San Diego Power Outage-Occupy Wall Street-Anonymous Hacktivists

by David Morris on October 6, 2011

Last week’s newsletter on firearms confiscations and FEMA camps created a firestorm of comments.  It was interesting to see people passionately criticizing me for not taking the threat seriously enough while, at the same time, people on the other end of the spectrum said I was “fear mongering” by even talking about it.  Good thing I’m not trying to make everyone happy.    In any case, I appreciate the more than 200 comments that y’all submitted.  It’s obvious that, regardless of the likelihood of either of these events happening, they are events that are top of mind for most preppers.

Before I get into my next topic, in light of the ongoing economic hard times, I’ll share an item of interest that asks an intriguing question: Can you really retire with just $10,000 in Savings?

The conventional wisdom says “no way.” But a Maryland doctor says not only is it possible… but if you meet 2 simple requirements, $10,000 in savings is all you need to live a rich retirement.  See the full details of his unconventional plan, here:

Today, I want to share a letter with you from a reader who was in San Diego with his wife and baby son a few weeks ago when the power outage happened.  I have always found a lot of value in reading real experiences.  Keep in mind, that even though this outage was resolved quickly how quickly things broke down.  Also, please note what a HUGE impact luck and mindset had on the overall situation.  I’m not talking about blind luck here…but rather the kind of luck that happens when a person with a preparedness mindset encounters trouble.


I want to take a moment to thank you for your dedication to helping people
be prepared. I recently relocated to San Diego a few weeks ago with my wife
and 1 year old after my dad passed away to care for my mom who is 91 and I
am currently looking for work.

I have a story that may be of use to you. Here are some observations from a
recent experience:

The power went out county wide a little over three weeks ago for 12 hours,
although they were estimating it could take a couple of days to restore all
power and it was starting to get a little sketchy; thankfully it only lasted
12 hours.

My wife was getting nervous and I had thankfully filled up the gas tank
before the outage. I told her that if the power wasn’t back my the morning
I was going to force mom to go with us to Los Angeles as we had enough gas
to get there and have access to a bank. You see, when the power went out,
we were driving around applying for jobs, we were out of cash, with our one
year old in the car seat, in the middle of traffic, which was getting bumper
to bumper at 3 in the afternoon. on city streets. and then I noticed that as
we were leaving downtown San Diego heading to the next place I was going to
apply to that the traffic lights weren’t working. How funny I thought. Then
got to another traffic light, same thing, and then I looked at the horizon,
at a line of traffic lights, all out! I tuned in to the radio and there were
only two stations broadcasting
, saying it was a city wide power outage.
They then corrected themselves and said were getting reports form all over,
It looks like its county wide.

I lived in San Diego years ago and know the roads and areas pretty well but
I was a little nervous because of all the traffic. So I told her we would
drive to a safe place and wait it out. As we were heading toward a better
area, she was getting more and more worried, saying it could take us hours
to get to your sisters’ place. We drove to the Mission Bay area and drove to
a Hyatt that I had stayed at in better financial times. My wife was getting
more nervous as traffic was getting heavier and there were more signs of
businesses shuttered. We pulled in and and I asked her to stay in the car
with the baby. The lights were out and I walked into a darkened lobby. The
desk clerks were cordial and I figured if it took using the last of the
credit available on my credit card I would make sure my wife and baby were
safe as we were 45 minutes away from the relative safety of my sisters’ apt
and it certainly appeared that as the freeway was starting to back up too
much for my comfort. I patiently waited my turn and was told that
management was not accepting any new reservations. I told them I wasn’t
looking for a reservation but a room for today. They again restated that
management was not accepting any reservations.

Another guest asked the clerk, what are your people doing in regards to
dinner? “Were going to do a barbeque as there is no power”, said the clerk,
“so you’re welcome to go the pool area and provide your room number and sign
for your meal since we can’t access the computers to bill you for your food
and drinks at this point.”

So here I am with my plan falling to pieces before my very eyes. I can’t
get a room, even though the hotel has a credit card imprint machine clearly
on the back table.
We’re 30 minutes away from relative safety in good
traffic conditions, We’re out of water for the baby, for ourselves, and no
food in the car except some Ritz crackers and the baby formula.
No cell
service, no atm access, no stores open, gas stations are closed
, I returned
to the car and told my wife to get the baby and follow me. I checked my
weapon, got an extra clip from the trunk and walked with my wife to the pool

As she sat with the baby by the pool in a lounger, she said see if you can
find some milk for the baby so we don’t have to use the formula. I checked
my wallet and I had $7.00 in it
. I hoped that they wouldn’t charge night
club prices for milk! I remembered paying 7 or 8 bucks for a bourbon and
coke years ago here. It was lively at the poolside bar, everyone was
ordering drinks and food, the wait staff and bartenders were frazzled
already and the power had been out for only an hour. They had milk but it
was only chocolate milk, and they only charged 3 bucks. Well, now’s a good
a time as any to introduce the baby to chocolate milk I thought. I gave the
guy a five and he wrote down on a stack of papers how much he charged and
gave me my change.

I headed back to my wife and we hung out at the pool for another hour or so.
She was getting tired of waiting and said, can’t we try and get home
somehow? I said we could but I didn’t want to hear any complaining if it
took awhile. She promised she would bite her lip if anything started coming
out of her mouth.

So we took a combination of streets and freeways and arrived at my sisters’
about an hour and a half later. I took a couple of candles and a couple of
flash lights from the trunk of the car and a gallon of water I had on
reserve and headed upstairs. Still no electricity, an electric stove to
cook on, no lights, no fans,
so sandwiches for dinner and formula for the
baby. While She made sandwiches, I went to check on mom. She is 91, dad
passed away at age 93 a few weeks ago after 64 years of marriage and I was
concerned how she was taking things.

I am always amazed at her resilience. She had a candle lit, was having some
cold tea and chatting with the neighbor ladies in the apt complex. You see,
mom and dad were born and grew up in a communist country. They had seen much
adversity in their life and she wasn’t fazed a bit
. Just in case I told her
that I felt it best to go to Los Angeles in the morning with her and my wife
and baby if the power didn’t come back on. She says “I’ve gone thru worse
than this, don’t worry”

Well, needless to say, the worrying didn’t stop anytime soon. Everyone
breathed a collective sigh of relief around 11 pm when the power came back
on in parts of the city, including my own, but I have a resolve now to not
be caught with my pants down as the saying goes. Thankfully, I had some
supplies that I brought with me from Oregon
but I can certainly say I was
and still am woefully unprepared for a long term situation.

That will change soon. I would love to be able to purchase your program but
I am not able to right now. In the meantime, If you have a summary that I
can put to use so I can plan for when I have the wherewithal to make some
purchases, that would be most appreciated. If not, when I am gainfully
employed and can purchase the complete course, I will. My wife starts a new
job end of this week and we hope to get into an apt by the end of October
and I am going back for a second interview on Wednesday so there is a light
at the end of the tunnel.

God bless, Thank you again. I look forward to learning how to protect my
family better.”

* *

I took the liberty of bolding some of the statements that stood out to me the most:

  1. Always try to keep your gas tank ½ full.  My friend, Victor Aguilar grew up in Communist East Europe and actually tops off his gas tank every day.
  2. One amazing thing is that in Southern California, only 2 radio stations were on the air after the power outage…despite an emphasis in recent years on having backup power supplies and generators.  Regardless, being able to tune into those two stations provided valuable information about the size and scope of the outage.
  3. Know your AO (Area of Operations).  Keep maps with you and/or memorize the main arteries and routes that you might need to travel.  I find it valuable to identify and mark choke points and potential hazards on my maps so that I don’t have to rely on my memory in stressful situations.
  4. No plan survives the first contact intact with the real world.  ALL plans fall apart to one degree or another.  The value in planning is to get your mind wrapped around a situation and expose it to variables and twists when stress is low so that when the real thing happens, your mind is able to react and adapt quicker.  And, if you’re lucky, your plan actually works perfectly 🙂
  5. Keeping food and water in your vehicle seems excessive…right up to the point where you’re hungry or thirsty.
  6. CA$H is king in a disaster situation…even worthless fiat Federal Reserve Notes.  I LOVE silver rounds and junk silver, but it wouldn’t have gotten milk for the baby as easily as plain old “worthless” cash.
  7. Exposure to pain and discomfort is one of the best ways to help you become immune to the effects of pain and discomfort.  While this isn’t true with extreme pain, it is true with minor pain, hunger, dealing with inconveniences, dealing with adversity, and being forced to adapt and overcome.  Most people don’t like painful situations.  Personally, I like to continually push myself so that the range of situations that I’m comfortable with is continually expanding.  I’d rather have this guy’s 91 year old grandma with me in a disaster than a 20-something fitness nut with a weak mind.
  8. Be willing to continually adapt.  This guy did great leading his family.  He started off well simply by having SOME supplies in his car and having a full tank of gas.  From there, he took his time making decisions and acted decisively once he made a decision.  He did things to keep his wife calm in the storm, and kept his wits about him.  He quickly identified his shortcomings and found alternatives rather than crying about them.  Even if he did take a minute or two to have pity parties, he picked himself up and kept going.  Did he make mistakes…of course…that’s life, and success normally isn’t an absence of mistakes, but it’s an indication of an ability to quickly respond to and fix mistakes when they happen.

I’m going to give this reader access to both the Urban Survival Course and my Fastest Way To Prepare Preparedness course.  He’s already got a great mindset and these courses will be like pouring fuel on an already raging fire.  To read more about these great courses and get signed up yourself, please go to:

Survive in Place:

Urban Survival Course:

Fastest Way To Prepare:

What are your thoughts on his experiences?  What things do you see that he did RIGHT?  Please share your thoughts by commenting below.

One thing that I’ve been keeping my eyes on this week is the “Occupy Wall Street” protests that are spreading out across the country.  It’s been very interesting to watch.  On one hand, I don’t like my money being taken by the government to bail out companies and I don’t like companies being able to buy legislation to stifle competition.  On the other hand, I am an entrepreneur who loves free enterprise.  I believe that profit and receiving fruit for your labor is healthy.  I also don’t understand how these protestors think that destroying the value of everyday American’s retirement accounts is helpful.

To a large extent, I don’t think that a lot of them even think about the consequences of their actions and that they’re just enjoying the rush of being part of a crowd.  Many are happy to be doing something more exciting than watching TV and playing video games, and being part of a “movement” that’s bigger than themselves…regardless of what the consequences of that movement may be.

Particularly troubling, though, was the announcement by the hacker group, “Anonymous” on Monday saying that they would take the NYSE website offline on October 10th.  While this wouldn’t affect trading, this is like a boxer announcing his punch before throwing it because he’s so confident in his superiority and the inability of his opponent to do anything to stop him.  If he pulls it off with advance warning, it’s a crushing blow to the spirit.

The other side of this is that several members of Anonymous have stated that the announcement was not really put out by Anonymous and merely an attempt to discredit Anonymous.  There are so many ways that this could be twisted around that there’s no telling what is likely to happen on Monday.

In any case, it highlights the vulnerability of our country to hackers.  In fact, a June 2011 survey by Juniper Networks of 583 companies found that 90% had been hacked one or more times in the last 12 months.  59% had multiple attacks.  41% had over $500,000 in damage.  In other words, regardless of whether Anonymous does an attack on Monday, hackers and cyber terrorists are very real threats.  They can shut down individual companies, affect markets, and even have the potential to cause power outages like what happened in San Diego.

