abuse the initial rules/regs and add to them to further restrict our freedoms, whats left of them anyways. People talk about sensible regulations or common sense laws, every law that has been written was written on the ideas of common sense or sensible, until some bureaucrat or congresscritter decided that it wasn’t enough and that we should be restricted more, so they add to the formerly minor rule/reg, turning it into some cancerous mutant overgrown festering blob that seeps into every facet of our lives.

Those who are “conservative” and support a lot of the corporate freedom tend to overlook the idea that many of the laws/rules/regs out there are written to help make things easier for big business to function unhindered because the laws make it harder for small timers to even do anything, you have to have the millions to climb over the bureaucratic hurdles in order to run a business or even do many kinds of tasks. Try cutting hair for money in some states, you’ll need a license and training in a cosmetology school before being “allowed” to cut hair. Try repairing a car or doing contracting work, even if you’re an A-1 professional, you’ll need all the licensing and all that other BS to even “legally” do the work for someone instead of doing it underground. We can’t even “legally” collect waste veggie oil to make biodiesel in some states because the rendering companies lobbied to make WVO classifiable as hazardous waste that has to be disposed of or transported by qualfied personnel (ie-THEM, at a cost of course!), its freaking old cooking grease folks! They wanna fine and jail us for transporting something we use and throw away everyday just because we happen to get it from a fish house instead of our own deep fryer! Then to make matters worse, the gov’t wants you to pay tax on the fuel you make (ask Willie Nelson about that one). What about electric cars? They don’t pay tax on the fuel they use and its a green energy, what about the few people who experiment with wood gas producers for cars, they don’t pay tax, or hydrogen generators, nope.

I love all those technologies and have personally experimented with many of them, but I’m proving a point, the more control you allow the gov’t to have over even the smallest parts of our everyday lives, the more they’re going to decide that they need to invade our lives even deeper cuz they’re never going to be satisfied. People talk about morals and offending someone as the basis for many of these laws and stuff, but folks, we are always going to offend someone, and your morals may be different than mine or the next guys, the whole point is, we don’t have the right to determine how someone else should live if it doesn’t directly affect us. Again I don’t condone many of the things people do, but as long as they don’t harm me or otherwise violate my space in any way then they’re more than happy to do what they want in their own private bubbles.

As far as the elections, I don’t really see much coming from these any more than past elections. Dems, Reps, Tea partiers, Libertarians, etc, everyone for all intents associates themselves with these titles by name only, the majority are in this for self serving purposes, even if its helping someone else because of the kickbacks they receive. I have yet to see a politician get into that field for the sole purpose of helping the country. If we lowered the salaries to reflect what these clowns truly do, and offer them the same benefits that other gov’t workers receive, including the same retirement benefits (meaning you gotta work 30+ years before you can amass a suitable retirement), we’ll see how many of these jackasses stay in the field. I agree with everyone who says we should have an amendment that makes all politicians subject to the same crap laws they want to hang over our heads, and also add to it that their compensation packages should reflect the amount of time they ACTUALLY put in, so when we get those Obama types who are absentees to most of the legislative sessions, then my friends, they don’t get paid as much! If at all!

I’m gonna conclude this before I have a stroke fussing about these clowns through the keyboard cuz it surely can piss you off if you let it, despite not being able to do a thing about it, HA, ciao y’all!!


Vote -1 Vote +1Marcia
October 23, 2010 at 8:04 am

Well, I know this is just one more opinion but in general I agree with you JR and thank you for being bold and brave enough to say it. Fox news is a joke and if people would open up their mind and look and listen to several news sources besides Fox I think they would see the light. I certainly don’t want people like Bayner or Palin or crazy Michelle Bachman in there. (Still waiting for that nut job to slit her wrists) I think though that at this point in our country and goverment that it is not going to matter who is in office. Having the choice of either party is not much of a choice and has not been for some time. That is why lots of people don’t bother to vote. Both parties are filled with sin and corruption which should not surprise those of us who are Christians and know what the Bible teaches about end times. Things are NOT going to getter better regardless of who or which party is in office. So we will continue to prepare what we can control but the rest is in God’s hands thankfully.
David I really appreciate this survival site and I hope we stay away from politics in general. This really gets people fired up and I know that you use this site to educate people so they understand the need to prepare. So I won’t go any longer on the politics issue so we can move back to what this site is about. Most of the time the comments are helpful and inspiring. This kind of topic gets people upset and in-fighting with each other. Thanks for opportunity to have my say.


Vote -1 Vote +1cubic_inch103
June 17, 2011 at 1:14 am

What news sites do you listen to?