Share your thoughts on the power outages, Occupy Wall Street, and Anonymous by commenting below.  And if you have first hand accounts of preparedness or well written articles describing your experiences with a particular facet of preparedness and survival, I’d love to post them on the blog and put them in front of almost 80,000 other like-minded preppers.

God Bless & stay safe,

David Morris.

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Vote -1 Vote +1Right Turn Only
October 7, 2011 at 9:39 am

Is monday a banking/Federal holiday?
Wall street will probably be closed anyway.


Vote -1 Vote +1David Morris
October 7, 2011 at 11:34 am

They didn’t threaten to shut down the exchange…just the website for the exchange. Presumably, this is a shot across the bow to show that they can get past NYSE security, even after announcing what they’re going to do.


Vote -1 Vote +1wandamurline
October 7, 2011 at 8:17 pm

I was around in the 1960’s when the college students were protesting the Viet Nam war. At that time, serving in the military was not voluntary, and each month there would be a lottery to determine who would be drafted to serve overseas. My husband served in Viet Nam, but at least in the 60’s there was one voice with one idea being protested. Even Slick Willie Clinton was drafted and then went AWOL to Canada to smoke his pot that he did not inhale. There was a terrible tragedy during these protests and one day at Kent State University, the students began throwing glass bottles and other items at the police, and this escalated and in the end more than 10 students had been killed and others wounded. Fortunately for the protestors on Wall Street this has not happened…..yet. They are very unruly and don’t think for one minute that something of that nature cannot happen again in 2011. Peaceful protests are one thing….violent ones tend to get out of hand.


Vote -1 Vote +1Jay Gray
October 12, 2011 at 8:40 am

I was down at Wall St all day yesterday and the protesters are extremely peaceful, and surprisingly productive. They have established blogs, a kitchen, a greywater recycling system, compost sites, information distribution centers, and even a newspaper. Since some early incidents, they also have established a good working relationship with police, whom they arealso representing (most police belong to unions, which are constantly under attack by people who do not seem to understand history.)
Just because they are from NYC and not tea-partiers, middle Americans seem less inclined to support them and mostly suspicous or even vicous, but the word is out and
the movement is spreading. Whatever political stripe you come from, the message is the same- people are not happy with the status quo, and they are willing to fight in the streets since they do not feel that they are being heard by the forums in existence.
This thing is growing and spreading, and although it is largely peaceful any spark could set it off wether punks want to escalate into destructive protest, a police action to end the march , or the movement could be subverted by an operative from someone who opposes the march. Either way you look at it, people forget that things CAN happen here, and I don’t see anything on the political horizon to make average folks less angry than they are now. People like Howard Cain call the protesters lazy and jealous of those who made money by working, but the protesters know Cain made a lot of his money by combining whirpool and maytag, closing the U.S. factories and shipping the jobs to Mexico where they crank out a cheap, inferior product. And though I agree with Dave about freeing people to create businesses (I am both a free-lancer and an entrepreneur, myself), I and the protesters know that deregulation gives you Enron, volatile markets, toxic pollution, nuclear waste dumping and it is always the shrinking middle class that has to pay for it. Our “leaders” have abandoned the people, and this thing could just keep escalating, so prepare now and prepare where you are. And pray someone comes up with an idea that we can all get behind.
Thanks Dave.


Vote -1 Vote +1David Morris
October 12, 2011 at 10:14 am


Deregulation doesn’t give you Enron…excessive regulation that encourages collusion between corporations and politicians gives you Enron. Enron bet the farm on the Kyoto protocol being signed and ratified. Ken Lay met extensively with Clinton to help shape US energy policy in a way that benefited Enron…going so far as to have the CIA do due dilligence for Enron, Clinton and Lay going on ski vacations together, helping bail Enron out during the California energy crisis, and providing over $1 Billion of taxpayer bailouts to Enron to fund foreign expansion.

Much of that foreign expansion was buying factories that were at the end of their useful life, betting on getting credits when Kyoto was ratified. As an example, they would find a company that was near the end of it’s useful life that they could buy for $100 million that they could close down in exchange for $150-$200 million in pollution credits IF Kyoto got signed and ratified. This formed the basis of the “advice” that Lay provided for Clinton.

BTW, it’s “Herman” Cain, not “Howard” Cain and it’s “Whirlpool” instead of “Whirpool”. I’m not a great speller myself, but I certainly don’t want people to confuse Hermain Cain with crazy Howard Dean. As to how much money he made combining Whirlpool and Maytag, do you know how he voted on these issues while he was on the board? Blaming Cain for what happened with Maytag without knowing how he voted would be like blaming me for Obama getting elected. Also, could what happened in Iowa with the Maytag plant POSSIBLY, just possibly, be a result of collective bargaining demands and excessive regulation making it cost prohibitive to keep the plant open? Maybe it was evil negotiators and evil regulators that caused the plant to close and not evil corporate board members looking out for their shareholders.


Vote -1 Vote +1Jay Gray
October 12, 2011 at 11:44 am

Thanks Dave, interesting take. I’m still getting used to this new keyboard and rushing a bit too much without my glasses. I really appreciate your site and the research you put out there for us. I am interested to see what your solution would be to stop major pollution dumping if there were no regulations. Personally, if the polluters weren’t able to control the conversation, that might help. I am all about work and the free mark. I would end subsidies and eliminate externalized costs. It is much cheaper for everyone to put up a small turbine and a solar panel than to build a giant power plant of any size. It is also more efficient as far as power loss, and Nuclear Energy has never turned a profit, and its failures have immeasurable damage. Would you really deregulate Nulear power? And what about fracking? We’re talking about the very ground under our feet. Not to mention our water sources. And you have to remember that the reason they want a free pass on fracking is because the oil co’s spent years just burning off all the “easy” to get at gas, because it was inconvenient, and in the way of their oil. But that burned-off gas represents millions of dollars in assets, that was wasted in order for a few folks to profit hugely. But when they make a
mess, who pays for it?
As far as Enron, I am just taking what I understood from interviews with former employees of Enron, who talked about how deregulation was the trigger which allowed them to cheat the system and the people.
Again, Thanks for the work and the comments. I have been a prepper for over 30 years, but I know a strong community is what really keeps us safe.


Vote -1 Vote +1Jay Gray
October 12, 2011 at 12:01 pm

I mean we did’t get Enron until deregulation, but I see your hypothisis having some clout. One could argue that excessive collusion is what gives us deregulation as well. I’m all about a fair playing field and self-reliance, but I also work with a disabled man who was brutally attacked years ago and has more problems as a result than I can list here. He got there through no fault of his own, he can barely walk or think, but he is an amazing musical talent. I’m trying to help him become more self-reliant through his gift, but it isn’t easy, just keeping yourself afloat sometimes much less helping someone else. I would never want to see a world where people like him have less than they do now and it always disturbs me to hear fellow preppers calling the disabled a cancer on our system.


Vote -1 Vote +1Jay Gray
October 12, 2011 at 1:04 pm

Also Dave, I believe the whole Enron scandal happened under Bush’s Admin. Not that what you say about Ken Lay and Cinton isn’t true, but givecreditwhere credit is due. I don’t think they bet the farm on Kyoto, real money knew we weren’t signing. They bet the farm on cheating people, getting Gov. Davis recalled and “Ahnold” installed and bilking their clients and their own employees (who were not allowed to exercise theirright to dump company stock if they chose) while betting they would get away with it. And even though they got caught, they still got away with it. It still happened. I was screaming about it in the early 90’s and told I was a traitor to my country. A few years later people still want to listen to the same schemers who got us there. I don’t trust anyone for anything and that is why I am “self-reliant,” but I realize the idiocy of the term. There is a real reason communties formed…Survival. And those communtites require people working together for mutual benefit and certain amount of trust. If things are unregulated then they must be fully transparent and companies cannot do that or they lose their competetive edge, so we are left with regulation. I cannot be in my own back yard with my 12 gauge making sure that no one dumps poison in it while I ‘m gone so it is useful to know there is a law saying it’s illegal (although that hasn’t seemed to help much). Although if we got rid of all regulations and you could just shoot a bastard that steals your money or poisons your kids, we could save a lot of time and red-tape, I suppose.


Vote -1 Vote +1David Morris
October 12, 2011 at 1:37 pm

Ah…yes…blame Bush, that’s the answer. That’s like taking someone who weighs 400 pounds and has a heart attack and blaming their death on how unhealthy their last meal was.


Vote -1 Vote +1David Morris
October 12, 2011 at 1:55 pm

There’s a difference between sensible regulation and excessive regulation and most people can easily spot it. My problem with regulation is when it gets used as a bully tool to advance an agenda rather than to actually help people.


Vote -1 Vote +1come-and-take-it
October 7, 2011 at 9:40 am

Your article gives a whole new meaning to “Don’t leave home without it.” But about OWS, there are OWS protesters that have the thing pretty well figured out. The one Youtube that comes to mind is a twenty something year old that has the Fed, politics and corporation colusion thing and its impact on the middle class figured out. At least these folks are doing something to raise the conciousness level of average people. Until we get the corruption out of politics (defined as “requiring special interest money to win elections”) none of us have a prayer of being listened to by our representatives. The whole government has been bought out by the banksters.


Vote -1 Vote +1Janet
October 8, 2011 at 1:23 am

I agree! What appeared to be a ‘sit in’ by a younger generation probably spurred on by Obama from the start has turned into an excellent opportunity to educate the crowd on who the real enemy is, the Federal Reserve. It comes just before an annual protest that is organized by Alex Jones and a few other truthers. The media has been bashing them and hurling insults when they aren’t simply shrugging them off as unemployed, misinformed young people with nothing better to do. Its time we all stood up and peacefully let our voices be heard.
An odd occurrance happened in our small town of 60,000 this week. On Tuesday, at approximately 10:00 PM my husband and I heard an explosion. He has worked at coal plants all his life and the midwest is known for its many factories and plants. My first thought was that a turbon had exploded or a neighbors house had filled up with gas and blown up. We went outside and watched as lights from all over the neighborhood were turned on. We live on a small lake in Wausau, WI with a park directly across the lake from our house. The next door neighbors thought it had come from the park. I watched as two cars drove out of the park with lights on, but in the dark they were successful not to give away their description. It isn’t unusual to see cars filled with young lovers parked there after dark. At my husband’s encouragement and my own curiosity. I dialed 911 and recounted the event, then I was assured that the police would be sent over to check out the loud explosion that we thought may have come from the park. The following night it appeared on TV. The local news showed a map with red dots depicting who had heard the blast. They stated that it had not been a sonic boom but really didn’t know what it was. Not a single word has been uttered about it again. Do I sweep it under the rug and not pursue it any longer, or continue to press the police for an explanation? Any idea what goes boom in the dark?


Vote -1 Vote +1Jay Gray
October 12, 2011 at 12:06 pm

Maggie, I was at Wall St. yesterday and there is a huge amount of diversity there, but there is a general suspicion of the Fed and hundreds of signs saying End the Fed.


Vote -1 Vote +1Jay Gray
October 12, 2011 at 12:07 pm

Sorry, I mean @Janet.