Vote -1 Vote +1Marcia
October 23, 2010 at 8:11 am

Oh one more thng, I am in the middle of reading the book “One Second After” also and it is so good. It is a real eye opener of what things would be like if we do get hit with and EMP. It is disturbing but just an honest look at reality. As soon as I am finished with that I will start reading the book “Patriots”. I look forward to that read also. I requested both books from my local library. If you have not read either of these, I encourage you to do it. They are not very long and the story is captivating. Hard to put down. Thanks


Vote -1 Vote +1Jeanette
October 27, 2010 at 10:57 am

Reading “One Second After” is what got me interested in prepping. It was a real eye-opener about how fragile our society and all the comforts we tend to take for granted really are.


Vote -1 Vote +1Shirley J
October 24, 2010 at 5:02 am

I read “One Second After” about 6 months ago. I also would like to know more about faraday cages and how to protect things such as our tillers, weed wacker,
generator, computers, and solar power systems.
Now I want to say that many of us haven’t thought about the chips in our dogs. Those chips are coded with the owners information and I wonder if they can be
found via GPS or some other system. My dog was stolen and I got her back by the thief calling and trying to extort money from me. Then he started texting me for
money and making threats. I went immediately after getting the text messages to
the police and they retrieved my dog and scanned her for ownership and my info and I was shocked that they knew so much about me through that chip. Are we
vulnerable because of our dogs chips? I think it is the same system they plan to
use on all humans eventually. I want to disappear if at all possible to avoid that
confrontation. Thanks David for your hard work on our behalf.


+1 Vote -1 Vote +1Robert
October 28, 2010 at 5:58 pm

Animals are marked with FDX-A (12 digit number code) or FDX-B (16 digit number code) 125 KHz chips. The hand held scanners have a range of about 6 inches. The scanner reads the number of the chip and this is then used to look up a file on the registered owner. The registry has the information that you provide plus what can be found by data aggregation. If you value your privacy then you must learn the fine art of data segregation. Do not provide people with anything that they might ask for just because they ask — provide data on a need-to-know basis. Know your rights and segment data: SSN only for those who will generate activity on your social security account (by paying you money), Driver’s license only for law enforcement officers, etcetra. This makes data aggregation much more difficult and less effective. (The movie rental place does not need your SSN, DL number, etc. If they cannot live with just address and phone number then they do not need your business!) You get the idea.


Vote -1 Vote +1Claire Bowers
October 24, 2010 at 2:27 pm

I think the best way to survive in this world, spiritually, mentally and physically, is to have a strong belief in God, become as healthy as we can, learn all we can, and rely on ourselves to “be prepared” to take care of ourselves and our families in an emergency. Preparation reduces stress and helps us to stay calm. When we practice preparedness, we learn what to do.

It is also important to teach others prepare. Some people think we are crazy to expect emergencies to happen. Others say they believe they should prepare, but there is often an excuse that they don’t have time or money or energy to do this. The thing to remember is what is really important in our lives. When money is tight, start preparing with information, and buy at least one item each payday for your 72-hour kit.

Too many people expect the government to help them. Hurricane Katrina victims found that their government took too long to help. Since New Orleans is on a major hurricane alley, how well prepared were Louisiana’s city, county and state governments for Katrina? The city government knew the old system of pumps could not handle the emergency, but they did not prepare for it. You can blame the New Orleans government for not improving the infrastructure to prevent the failure of many levees.

The Mayor of New Orleans was so ineffective that he did not even order that empty school buses be used to help evacuate the people when they learned Katrina was coming. How many deaths could have been prevented? Then there was not enough food or sanitation facilities to provide for the huge numbers who fled the flood waters. I doubt that many evacuees were prepared with 72-hour kits to get them through the first three days in shelters. We cannot depend on government agencies to rescue us. We need to depend on ourselves.

The most help the government (FEMA) can give is information on how to get ourselves ready. Check with the Red Cross and/or Log on to http://www.ready.gov for the basic information you need. That may be the best help the government can give people.

I already have a 72-hour kit and two weeks of water storage and six months of food storage. I am not totally ready yet, but am working on it.

Taking the “Secrets of Urban Survival” course will provide the best information to prepare mentally as well as physically. It teaches how to defend oneself against hunger, danger, looters and criminals while staying in our homes or surviving in the wild.

Kudos to David Morris.


Vote -1 Vote +1Jim
October 24, 2010 at 4:18 pm

Just to show how full of crap you are I will put forth a fact. Unemployment insurance is paid for by the employer not the employee, so do YOUR research.


Vote -1 Vote +1Vic
October 25, 2010 at 8:46 am


I don’t necessarily agree with JR, but perhaps someone else should really do his RESEARCH…

I’m looking at my pay statement, and it shows year to date that I have paid $1026.48 for Calif State Unemployment Insurance/SDI tax.