Vote -1 Vote +1David Morris
October 12, 2011 at 1:53 pm

Horray for that!


Vote -1 Vote +1Maggie
October 7, 2011 at 9:43 am

Hi Dave:
Love your emails. We live in the San Diego area but were out of town when the blackout hit. Our alarm system ran fine under battery for about 9 hours then it went off, driving the neighbors nuts. Fortunately, the guy across the street called and asked what he could do. We told him where the key was and how to shut it off. He turned it back on the next morning. Just a good example of having a good tema around you when things get dicey.
Keep up the good work,


+4 Vote -1 Vote +1William Brock
October 7, 2011 at 9:49 am

We have a very real chance of a Solar Flare or a Coronal Mass Ejection in the next 24 months that could be catastrophic to our civilization. FEMA last month ordered 40 million freeze dried meals. This order is 100 times larger than a normal order. Can you imagine the San Diego power outage but Nation wide and out for weeks, months or even years. Verify at NASA website.


Vote -1 Vote +1Sarah
October 7, 2011 at 5:42 pm

Yesterday 10/6 Fox News went off the air for me and a message came on the screen in small letters saying no signal (we have satelite), usually it doesnt’ say this, it usually just scrolls a bar at the the bottom telling us it is searching for signal. So I pushed the guide button and the message changed to read: “because solar flares from the sun can occur and can interupt the satelite signal you may experience loss of transmission of stations during these periods but your show should return momentarily”.
This is the first time in six years that we have ever received this type of message, and I wonder if solar flares truly was the reason.


Vote -1 Vote +1BJO
October 7, 2011 at 9:50 am

You are correct, David, the true Anon people say that the threat was done in their name, and they are trying to find out who it is.. also, their legitimate site was attacked earlier this week with a DDOS attack that lasted foe


Vote -1 Vote +1Outlaw
October 7, 2011 at 9:52 am

A friend asked me today what kind of generator she would need during a blackout. She knew absolutely nothing about generators. She wanted one that would keep a couple of refrigerators and a microwave running..The whole subject of watts and surge went right over her head. Looks like I’ll be helping buy a generator this weekend. One important thing came to mind during the discussion. She never even thought about buying gasoline to run the darn thing. I advised her to buy some fuel containers, fill them up and store them in a safe location. Exactly how much fuel is another matter. As we talked dozens of new questions popped up. Preparation seems to be the farthest thing from anyone’s mind these days. I advised her to research this site. Guess it can’t hurt.


Vote -1 Vote +1David Morris
October 7, 2011 at 11:38 am

I’d suggest getting a propane and/or natural gas adaptor…it’s illegal inside most city limits to store more than a few gallons of gasoline. Besides that, gas doesn’t store well and is relatively dangerous in large quantities. (If I remember correctly, 1 gallon of gas mixed at a 1:14.7 ratio with air is equivalent to 13 sticks of dynamite)


Vote -1 Vote +1Alan
October 7, 2011 at 12:40 pm

I would get a Honda run quite 3000 watt unit. It will run a couple of fans, microwave, referigerator and couple of lights. Careful on fuel storage. Only open refer absolutely when needed and close fast to maintain temp. The run quiet is just that. Anyone can and will run a loud 3500 watt that you can hear from many houses away. Thus inviting an inquiry from those you don’t want to know you have one in the first place!
Good luck and stay safe!


Vote -1 Vote +1Danette Zak
October 7, 2011 at 9:41 pm

Don’t forget about the Sta-bil fuel stabilizer if she is going to store any fuel for a period of time.


+5 Vote -1 Vote +1Sam
October 7, 2011 at 9:53 am

1) The “Occupy Wall Street” was like your boxer announcing his punch. This “movement” was covered in great detail by World Net Daily in July 2011. This is not “grassroots,” this was organized by groups tied to Obama: ACORN, SEIU, et. al. Obama is trying to have his own version of the TEA party, and it’s not working. Despite blaming Wall St., these “protesters” should blame Obama, and lay off Wall St., where our elderly’s savings and pensions are.

2) Your correspondent was DEAD ON! One other thing I noticed, he lead his family to shelter. As I remember, it was hot that day, and your correspondent guided his family to a cooler area. I was nearly in a similar situation.

In 1994, a man stood on the Sutterville Road Bridge (Sacramento, CA), threatening suicide with a firearm. This bridge straddled I-5 (north – south), but as traffic was backing up, it also affected not only State Route 50 (east – west), but also State Route 90 (north – south). I heard about this on the radio I had at my work. I decided to take surface streets, which were relatively clear (it seems everyone else was either on the interstate or the state routes!). In my pickup I carry the usual gear (flashlight, rope, maps, a BIG Craftsman 2.5 ton jack with a nice, long lifting arm, tools, first aid kit, two of the nice, OLD surplus military ponchos and duct tape for broken hoses). Since that time (and especially since I’ve moved), I carry a handgun with one spare magazine, a bushing tool, “gun rag,” bore light, pad and pen. There are also ten spare magazines within easy reach in my pickup. I also carry (locked, behind the front seat) a Ruger Mini 14 and two twenty-round magazines. I also carry an MRE I’ve made up myself, consisting of three meals, as well as a Mountain Oven (put out by Mountain House, this lifesaver is WAY better than those MRE heaters), and three bottles of water. (Once I’m back home, I take the MRE and rifle out of the truck, and put them in the house). In a smaller version of a G.O.O.D. (Get Out Of Dodge) bag I have some cash ($1 bills and rolled quarters), a smaller First Aid kit, a homemade sewing kit, a Leatherman knife, some medication. Please note: if you live in a state where it’s concealed carry, by all means, do so. Best is a semi-auto. A .45 is okay, but you are limited to eight rounds in the magazine. BEST is either a Glock 17 or 19. The 19 is great for concealed, and better still, it will accept ALL Glock 17 magazines. For a newbie I would recommend either one, both are SO easy to take down and clean. (And, if you want to learn more on how to take down a Glock, American Gunsmithing Institute’s video course on Glock disassembly/reassembly is TOPS!) I have several handguns, I like to rotate them in main carry/backup. If you are going to carry a revolver, nothing beats a .44 Magnum. I recommend .44 Special because it’s less recoil, and still gets the job done. Besides, a .44 Magnum will scare even the meanest, biggest bully (as I can well attest!).

“Anonymous” is more menacing. I can’t recommend anything here, but pray hard. Many people, including retirees, have their savings and pensions in stocks and other securities.


+1 Vote -1 Vote +1lonetrader
October 7, 2011 at 12:24 pm

A glock 21 or Springfield Armory XD 45 carry 13 in the magazine and you can have one in the chamber.


Vote -1 Vote +1Jay Gray
October 12, 2011 at 8:51 am

Good comments, but you are dead wrong about OWS, there are as many posters down there slamming Obama as anyone, and it is the most diverse group of people you could ever run across. I don’t know about you , but my father worked his entire life 50-60 hrs a week in HVAC and retired with almost a million dollars in his retirement account, which shrank to almost nothing in a couple of months because of those flunkies on Wall St who you say are protecting their assets— B.S.—- now my father drives a school bus to make ends meet.


+1 Vote -1 Vote +1David Morris
October 12, 2011 at 10:21 am


The story about your father is as sad as it is common, and it still tears me up every time I hear the same storyline play out in people’s lives. That being said, NOBODY’S retirement accounts shrunk to nothing because of flunkies on Wall Street without (and this is key) the account holders giving the flunkies permission to do so. I lost money, my family lost money, my friends lost money…but we all lost money because we abdicated the responsibility for our money to strangers rather than taking personal responsibility and making our own decisions. Continuing to blame the flunkies and perpetuating the belief that it was all their fault simply guarantees that the same thing will happen again. The ONLY way to keep it from happening again is to value individual financial education and personal responsibility.


Vote -1 Vote +1Jay Gray
October 12, 2011 at 12:21 pm

Exactly Dave. But people feel cut out of the conversation, hence protests in an effort to say, hey, we want to be heard we want to have a say and we want someone up there who is willing to protect us against domestic enemies too. But I completely agree with your point to a point. The system is set up and you can either play with it or stuff your money inside a mattress where it might be good for something, but will constantly shrink in value. I don’t want a handout from anyone, I just wish the hen house wasn’t guarded by the fox. My father also had a guaranteed pension that turned out not to be so guaranteed, after all. Where was the regulation on that?


+6 Vote -1 Vote +1Terry Sullivan
October 7, 2011 at 9:55 am

The gentleman from the letter certainly did the best he could. For a city boy. He had an invaluable resource with his Grandmother and he did not tap (it would seem) her ideas of how do deal with the situation. I am a grandmother too, and while I don’t come from Europe, I grew up in poverty in a rural area. We knew how to do everything from scratch, to do without electricity (we looked on it as a bonus if we had it) and in fact did quite well with our garden, hens and goats and a pressure canner. I must confess that there are a number of times that I go “Duh!” reading your courses or others’ comments, then I must remind myself that so many are city folk. However, I feel that if I come away from a newsletter or whatever with one new idea, I consider the time well spent.

One thing I do fail to see is the value of worrying. That takes energy away from implementing any new ideas because of the endlessly recursive “well what if…” Pragmatism seems to be to be a better orientation: here is the situation, what are the available options, let’s do it. If it fails, go back to step one.

One valuable takeaway I got from both the gentleman’s letter and your comments was the intensity of the need for the familiar. It is a security blanket that could suffocate you. People should really challenge themselves to the unfamiliar. Different kind of vacations, trying out different lifestyles. Games of “let’s pretend we are in X city or country and in this situation.” Make a point of tapping Grandmother’s memories and methods of the old ways and then pass that down to your children.

Keep up the good work. I am sure that sometimes it seems like you are crying in the wilderness, but keep it up. We need you, individually and collectively. God bless you and all your readers.


Vote -1 Vote +1BJO
October 7, 2011 at 10:08 am

You are correct, David, the true Anon people say that the threat was done in their name, and they are trying to find out who it is.. also, their legitimate site was attacked earlier this week with a DDOS attack that lasted for days. The protest movements are kicking into high gear this week. There will be protests at the Federal Reserve branch offices in Dallas Texas today, with Houston and San Antonio to follow this weekend. As you know, the lamestream media that is reporting the Occupy Wall street is only interviewing the most radical of them, the communists and socialists, but the word on the street is that 90% of them are people who want to end the fed and restore proper capitalism and restore the republic. Look for little or no national media coverage of the FED protests from the media because it will not suit their masters. Props to your reader for taking care of his family. I am much in the same boat, being unemployed since June. It is difficult to prep when every nickel counts, but we are still trying to do our best. I have heard from many, many sources that this month, October, the stock market will decline greatly, if not fully crash the 3rd week to the 4th week. They say we will be in for a rough winter. We still hope for the best. I am still finding a hard time trying to find and join groups of like minded people here in the Phoenix area and would appreciate if anyone has any suggestions on how to accomplish this. In this roller coaster ride of an economy, it seems like we are just reaching the crest of the first climb.. and are heading for the first plunge. Hang on everyone!


+1 Vote -1 Vote +1Sam
October 8, 2011 at 5:37 am

Make use of store sales. Most of my supplies are from grocery stores which I rotate. Best canned meats are SPAM (best grilled), DAK, and Kirkland canned beef chunks from Costco. Hang in there, buy a little at a time, you’ll get there.


Vote -1 Vote +1Brian
October 7, 2011 at 10:08 am

The Occupy Wall Street peeps… Don’t get me wrong, it’s awesome that so many people are coming together for a cause… BUT, the cause is completely undefined.

The Occupy Wall Street peeps need centralized leadership with a clear mission and objectives. Without that, these peaceful “protest” will turn into violent riots… There’s not a doubt in my mind about that. If riots happen, we could very easily see “a state of emergency” declared and marshal law being imposed throughout major cities in our country.

As far as the Southern California power outage goes… This as well as the earthquake on the east coast and the evacuation of parts of New York because of the hurricane after the quake should serve great warnings for people to be prepared for “just in case.”

A friend of mine in New York said the bodega across the street from his apartment was cleaned out (bought out, not rioted) within 1 hour of Bloomburg announcing the possibility of evacuation.

Be prepared… everyone has had ample warning… If you’re not prepared, it’s in my opinion you deserve whatever happens to you.


+1 Vote -1 Vote +1Mary Schiefer
October 7, 2011 at 10:22 am

Get ready folks. The Pres and some of the Dem Congress are in support of the wall street takeover. Now the unions are in on it. The aim is to throw the country to the anarchists and create a crisis large enough that O can take over the country-when the truckers join this fight there will be no food in the grocery stores. All your family and friends and maybe some not so friewndly folks are going to be looking for your food. Stock up and be ready. This is exactly the crisis thatO won’t waste. FEMA has already purchased millions of mre style foods. If you want to eat and you depend on O those FEMA camps may not be too far away.


Vote -1 Vote +1Sarah
October 7, 2011 at 5:56 pm

The Unions aren’t just in on it “they created it”! Steven Lerner put these plans together months ago. Glenn Beck has been showing the footage of the occupation being laid out at the SEIU meetings, the riots they want to start, the revolution and civil war that is in inevitable. It is coming people and everyone had better be prepared!.. The group my husband and I joined has ex-military and their inside communication is telling them by next June we will be under attack on our own soil! Wallstreet protesting will probably break up for the winter months but will be back in full force come spring!


Vote -1 Vote +1Sam
October 8, 2011 at 5:40 am

EMP strike?


Vote -1 Vote +1Jay Gray
October 12, 2011 at 9:04 am

Wrong wrong wrong. Obama can’t even get members of his own party to vote for him. Come out of your paranoid hole. People are people, even in NYC. The protesters are super diverse and there are as many protesting Obama as anything. Unions aren’t killing this country, they helped create the middle class and made sure you don’t have to work in toxic waste. It is unregulated greed, sometimes from unions too, but mostly from those who already have more than they could need. Ever play monpoly? It is unregulated Capitalism at it’s finest and it ends the same way every time.
But the point is the same, prepare now, because things don’t look to be getting better anytime soon. Peace to you, don’t mean to sound offensive, but there is too much misinformation slinging around from folks who just don’t know what is going on, so they listen to extremist idiots (Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh and everyone it seems in washington regardless of party).


Vote -1 Vote +1Justin Case
October 7, 2011 at 10:29 am

Dude’s got a pistol in his trunk, but he does not have 5 gallons of water. He invested $500 in a handgun & didn’t invest $10 in water? It seems to me that he put the cart before the horse on this one. I forget where I learned this, but when one is troubleshooting a problem replace the cheapest part first.

I’m a gun owner myself. This isn’t about that. It just seems to me that things could’ve gotton real desperate for this guy very quickly, and his biggest investment was in weaponry. Maybe he’d have gotton a little further along on keeping his wife calm if she knew that they had a case of canned soup, some diapers and/or Gerber’s in the trunk.

It’d be a good idea to have radiator hoses &/or tape along with enough water to not only fill your engine block & radiator, but maybe a little more? Like maybe enough for a few days for yourself? One might also want to consider a can or two of “fix-a -flat”. “AAA” might not be able to get to you right away. Know how to change a tire.

Yeah, this guy needs your course. The good news is he knows it. I live in San Diego too & some of my best friends STILL don’t have an earthquake kit in the car. You might not be home when it happens.

What did he do right? He didn’t have a meltdown when his family needed him most. He psycologically framed the incident as a minor set back instead of a crisis. He didn’t make things worse than they were by his responses. Hey, it wasn’t as if the only exit from the room was blocked by fire. THAT’S an emergency.

Right on dude,
Justin Case


Vote -1 Vote +1GARY
October 7, 2011 at 10:33 am

Stay alert, things seem to be changing for the worst, may God Bless us all.


Vote -1 Vote +1Patricia
October 7, 2011 at 10:37 am

Please tell people that they are not secure when the buy the services of a security company. These high-tech services sound great. The problem is the “security” company only guarantees they will alert the police in a certain amount of time if your alarm goes off. They offer no other security. They will tell you it is your responsibility to ensure your modem is secure, your router is secure, your computer is secure and your cell phone (used to view your home if you pay for that service) is secure. Hackers can get in to any one of these other services and play havoc with your system. They can turn it on and off. They can turn it off and with a master key get into your apartment or home. Each vendor will not guarantee the security of their link in the chain. It is a false sense of security. I can tell you, a family member has had his house broken into two times when he was away. His three pit bulls took care of it far better than any security system.


Vote -1 Vote +1Sam
October 8, 2011 at 5:45 am

Hear ya there!

Worse case? Power outage where the “security” does not work. My neighbor takes his security WAY too lightly. He has ADP, and a dog on the outside, courtesy of “Electric Fence.” He also has a blackpowder revolver! Typical yuppie!

I lived in California, and learned what real security is. Some people call me “paranoid,” I call it “prudent.”


+3 Vote -1 Vote +1Jim
October 7, 2011 at 10:42 am

Ah yes – the Zombie Apocalypse (aka the Wall Street Riots). Seems like I had this discussion with someone a couple of years ago. For the last little while I have been preparing for this sort of thing to start happening. With everything happening in this country, from the idiots in NY to the current administrations trashing of the Constitution, the massive bail-outs to the liberalism being taught to our children, not to mention the muslim caliphate gaining a foothold in American society, I am just about ready to pack it all up and head for the hills. While I live in a largely rural area of NC and have enjoyed some success in my own business I have doubts as to whether it is sustainable. If it were all to be taken away from me tomorrow I would be all right – its been a good run. Add to all the societal problems the uncertainty of the 2012 prophecies and we have a mess on our hands. I’m glad that I have taken your survival course and have put as many of the things in it to work as possible. The other thing that you mentioned in this weeks post was the fact that people feel that you are fear mongering about the possibility of gun confiscations. People – Wake Up!!! The administration is in cahoots with the UN to not only take away our gun rights but also our national sovereignty. We are under assault from all sides and only by standing strong and being prepared will any of us be able to survive as a free people.


Vote -1 Vote +1Jay Gray
October 12, 2011 at 9:23 am

How can you pass yourself off as educated when you take a city of 8million people and lump them all together? That is just plain stupid. Real security comes from getting to know your neighbors and getting involved in your community. If y think you can hole up in the hills and they won’t find you are fooling yourself, but I understand the desire to do so. However, I think it is better to stand up for what you believe in and be counted, which encourages other less-brave souls to come forward also. This country was founded as an act of protest. Morover, look up the history of the word LIBERAL, it means to grant freedoms. Conservative means to withold freedoms. Meanwhile everyone seems to be taking away OUR freedoms while granting more and more to coorporations who just keep complaining they don’t have enough, while they horde record earnings and pollute the very planet which is our truest form of genuine wealth. People put jobs before the environment, but people lived for more than 60,000 years without “jobs” but not a single moment without our ecology. All in all, thoughh I agree with your post as far as Get Ready Now., prepare for the worst, but we must still look out for and hope for the best. I am an avid naturalist and primitive skills buff and prepper, but my first step in getting prepped is forming and encouraging community.


Vote -1 Vote +1David Morris
October 12, 2011 at 9:57 am


You’re so far off, I have to assume you were Ivy league educated. Conservative in the political sense means a conservative interpretation of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights…the very documents that limit government control and protect individual liberties. A liberal stance, in contrast, has historically and currently been one where one group of people believed another was too dumb to choose how to run their own lives and needed the “benevolent” help of liberals who think they’re smarter.


Vote -1 Vote +1Jay Gray
October 12, 2011 at 12:27 pm

That is the current connotation for those terms, but they are not historically accurate. And name one liberty (same root as liberal), that the “conservative” party has granted to average Americans since the War for Freedom began. Cause there is a Patriot Act out there that begs to differ.


+1 Vote -1 Vote +1David Morris
October 12, 2011 at 1:52 pm

Jay, they actually ARE historically accurate uses of the terms. Another way to put it is that conservatives believe you should be able to make up your own mind about decisions that affect your daily life. Liberals believe you’re too stupid to make your own decisions, but believe that they are intelligent enough to do it for you.

The Patriot Act may have been voted for by people with an (R) next to their names, but it wasn’t voted for by conservatives. As to one liberty that conservatives have granted…I’d say the 10 ammendments are a good start. Ending slavery and giving blacks the right to vote is another biggie. Cutting taxes (a form of modern slavery when done in excess) is another.

The whole conservative/liberal thing is very similar, in fact, with right wing/left wing. As I’ve written before, those terms and definitions came from the French Parlament during the French Revolution in the late 1700s and had to do with where people sat in relation to the speaker and have been relatively consistant since then. I had nothing to do with creating the terms.

“Right wingers”, have empathy if you take the time to understand the core positions. Again, right wingers believe in individual solutions and left wingers believe in centralized government solutions. Let’s look at two scenarios…First, in a society with limited government, a neighbor has a situation where they need $100. Since his right wing neighbor isn’t overburdeoned with taxes and regulation, he has $100 to give and gives his neighbor the $100 on the spot…because it’s the right thing to do. The neighbor in need is thankful and vows to do the same for someone else in the future. The right wing neigbor gets the joy and satisfaction of seeing the reaction in their neighbor.

In another parallel society with government welfare and entitlements, a neighbor has a situation where they need $100. In this society, his neighbor thinks to himself…that’s what I pay taxes for and politely tells his neighbor to go get help from the government. The neighbor in need goes to the big government building, takes a number, waits for a couple of hours, fills out the necessary forms, turns them in, and waits 6 weeks for processing. Since the building, paperwork, and people all have to be paid for, most of the $100 that the neighbor paid in taxes got spent already and all they can give him is $20. The neighbor who got taxed is bitter at the government about how much money the government takes and trys to figure out strategies to pay less. The neighbor who got the money feels bitter at the whole process, bitter at the government, and thinks that his neighbor should pay 5x more. Nobody wins.

Most “right wingers” simply believe that if they are going to give $100 to charity or welfare in the form of taxes, they’d like $100 of it to actually get to the people who need the money instead of bureaucrats. When there are cries for getting rid of government welfare and charity systems, it’s not a cry to screw the needy…it’s a cry to stop squandering money that should be going to the needy. Do you really think it’s heartless, sociopathic and shows a lack of empathy to want the needy to get 100 cents out of every dollar given for them rather than the 20 cents that government gives them after it’s wasted the rest?