You don’t know what you’re talking about…


Vote -1 Vote +1Jim
October 26, 2010 at 8:12 am

Well I’m sure my board of directors will be unhappy to hear that we have been paying a tax out of Corporate monies that should be paid by the employee.

Don’t confuse SUTA and SDI, they are not the same nor are they combined in any form. The employee pays neither FUTA (federal unemployment tax act) nor SUTA (state unemployment tax act) contributions.

Since you have maxed out on your SDI contribution I have to say congratulations for being close to the top 5% of earners in the U.S.

You will note in the following excerpt from the California EDD website that, in the last paragraph, it speaks to the employer rate for UI.

[The Voluntary UI program is not in effect for 2010.

The Employment Training Tax (ETT) rate for 2010 is 0.1 percent. The UI and ETT taxable wage limit remains at $7,000 per employee per calendar year.

The State Disability Insurance (SDI) withholding rate for 2010 is 1.1 percent. The taxable wage limit is $93,316 for each employee per calendar year. The maximum to withhold for each employee is $1,026.48.

Your UI, ETT, and SDI tax rates are combined on a single rate notice, Notice of Contribution Rates and Statement of UI Reserve Account (DE 2088). The DE 2088 will be mailed to you in December, with a mailing date of December 31. Employers will have 60 days from the December 31 mailing date to protest any item on the DE 2088 except SDI and ETT, which are specifically set by law.

New employers: Your UI tax rate is 3.4 percent for up to three years. If you purchased an established business, you have the option of acquiring the previous owner’s UI tax rate (see Purchasing a Business With Employees).]

The preceding paragraphs were written to guide the EMPLOYER in the proper preparation of payroll and its deposits with the state and federal taxing agencies.

Each year I receive a DE2088 from the state informing me what my unemployment insurance reserve is and what the next year’s rate will be.

If this leaves any doubt in your mind; call ADP, Timeplus Payroll, or Paychex and ask them who contributes to UI.



Vote -1 Vote +1Kim
October 25, 2010 at 8:56 pm

I’d like to respond to the comments about WHO’s ranking the U.S. 47th out of 192 countries analyzed. So many take an organization like WHO and run with their information without ever looking to see how they developed that information and what the motivation might be to publish such information.

In designing the framework for health system performance, WHO created a new methodological protocol not used since 2000. It compares each country’s system to what the “experts” estimate to be the upper limit of what can be done with the level of resources available in that country. It also measures what each country’s system has accomplished in comparison with those of other countries. So what should be a quantitative and scientific analysis, quickly became a subjective analysis.

WHO’s assessment system was based on five indicators:

1. Overall level of population health (doesn’t consider ‘ health’ as a free-will decision of the person or conditions forced upon a populace by their government. i.e. obesity related illness vs. lack of clean water infrastructure) Don’t know about you, but I consider these differences VERY important!

2. Overall level of health system responsiveness (a combination of patient satisfaction and how well the system acts). “Patient satisfaction” is very subjective. I have seen people in the U.S. unhappy because they have to wait for their doctor for 30 minutes, but I have seen people in Haiti happily waiting all day to see a doctor.

3. Distribution of responsiveness within the population (how well people of varying economic status find that they are served by the health system);

4. Distribution of the health system’s financial burden within the population (who pays the costs). The measurement is based on the fraction of a household’s capacity to spend. This looks at the “fairness” of financial burden. This indicator plays to the promotion of Social justice rather than extoll the virtues of a free market system – that makes its citizens to have a larger capacity to spend that the rest of the world.

5. Health inequalities (or disparities) within the population;

So before studies are cited as the end all of all knowledge, please understand how the information was obtained and why. Also, note that WHO is an arm of the United Nations and I believe we all know they have their own agenda.


Vote -1 Vote +1Mike
October 29, 2010 at 12:33 pm

Read Chomskey. Corporations made thier money and still want more to prove the quarterly numbers! Stock price still matters to the Board of Directors. 1954 Guatamala, Marines save United Fruit. Shall we go further back or forward. Lets go forward, VOTE! A certain German got into congress becuase he got his troops to vote for him. It did not take more than 30 of them. A little later WW2 started. My dad tried 3 times to get into the Navy. He finally got old enough but his eyes were bad so he memorized the eye chart. When Vietnam was going on he thought maybe he would take the family to Canda on vacation and leave me. Convoluted you bet. VOTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!it does matter even if you vote for the other guy. You might even put him or her into office. It only takes 1 to win when the game is over, whatever game it is.


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