Vote -1 Vote +1Jay Gray
October 13, 2011 at 11:13 pm

Thank you for that parable, Dave. i don’t think you have talked to enough true lefties to really get beyond your 2-dimensional characterization. There is a great divide between a street level liberal, who belives ABOVE ALL in individual liberties, is always looking out against fascism, and says my individual right inckudes the right to join with like-minded people, if I choose. There is just as big a divide between that person and the average gov. LIB, as there is between some neo-con fascist and a true tea partier. The point is so-called Conservatives turn into socialists as soon as their buddies are taking a loss, but
alll the gains seem to get more and more private. People have been promising
the jobs and money from Supply-side economics, TrickleDown,
Voodooyadayada… but money only trickles up, and taxes have gone down and
down. That is redistribution of wealth. People aren’t lazy, Americans
productivity rose last year. That means they are doing more and getting paid
the same or less while costs are rising. I am sure you undersand this.
and the people’s money goes for all kinds of things that we don’t support, like Congresses own special retirement security plan, and that is redistribution of wealth. At Occupy Wall St there are Socialists hanging with Anarchists, all toting manifestos and such, and they are getting along fine, and they are even united against the abuses we have endured, and seemingly their philosophies, as they have them defined would put them at odds. So you see, I think when we spend too much time arguing over who is liberal and who is conservative, and what that means, we get stuck in ideological banter that is about as useful as to beermates arguing over which of their football teams is going to win the game. We are dividing ourselves for the real enemy, so we are already conquered. It is only by getting past our labels, like children calling names on a playground, and have an adult revelation that may be a bit more nuanced. And from where I stand at the cusp of the city and country, right on the liberal-conservative gap, what I see is people are all frustrated and pissed or worse, but they are pointing fingers at each other instead of crossing boundaries and saying I don’t give a hoot what you call it, Does It Work? if we want real survival in place, we’ll start trying to find solutions that work for everyone, In the meantime, I’ll keep prepping for the worst and reading your columns with great interest and enjoyment. Thanks for taking the time to respond.

May Divinty be revealed to all. Blessed Be.


+4 Vote -1 Vote +1Elizabeth Mallory
October 7, 2011 at 10:54 am

I am almost 70 in San Diego, was 17 miles from home, am a prepper and have food and water in my car for 5 days for me and my dog, I have followed your comments for some time and they have helped me to prepare, when I got home I was fine. I have lanterns, battery radios, battery lights, books and games and ways to cook, I have 10 days of water, 40 lbs of charcoal and these are just for short term, I have long term food storage for me, my dog and can accomodate others, I also have unlimited supply of water that will have to be boiled. I have learned to make a solar oven and cooker, I have learned to make a rocket stove and grow vegtables, I have a note book with tips from JWR, I tried to buy your survival in place but it was sold out and then it was just on cd, I have a notebook computer that only takes sim card, I need it in book form so will try again on Amazon.. I do not have a bug out bag, I am staying here, for my family near by and am too old to hike any distance. I still do not have a gun and am still thinking this over, I grew up with guns so could use one. I grew up in Death Valley and frequently had no electricity and few amenities so know how to make do.

Thanks for all you do to help us preppers.

I think the demonstrators are useful, brainwashed, spoiled, idiots, but they are the start of the civil unrest that this regime is promoting and next summer I suspect that the shtf will start.

God Bless




Vote -1 Vote +1lonetrader
October 7, 2011 at 12:33 pm

Elizabeth. Find an indoor shooting range. They have instructors and various handguns you can try out to see what is comfortable for you to shoot. Pick a full size handgun, not a small cute one. The smaller they are, the harder they are to handle, especially in a threat situation where you need follow up shots. Take a 4 day course at Front Sight in Pahrump Nevada. You will be much more proficient physically and mentally. Good luck.


Vote -1 Vote +1Sam
October 8, 2011 at 5:48 am

Tell me about it!

I tried a Taurus Judge and had problems with vertical stringing!


Vote -1 Vote +1Danette Zak
October 7, 2011 at 10:08 pm

Hi Elizabeth,

If you have a good reputable gun range that rents guns, go there and ask them questions and see about renting a few of their guns to see what best suits you and your hands. There was a girl on youtube that posted a lot of information for women who wanted to purchase a hand gun or even conceal carry, here is her page:
She has some great information especially for women that are small framed. What ever you decide on, be safe and keep preping!


Vote -1 Vote +1Jay Gray
October 12, 2011 at 9:39 am

Thanks for your post, but unless you walk among people and hear what they have to say, you have no right to call them brainwashed, stupid or spoiled. They have established a functioning permaculture greywater system on site, so enough about stupid, They are speaking and acting for themselves on their own behalf and enduring some hardship along the way, so forget about spoiled, and we are all brainwashed by something, so that is just hypocritical just cause they are brainwashed by diferent things than you are. We all need to continually reanalyze everthing we think and are told. As my Mom used to say, believe nothing you read and only half of what you see. It is time to pull together, and find
our commonalities and foster community. No disrespect intended, but I am tired of people publishing rumours and misinformation about something they only read about or see news clips of. There is great diversity among the protesters, but they have found common ground against a sytem that is squeezing everything out of us, at every turn.


+2 Vote -1 Vote +1Kate Jordan
October 7, 2011 at 10:56 am

David: as you know last winter, the Midwest experienced the worst blizzard in decades. I am 70 years old and live by myself in the country. The weather stations had predicterd the storm well in advance, so I went to the llbrary the day befoe it arrived and stocked up on reading material, which was all I needed. I have almost a years supply of food on hand, most of which I had canned myself. I had a wood heater installed when I bought this property last year and brought about two weeks supply of wood to the garage so I wouldn’t have to go to the barn. I have about two weeks of bottled water on hand. Fortunately the electicity was not interrupted, but I was ready if it had. I have hurricane lamps and plenty of oil and two coolers to keep the contents of the freezer and refrigerator. After four days, my neighbor plowed the four foot drifts from my driveway, but trufully I would have been fine for a long time. I keep plenty of non-hybrid seeds, canning supplies, matches, bathroom tissue, bar soap, etc. on hand and some junk silver. Like the family in San Diego, I don’t have a lot of money, but have done everything I can think of to be ready for hard times.,


Vote -1 Vote +1Paul Fitch
October 7, 2011 at 11:17 am

I have finally downloaded most of the course and will be continuing to read and prepare as I drill through the information.

I have been saying for years now that “nobody gets punished anymore”. We’ll have to wait and see if Eric Holder is found to be culpable in the death of BP agent Bryan Terry. But if he is, it is my hope that he is turned over to the Government of Mexico to stand trial for the thousands of deaths his ill-guided program caused. A few hundred years in a Mexican prison might adjust his pompous attitude towards our laws.

As to the pimple faced “Occupy Wall Street” crowd, all I can say is get a job. What – there are no jobs – not so. There are plenty of jobs, but they don’t pay $120,000 per year and so they are passing those up to live on the dole. It doesn’t seem to occur to these spoiled brats that the key to success isn’t having life handed to you, it’s getting off your butt and earning success. Living on the dole or handouts is slavery. Don’t feel that way, try to run away from the plantation! With no skills or education, you will starve (until you can get back on the dole again). I put myself through college working 50 hours a week, going to school full time (to max my GI Bill benefits) and flying for the Louisiana National Guard. I actually took a pay cut when I graduated by losing the GI Bill income, but almost immediately started making more money, eventually earning over $8,000/month (this was in 1976), living in the best neighborhood in town and flying my own Bonanza for work and pleasure. I tell you this because I started out making $1.25/hour at a retail store. But my hard work and “can do” attitude earned me the Assistant Mananger position while I was still in college.

It doesn’t come fast, but with hard work, honest labor and dedication to making a better life for oneself and family, it can be done, starting at the bottom.

Oh, and today, we are selling our sailing catamaran which was our home in the Caribbean for the past 9 years. I retired at 55 and went sailing, just like the in the movies.

Surely beats waiting for that monthly government check!


+4 Vote -1 Vote +1MotorCity Mike
October 8, 2011 at 3:04 pm

Good hard work ethic. I commend you. But tell us all this, if all those pimple faced lazy asses as you call them were to do as much or more then you did do you think for one second that you’d have what you do now? You got it thru hard work yes, but also because it was there to work for. If you had to compete against 10 million more folks with that work ethic too you’d find yourself in THEIR position now. Be GLAD that there are lazy folks because it made it possible for you to achieve your fortune. If you had to compete on a level playing field with equals in the millions you would have washed out with the rest or at least worked a ton harder for a ton less.

I have 2 BS degrees, one in electronics and one in mechanical. Worked my ass off putting myself thru college and with NO assistance or GI bills or anything. I worked for all of the big 3 in engineering. I’m now 52 years old and jobless for 2 years. Unemployment here in Detroit is over 50% no matter what the mainstream crapper tells you.

But for god sakes think about it. If EVERYONE worked as hard as you claim you have what level of competition do you think you’d have run into along the way? Seriously. You did good because others lost out. WE CAN’T ALL DO GOOD. There isn’t enough good for every man women and child to have a life like yours or mine for that matter.

We saved our pennies, we invested. We had a few million in the market (now moving into gold and silver mostly) too and so far are also living the good life. We made that money investing in good investments while other good meaning folks made bad ones. We made our money, they lost their money. Its all the same, in the stock market or in life. Someone has to lose so someone else can profit. That is the way of things and that isn’t going to change because the pimple faces work as hard as you feel they need to work. If they did all it would have done is take opportunities you got away from you or forced you to work even harder to get the same or less. And I’m quite surprised that someone of your claimed status in life doesn’t understand this simple principle of the world. You aren’t being honest with yourself.

The deck is stacked and it always has been. Maybe it might behoove you to work towards reforming the criminal activity that these pimple faces are railing against as well. The mainstream isn’t covering the protesters honestly, hand picking the ones that fit the profiles their bosses wish to portray on the boob-tube. And if you buy that media sludge as they hoped you would then I can see why you feel the way you do. Or maybe you are one of those folks that figures its just better to operate under the criminals rules and just make the best out of the worst, go along to get along, keep quiet, don’t rock the boat. After all, I’m sure that was employed often enough along the way for you to get where you are now. I was guilty of that too 25 years ago before I woke up and grew up. If that works for you and you can look in the mirror then more power to you.


Vote -1 Vote +1David Morris
October 9, 2011 at 12:27 pm

Hey Mike,

On one hand I agree with you. I’m always thankful for complete idiots because of how intelligent they make me look in comparison. I’m concious of the fact that if I got rid of everyone who’s more of an idiot than me, then I would be the most idiotic person around. The same goes for niceness, skill level, etc.

Where I disagree with you is where (if I understand you correctly) you say that if all the lazy people were to work hard, it would make life harder for the people who actually DO work hard. This is simply not the case. Lazy people are a cancer on a group…always. The more hard working people you have in a group, the better…almost always. It allows for more free time, more specialization, higher skill levels, more innovation, and a higher overall quality of life.

I said “almost” always above because we’re seeing in Detroit what happens after decades of the free market being manipulated. BECAUSE it has been manipulated in so many ways for so many years, we’re seeing a situation where competency and work ethic is not necessarily rewarded–much like in a socialized country.

Your current attitude seems pretty unhealthy and toxic,

    regardless of whether it happens to be correct or not

. My suggestion would be to either figure out how to create a major attitude adjustment and figure out how to be happy with the reality that you’re living in or get out of Detroit and get yourself somewhere where competency and work ethic is rewarded more.


+1 Vote -1 Vote +1MotorCity Mike
October 10, 2011 at 10:10 am

You are correct as well. I see your point completely and agree in part. In a perfect world you are 100% correct and my attitude on this is in fact is toxic as hell. However in this real world of the powers that be intruding, and in most cases with a less then ethical intent, we’ll never reach the utopian style desired or envisioned here. And I think this goes a bit deeper than the fact that some “groups” of folks are “lazy” by nature. The entire system is geared to keep groups in that lazy state. The food they’re eating for instance is basically poisonous. Folks that have been poisoned for decades don’t function too good, and look lazy to the folks that are able to afford a higher quality of food. And that is just for starter. This translates across the board with medical care, education, on and on.

For the point of my previous post, it was more to point out to the poster that being angry towards these groups is misplaced anger and that they should be grateful for their status and that it was made easier by the current conditions. Complaining about the facts that gave you what you have seems well, silly. And that railing against a group for what appears to be outright laziness across the board is also somewhat inaccurate and unfair for the aforementioned reasons.

Example: A drug addict doesn’t wake up one morning and say “today I think I’ll get hooked on Heroin” just as a welfare recipient didn’t wake up one day and say “I think today I’ll become a burden on society”. It happens in both cases due to a rather complex chain of events unfolding and in almost all cases with unethical intervention by an external power that the person has zero control over.

In both cases the catalyzing factors are injected by the government first and the results are quite apparent, i.e. the government ships in most of the illegal drugs and runs the welfare state regardless of what the people want. Yes we all have the choice of using those drugs or not and yes we all can choose to work harder but we all know that doesn’t happen as often as it should.

Whether you agree with my facts above or not, this is starting to turn into a rather complicated thread and that was not my intent. I guess the root of it all was that the original posters anger; “lazy people” are the problem got my goat. It’s a lot more complex than that and I wanted to just point that out.

Thanks for your input. I hope my reply helped explain my position but I fear I just opened the door further. Now we’ll have a bunch of posts about how the government would never deal drugs to fill the private for profit prison systems (fast and furious – more guns for dope), just like they didn’t create the welfare state on purpose to destroy the family structure. Let the flames commence.

One more thing. Michigan just ended welfare for hundreds of thousands of families 10 days ago. Of course the relief agencies still left operating are now hit with all these folks and that is crashing them completely. Crime has begun to increase exponentially now (what a shock that would happen). No jobs for these folk so crime is the only means left for them to get a meal in their kids bellies. So all you “kick those welfare sucker out in the street” folks, you got your wish. You don’t have to pay for them now, just watch them bash in that 90 year old women down the streets skull for the contents of her refrigerator. Are you happy with the results you requested yet? The level of human suffering that you’re created is absolutely mind blowing. The timing of this couldn’t have been worse (or better depending on what results you are after – sometimes a wonder about that too). Although I agree that 99% of these folks shouldn’t have been getting it in the first place, dishing up torture to them for their plight isn’t exactly what the good book tells us to do. That part saddens me to no end. Its so easy to say screw them, throw them all out of their homes as winter sets in, let them all freeze to death on the streets, those dirty welfare cheats deserve it anyway, while you sit on your fat bank account in a warm house. BTW, there are now a quarter of a million kids that were completely innocent of anything starving because you got your way, just in Detroit. Ah, screw them too, lett’em starve in the snow next to their welfare cheat parents, yepper. Oh crap, now I’ll be branded a liberal dem-e-crat too I’d bet. Wouldn’t be affiliated with either of those criminal organizations (political parties I mean). You Libs are guilty of helping your party to create the situation and you Repub’s are guilty of helping yours to starve millions of innocent kids. Oh ya, here comes the flames for sure. 🙂 Bring it on. I’m not the least bit afraid to defend my position. The TRUTH is like a Lion, you set it free and it’ll defend itself quite nicely. It is so easy to be truthful when your position doesn’t require you to defend any certain political party. Ron Paul 2012. He’ll be an independent by then, the Republican Party looks at him like Superman looked at Crytonite. It’s a wonderful thing to watch indeed. Too bad we don’t have a Liberal version of him to destroy the other crime party.

Regards and again thanks for the input


Vote -1 Vote +1Jay Gray
October 12, 2011 at 9:53 am

You have no idea what you are talking about, obviously have not been to wall st and don’t understand a thing about the protest. You are self-satisfied and probably listen to Glenn Beck all day, based on how you parrot him. I’ve been there, I have a job, and I too put myself through college, I am also an entrpeneur and business owner as well. I marched because the system is rigged. The assets of this country are owned by the people, but corps are given what amounts to grants to mine those assets and then don’t pay a dime back to the people whose assets they have just plundered, except to the politician who colluded with them. THAT is redistribution of wealth, my friend. People march because those who talk about a free-market economy also support Nuclear power-which has NEVER turned a profit ever- THAT is living on the dole. Sorry about my anger, but I am tired of people telling other people what I or another protester might think. Come out and meet someone and get to know they’re point of view and how they formed it before you make paranoid cliched illinformed accounts of who they are. Who are they? Pissed off Americans, probably not much different than yourself, unless you are a racist, sexist, and a homophobe, then true, they are not like you.


+2 Vote -1 Vote +1Shakaye
October 7, 2011 at 11:21 am

I was also in the San Diego area when the lights went out. Staying in a condo in Mission Bay. I’m a prepper from Texas who has worked to get my survival mentality and equipment in place. Unfortunately, being on vacation, and staying in the vacation home of friends, I partially let my guard down and just didn’t have ‘disaster’ on my mental back burners. I had picked up supplies, which included a case of water, and I had brought candles and some food items that didn’t need preparation. I also did not have enough knowledge about the building where I was staying and accidentally got locked out of the stairwell that I had used to go down to my rental car to bring up those supplies. I found a flashlight in the condo… but no batteries. I had a tank of gas in my car (I didn’t just forget EVERYTHING I knew because I was on vacation) so I could have left the area if it had been necesary. When it was done, and my friend arrived a day later for the weekend, I sat down with her and gave her a list of what needed to be added to the storage area of the condo. It also allowed me a great opportunity to tell the friends who were with me at the time about how much they need to prepare for something similar happening again… BECAUSE IT WILL. I also learned a valuable lesson for myself … NEVER OVERLOOK SURVIVAL PREPARATION. Just because you are on vacation doesn’t mean that disaster is on vacation too.
Thanks for your fine website – you do a great service to everyone who finds you and your material.


Vote -1 Vote +1Pat Havens
October 7, 2011 at 11:24 am

Occupy Wall Street is in my opinion a ruse by the left wing to take the limelight off Mr Obama and his dismal failures as a President , he has done nothing but take us down hill and people are beginning to recognize this . Well our old friends(nemisis?) the left wing liberals are banding together note the seiu and other union memebers taking part in all of this.If the country is busy watching this nonsense and not watching Obama snd his minions of evil what have they got up their sleeve to get past us when we are not looking?
I find this preoccupation of the mainstream media on these events to be ery telling , I do not trust this President or his lackeys one bit . Better keep you eyes on the real threat to this country!


+4 Vote -1 Vote +1MotorCity Mike
October 8, 2011 at 3:29 pm

Have you trusted any of the last 6 because they’ve all been the same. All Obama has done in continue what Bush started. So I’m quite confused here. What are you trying to say? That the Republican Party will save us if we just trust them one more time? Or that we must elect the lesser of 2 evils? Personally, I don’t find ANY evil OK and I think that this we are now feeling is the price that we are now paying for comprising to evil all these years. Go ahead and invite the devil to your dinner table one more time. Sooner or later he’ll decide to move into your home and your heartsas well.


Vote -1 Vote +1Jay Gray
October 12, 2011 at 10:00 am

I am no fan of anyone in Washington right now, but this toxic talk of EVIL and what not makes you sound like more a part of the problem and less a part of the solution. The protesters are protesting Obama too! He has as much wall st money as anyone. Educate yourself with something other than Glenn Beck like demgoguery. Free your mind. You probably trusted ol George Bush just fine though, didn’t you?


Vote -1 Vote +1Donna
October 7, 2011 at 11:26 am

Hi David,

William Wallace who was featured in the movie Braveheart, was he a terrorist or was he a freedom fighter trying to get him and his enslaved people out from under decades of being terrorized themselves and brutal oppression? Interestingly enough, the only sect that called William Wallace and his group terrorists, were the very people terrorizing them.

Then enemy of my enemy is not actually my friend, but if they are aligned against a common threat called the Federal Reserve Bank and Wall Street, then they are, in my mind, our current day William Wallaces. Please do not make the mistake of being so hasty as to call the collective unknowns that reportedly make it harder for these life and pension sucking entities to life and pension suck, cyber terrorists.

I don’t know much about Anonymous. But what I have seen is, they see a wrong and give an opportunity for the wrongdoer to make right. If the wrongdoer does not make right, then Anonymous states they will carry through. That is not a surprise attack. That is going to your brother first. Is that not what the Bible says to do?

Anyway, just my 2 cents.

Sign me Concerned about the blatant use of
calling people terrorists nowadays.


Vote -1 Vote +1Jay Gray
October 12, 2011 at 10:02 am

Nice post. Thank you for a reasoned comment.


+2 Vote -1 Vote +1Kaytee
October 7, 2011 at 11:44 am

I’m also in San Diego– got through the power outage just fine– “in place”, too. I was on the computer when it went out– my first thought was that one of the dogs knocked the plug out of the wall (again…), but then #1 son came in and asked what was going on because his laptop (on battery) went off line (router needs electricity). The dogs were nowhere near the outlet/cords, and the fans were off, too.
We had plenty of ready to eat, non-refrigerated food, so didn’t need to open the refrigerator, nor set up any of the outdoor cooking stoves– except the solar oven, which already was in use. #2 son came home from school early because afternoon/evening classes were cancelled– he said traffic control officers were out at the main intersections, and although slow, there weren’t any problems. He took the dogs out for a walk a bit later, and said the 7-11 down the street had people lined up outside, and the parking lot was full.
When it got dark, we brought in some of the little solar lights to use instead of candles– no flame hazard that way and they stand up fine in a vase, and got out the LED “headband” lights to use to read after we came in from star watching (which was really nice, since there was no “light pollution” in the way!).
We also had both drinking water and “plant water” stored– not enough “plant water”, really, but what storage we have for it was full, and most of our garden is “drought tolerant”; if need be, only the edible annuals would have gotten the water after a couple of days without service.
Still trying to find “creative” ways to store food/water, but we probably have at least 6 mo worth, plus the supplies/equipment we need to prepare meals.


Vote -1 Vote +1Rick Baker
October 7, 2011 at 11:46 am

I worked for years at a juvenile residential treatment facility. And from time to time we would have power outages on the campus. I never got upset or worried about it. The kids (who are all teenager) would be in a panic and all worried about it. As long as we had water and foor and heat we were fine. SO maybe we had to change our scheduled plans but that’s no bing deal. Sometimes to make it easier they would combine groups to one building to make suppying things easier but that was just inconvient. Even some supervisrs would panic or run around lost and not stop and think and would upset the staff and residents with their insecuries. Having grown up out in the country I am used to and uneffected by going without power. we have been out as long as 5 days and the only problem was that we use wells so no power menat little water. but we over came that but the town foredepartment having a grenerator and running their pump to supply the water to people they just had to go get it. unless they were unable then either the Fire dept. of the boy scouts would take them water.they also set up shelter at the school for people with electric heat etc. SO we all pulled together and helped eachother and had almost no probelms other than inconvience and some peoles pipes brust from the cold.. So as you have said many times it’s all about mind set.


+2 Vote -1 Vote +1duck lady
October 7, 2011 at 12:12 pm

Someone once told me something very wise…”if you don’t have it, you don’t have it”. In his case, food,cash and baby formula. VERY valuable lesson for him though and so glad you’re giving him your course (very kind thing to do).


Vote -1 Vote +1Alan
October 7, 2011 at 12:17 pm

I agree he did a good job overall. I would be concerned about having first aid in the vehicle, especially with the entire family. I have a “GO” bag with only first aid supplies, enough to treat quite a few folks for a MCI. Always keep some snacks and a case of water in the vehicle too. I cycle water out on a regular basis as I do with hurricane supplies. Great to see he had a firearm, but did not hear mention of his credentials for arrrying the same in the vehicle? Just saying…

Like your reporter, I am an under utilized construction guy with real estate experience. But in south Florida, it has been a long couple of years trying to find pieces to out together. And today the “Occupy Lake Worth” and “Occupy Palm Beach County” announced their meetings in the local area.

Prepare or perish, it is up to you! Peace.


Vote -1 Vote +1Stanley W. HIcks
October 7, 2011 at 12:36 pm

My step-daughter called me (I’m in IL) from SD when the power went out. What the writer did not mention is that the temperature was very hot that day…and humid for the area. Anyway, my daughter had me find and book her a motel in a city towards LA and she and her daughter and dog hopped in their car and headed out. It was easy for me to book a room online and give her the confirmation number while she still had cell service.

She wasn’t overly prepared, but she knew who to call for assistance – somebody who is ex-military and who is avidly supporting self-awarness and self-reliance in emergencies (which is nearly all the time now, it seems)


+2 Vote -1 Vote +1DUH
October 7, 2011 at 12:50 pm

For those who are oblivious to what the real reasons are for the protests.. which I believe most are… the reason that the YOUTH.. the ones with the REAL BALLS in society are protesting and demonstrating PEACEFULLY infront of the Stock Exchange … I will tell you why. They and you , everyone IS STOCK. You are not a person you are a CORPORATION. Your full caps name is a corporation that is traded everyday on the stock market and the authorities the greedy financiers the corrupt authorities are making money off of your individual birth certificates which is a bond. at 55 Water street that is where your birthcertificate is being held. If you were to ask the demonstrators “WHAT DO YOU REALLY WANT”? The correct answer would be – FULL ACCESS to the accounts which have near unlimited funds to discharge frivolous by-laws and required taxes and other debts in society. THAT my friend is what this is really about. The few are profiting off the many… that means you who is reading this right now. DO THE RESEARCH. WAKE UP!!! People! We all have funds being witheld from us. We are all wealthy beyond your imagination we just are not being given full disclosure or access to these accounts which we should have access to for discharging debts in our lives. The greedy banksters DO NOT WORK for their money… they LITERALLY STEAL and Make money out of thin air off of the slavery of the people. Keeping you all in fear and working hard for to make a living. That is what this is really about. DUH! When you really understand this YOU would be out there demonstrating as well. Sheesh … America WAKE UP! Stop collecting guns and food and all this stuff…. if you have any mind for actual real change in the world… it is to remove these rapists and theives from their power and take back YOUR POWER… that is what this is really about. The structure of society is falling apart. Too few with way too much and the rest of the population with ZERO or near zero. Do you really think it serves to live in fear and buy guns and collect food? How long is that going to last for you? The reality is to stop living in an illusion of separation. WORK TOGETHER. CO-OPERATE together stop COMPETING with each other. It is possible to live harmoniously and there is enough food and supplies for everyone. If we could get our power back from these criminals that rule our world and the nation we could create heaven on Earth by CO-OPERATING with each other instead of giving our power away and living in fear and lack and fending for yourself and sleeping with a gun… sheesh. Capitalism is not working. There will always be competition of struggle and fighting to out do even your neighbor. We must break free and start a new world of thinking and operating as a TRIBE instead of the illusion of separation and this guy is better than that guy. We all should be wealthy we all have money sitting in accounts that we are not even aware of. That is what this is REALLY about! Getting our power AND our wealth back which is being taken from us literally from the moment of birth…. look at your birthcertificate… the original certified copy.. it says it right on there… This is a BANK NOTE. BOND….you have been tricked your whole life … no more BS… we need to work together to resolve this… you should PRAISE those courageous few that are willing to fight for YOUR FREEDOM at Wall Street…. DUH!


Vote -1 Vote +1David Morris
October 7, 2011 at 5:50 pm

I actually HAVE done some research on this. This story comes, in part, from the fact that the “American Bank Note Company” has printed birth certificates for some states, among other secure documents like driver’s licenses, passports, bonds, and other documents that have anti-counterfeiting attributes.

I have verified that my birth certificate, my wife’s, and my sons’ birth certificates are not from ABNC.

Our future income potential IS traded on the open market, though…it’s traded as Treasuries (based on the ability of US taxpayers to pay taxes) and as bank stocks, like Chase, Citigroup, FreddyMac, and Fannie Mae, and other banks that issue debt. This isn’t quite the same as what you’re suggesting, I realize, but it is somewhat the same concept except for the fact that it involves free will and personal responsibility. Nobody HAS to encumber themselves with debt and nobody HAS to live in the US and pay US taxes.

If you have more information supporting the theory that we are traded as individuals on a market, I’d be open to looking at it.


Vote -1 Vote +1SammiD
October 9, 2011 at 12:20 pm

There is a video on youtube explaining the entire concept (the truth) about the people of the US unknowingly being bought and sold as slaves.
Information about how the US operates under “Maritime Admiralty Law”..


This video has several parts – start with this one and watch them all – it’s well worth your time.
Your best defense? Educate yourself!


Vote -1 Vote +1David Morris
October 14, 2011 at 11:09 am

I watched it…I apologize, but impressive cinematography, dramatic music, and a serious, intellectual sounding narrator doesn’t make a presentation true. The case that they start making 8 and a half minutes into the presentation is incredibly hollow. It’s much more compelling to look at our debt system (credit cards, mortgages, etc.) as a means of instituting voluntary indentured servitute than to make the leap and say that birth certificates are really certificates of ownership/slavery.

If we ARE bought and sold as slaves, than why can we renounce our citizenship at any time and become the citizen of another country?


+5 Vote -1 Vote +1MotorCity Mike
October 8, 2011 at 3:35 pm

Well said. Though I see not many agree. That is the biggest part of this entire problem.


+2 Vote -1 Vote +1Ed
October 7, 2011 at 1:20 pm

The infrastructure and supply chain that we all take for granted is extremely fragile. I live on the island of Maui in Hawaii and few years ago the big island had a 7.0 earthquake that gave a good shaking to the whole island chain. After the shaking stopped the power went out and to our surprise when we turned on emergency radio there was nothing but dead air! None of the radio stations had back up generators and to top that the states tsuname warning system that was powered by the grid was also not working so nobody had a clue what was going on. Luckily this happened on a sunday morning and we all were home and we live high enough above sea level that I didn’t have to worry about a tsuname but it made me think about what if it happened during a weekday and I was at work and my granddaughter was 15 miles away at school. After the power came back on a day later I made contingency plans if something like this or worse happened if we were separated since we spend about on third of our time away from home. Everyone should do the same.


Vote -1 Vote +1john littlefield
October 7, 2011 at 1:44 pm

how many guys do you how to start a fire with flint and steel?i can i have muzzle loading rifles and modern guns i also been with the native americans who taught me to live off the land hunt ,fish ,trapped i have done it all ,how many people do you know that slept with the idians in thier camp and lived with them. Thank you for the lessons.


+4 Vote -1 Vote +1Mike
October 7, 2011 at 2:22 pm

Instead of spending money on a generator which will have a life expectancy of 400 hours, Pressure cook and store food for the next year. Use it as the weeks go by and continue to process more. Store water in 39 gallon trash containers( the good rubbermaid ones) for toilet flush, rinsing water and even drinking water from your brita or equivalent. A good Coleman camping stove using white gas, (coleman fuel) will heat your food and you can store it safely in 6 gallon cans. That will last quite a while. Helping clear downed trees for some firewood is always a possibility. Takes a year for the split stuff to burn well.
A mattress sandwich with a sleeping bag in between is a survival technique used in extreme conditions. Batteries and a smalll solar charger for rechargable batteries is smart too. The hand cranked radio should be a necessary item…25 bucks or so. Its for emergencies so wrap it in foil, put in a plastic baggie and wrap it again to protect from water or even an EMP attack. Store drinking water in glass jars and containers instead of throwing them away. You will be glad you did and so will others you give them to.


+2 Vote -1 Vote +1Eric
October 7, 2011 at 2:24 pm

Certainly current events have anxiety levels high, with all the threats of weapons of mass “disruption” not helping matters, all help to underscore an unhealthy over-reliance on fragile systems of western civilization. One thing I try to remember is there’s always time to “BE NICE.” I’ve also found that “planning on the fly” or flying with “no plan” because of murphy or my own over confidence (mostly the latter) a wink and and a smile in high stress situations have paid dividends from unknown quarters. A little humor mixed in with a little flattery may be all the difference in getting some one ‘stingy with the resources’ you need to let loose of some of those to address what ever need may arise. Indeed, there’s a difference between being a con-artist and understanding empathy in applying it to the situation at hand. Folks with good attitudes who can keep good cheer and “be nice,” I think, usually win out over the folks who act like an entitled child when it comes to influence. Good cheer and humor will help you see more options as well, a good level head will see you through to be part of your own solution without compounding your own problems. Easier said than done in high stress “play it as you go” plan but the when the physical world lets you down and all your preps have been subject to murphy and that one event that happens when you are away from your kit, the moral and mental aspects of your life you can control. So: be nice, it may be the difference of someone offering you a cigarette which may be all you need to think through your next play!


+4 Vote -1 Vote +1alagal1
October 7, 2011 at 2:46 pm

Why were my concerns of big government wasting everyone’s money met with name calling-racist,greedy, hatemonger, simply for attending very law abiding Tea Party rallies? Even our president is applauding these people who are disrupting traffic and people’s ability to live their daily lives. If these people really want to live as socialists they should head for Europe and see that once again this great ideology does not work. The Euro? What a joke. All for one and one for all? No thank you very much-


Vote -1 Vote +1outhouse rat
October 7, 2011 at 4:40 pm

I have been living in Mexico for the last 15 years.Interruptions in water and electricity for 1-2 days is not uncommon here.The people build their houses with a 200+ gallon water reservoir atop the house.I live in Baja California.When the power outage hit,it went as far South as Ensenada and as far East as Yuma in Arizona.The people here in Baja quickly realized that they NEEDED gasoline,and the Pemex stations were jammed.Alas,the pumps could not dispense gasoline.Most people in Mexico only put P50-P100 pesos worth of gas in their car at a time (that’s about $3.50-$8.00,or 1-2.5 metric gallons),so almost everyone was caught short.There are still many “mom ‘n pop stores all over called abarroteras,or tienditas,so food over a short ( 2-4 days) period of time is not too critical.Water,as I have pointed out,is good for 3-5 days,depending upon individual use.I was able to observe a phenomenon not too often seen now adays- -neighbors outside interacting with one another until darkness fell.Everyone seemed,though,to have an almost religious belief that it would all be set right quickly.As it was,the outage lasted only 16-24 hours.How fortunate it was that it happened when it did.The days were still comfortably long,and the temperature was moderate (we live by the ocean).How might it have been had it been winter when the days are short,and darkness is early,and there is bone-chilling cold?Or rainy?At least there would be water.Well,as for me,I live alone,so I have only myself to provide for.When the SHTF here,I had just returned from the States.I had IMMEDIATELY filled my car’s tank.That’s SOP with me.I NEVER allow my tank to go below 3/4.I also keep 20 gallons with stabilizer added in storage.One of my cars gets 33mpg,so I have a travel radius of more than 1000 miles.My other car is a vintage car.No electronics,no EMP problems.It gets 18 mpg.That’s 700 miles travel radius.It has 375 hp,so don’t try to catch me.I keep a set of 3 “rattler” siphon tubes so I don’t have to use the “suck and spit method” to obtain gas from closed gas stations,along with a 36″ bolt-cutter.I had 6 battery operated LED table lanterns for light,and LED flashlights.Lots of rechargable batteries,and 2 solar rechargers.During the evening I was able to entertain myself with movies from a portable DVD player and a portable radio/CD player.Food was no problem.With dried fruits,vegetables, and rice and beans,I had enough for a year or more.With cases of canned meats,tomato paste,and other foods – – no problems.Antibiotics here are over the counter.Meds are no problem.Now,self-protection here in Mexico can be somewhat problematic,as Mexico does not allow the possession of fire arms.However; air guns are legal.I purchased a Crosman air rifle in .22 caliber.It shoots a 17 grain pellet at 900 fps.That will kill with a well-placed shot.Anyway,to cut this short.Because of my “paranoia” I was prepared before the fact.I passed the time in comfort and security,and had the absolute conviction that should I need to fight or move,I was up to the challenge.By the way,the radio stations from Insane Diego were AM 600 KOGO and its sister station,AM 760 KFMB.


Vote -1 Vote +1Otto
October 7, 2011 at 4:41 pm

I’m prepped pretty well for a disaster that strikes when I’m home, either local or countrywide. I also have no problem with staying away from home if a local disaster hits my home area and I’m outside that area. Being in FL helps- I’m well-prepared for battening down & riding through a hurricane and its aftermath up through Cat 3. If a Cat 4 or 5 is forecast, I’ll shut the place up and get out of the projected path, and we’ll hole up in a hotel or with friends until normalcy is restored to our home area.

But I always try to find something overlooked in my planning, and this pointed it out. I had been totally unprepared for this very scenario- being in my car, and being unable to get either to my prepped home or outside the involved area with any degree of rapidity. Self-protection and first aid aren’t problem, but I wouldn’t have had food or water in the vehicle. I’ll be sure, now, to add a complete set of 72-hour survival supplies to our vehicles ASAP. Thanks for the “heads-up” this story gave me.


Vote -1 Vote +1yodler66
October 7, 2011 at 5:38 pm

I had my second week plus power outage in my life the winter of 2009.
This one was in Springdale AR, the first was 1993 Clarksville TN.
My first wasn’t so bad because I was fresh from the PGW, And if I may say so I think I fared pretty well this time too.
Both my cars were sitting on full, I had plenty of batteries & emergency candles. Plenty of food & water stored. Thanks to a trick I learned as a child in KS the coldest it got in my home was 59f on a night the temperature got to -14f.
Everyone carried in their car a large coffee can, sand & emergency candles. When stuck in snow you crack a window, the smallest amount and light a candle planted in sand in the can, you would be amazed at the heat this can give off!
I did the same but with a ten gallon galvanized wash tub and half a dozen candles situated well away from flammables.
Everyone else left the neighborhood so it was pretty eerie at night, but you know as a veteran I was prepared for security also.
There was some looting, I was lucky, no one tried my house, I have kept a low profile keeping my cars in the garage,etc. My neighbors know I have guns, they know I keep them locked up when I’m not here & they never know if I’m here, when I will be home and what I will be carrying when I do come back.
The most ironic thing was when my welfare bum neighbor was complaining that the people around the block ran their generator and wasn’t inviting all the rest of the hood in to stay warm. While a generator would have been nice, I noticed their lights were out and no more generator noise by day two… It was stolen right off their back porch while they were home!
I feel my best security is my unpredictability and low profile.
Thank you so much for your insight and all the extra things I’ve learned from you!


+1 Vote -1 Vote +1Martin
October 7, 2011 at 6:14 pm

Dave, regarding your reader in CA. Unless he is a law enforcement oficer, or retired LEO, his Oregon CCW permit was invalid in the peoples republic. Yes, I’m of the opinion I’d rather be caught with it than without it, but please let your readers know it is still a crime in CA to carry a loaded or concealed handgun. CA does not recognize any other state CCW rights, as they don’t for the most part recognize this right to their own citizens

Prior to retiring and moving out of that horrible state (politically), I lived thru the 2005 wildfires in San Diego. We lived in East County and were w/o power for 7 days. The freeway (I-80) was closed for a good portion of that time and the local gas stations were closed due to the lack of power. We had a generator and a 10,000 gallon water tank which was gravity fed when the power was lost, so we did just fine with what we had on hand. People should know what gas stations close to them, if any, have back up power. We knew one east of us did, so we were able to get gas for our gererator w/o problems.

Dave, like you say over and over, water is the most important preparedness commodity. An underground water storage tank is cheap insurance, even if you live in the city. If you don’t live in freezing temp. zones, above ground tanks do really well as long as you can conceal them from prying eyes.


+1 Vote -1 Vote +1outhouse rat
October 8, 2011 at 2:08 pm

Just a point on the CCW laws in Kommiefornia.I have a current California CCW.If you are caught without a permit,the first arrest is a misdemeanor.Provided you are not a person prohibited from possession of a firearm in the first place.The second arrest (you should have learned something the first time) is put in as a felony.Now you have a problem.


+2 Vote -1 Vote +1bob
October 7, 2011 at 6:38 pm

Regarding the comments about a generator, if you can afford it and have natural gas available a stand by whole house generator is the thing to have. We live in the mountains and the power going off is a common occurance with repairs that have taken up to a week. The generator must be installed by an electrician it comes on auto. within 3-4 min. after the power goes off when the power returns the gen automatically shuts down no danger of feed back. It runs an automatic dignostic weekly. With the $’s becoming worth less figured we would buy something of real value before the $’s are of little value. Best investment I ever made.


Vote -1 Vote +1Robert Kerr
October 7, 2011 at 7:26 pm

I am retired LEO. I have a fanny pack for my wife,s ..22 snubnose revolver so she can carry in emergency without anyone else knowing. I will carry my Ruger lightweight .38 special snubnose in my pocketholster so it will also be unseen. I have my emergency suitcase packed and stored ready to go on short notice. My simple plan is to leave ASAP on first notice, drive about 200 miles South ( we live 15 miles from a nuclear power plant), get a motel and watch and listen for latest news then keep going or return when conditions clear.


Vote -1 Vote +1Liz Swanson
October 7, 2011 at 8:56 pm

Any of us who prepped for Y2K “just in case” should have remained ready ever since then. Some things would happen without warning as it did in SD, but a general rule is to watch the weather forecasts. At the last minute stores will be empty, but if you prepare several days ahead of what may be coming by adding to your supplies anything that might be running low or is simply an item that can’t be stored long term. If the forecast is wrong and nothing happens, you can use what you’ve bought…. it won’t go to waste.
Having lived in the north (Winnipeg) I still have some of my cold weather clothing here in Georgia. So a snow storm and 40 hours of no electricity were not a problem despite having no source of heat… 2 tropical fish were all I lost. I do have a tent stove I could set up if it is going to be a long term situation…. just not worth it when the power might come on any minute.


Vote -1 Vote +1Sean
October 7, 2011 at 11:13 pm

I had a similar situation a few years ago visiting Hawaii. I was staying on Oahu when the big island Hawaii had a large earthquake, over 6.0. The power went down on all the islands for aprox. 16 hrs. I was asleep in my hotel on the 6th floor. I have lived my entire life in So. California so earthquakes are not a new experience for me but this quake shook the islands so hard I have never felt a shaking like it before. My first reaction was to get out of the hotel in pitch black darkness. The only light I had was my cell phone. The stairwells had emergency lighting but making my way to the stairways was a scary prospect. most of the guests had made their way onto the beach. I know about Tsunami’s so I stayed on the balcony of the second floor wondering if these people would soon be washed away. That never happened thank God. But soon it became clear that the day would be a challenge, the hotel had no food, while the restaraunts were throwing out their food per health dept. rules. I got the car and fortunately had a full tank of gas started to drive around the island to find food by noon we were getting pretty hungery. but nothing was open. eventually we came across a small convience store that was selling items but had no way to make change, I paid dearly for some cookies and potato chips but hey it was food. on the back side of the island there were roadside stands that sell fruit and some sell shrimp so finaly we found food fortunately I had a wad of cash or we would have be hungry for a long time.
fortunately we had clothes and our medications available for a few days had the black out lasted longer it would have been a really bad experience. Now I keep cash and cloths in my car with me at all times and will soon add some food rations perhaps a gallon or two of water. I recently added a tactical knife and multi tool and flashlight in my car. I need a few more supplies but my mobile survival command station is in better shape after experiencing the quake. Thanks for the support and info keep up the good work


Vote -1 Vote +1Nancy Holder
October 7, 2011 at 11:22 pm

My husband and I enjoyed your Survive In Place course and have made quite a bit of progress in our preparations. But the main thing we got out of the course is that your mindset is your greatest asset.

We live in Texas where we have had a lot of really bad wildfires. We live in a mobile home in a semi-rural area with neighbors who allow the grass to grow very tall. As I listened to reports of homes being lost and families left with nothing but the clothes on their backs, I began to be fearful since we have alaready had one instance where a wildfire burned right up to the edge of our carport. I began to form a plan.

We stocked our camper with food and several changes of clothes. Then we hitched the camper to the truck. That way if we had to evacuate and lost our house, we would still have a place to live and clothes to wear and at least some food for a few days. No having to stay with friends or family or go to a shelter for us!

Then we got together the things that we would need to start over and placed them in one place. We had car titles, insurance policies, credit card info, etc. in a folder near our computer. There was cash for immediate needs in the folder. I made a copy of our home furnishings and valuables for insurance purposes.

In case we needed to evacuate in a hurry, I could grab the basics, get in the truck and get out within minutes.

Just having a plan and being prepared gave me peace of mind.

Thank you for teaching us the importance of having a plan in advance.


+1 Vote -1 Vote +1Janice Brown
October 8, 2011 at 1:26 am

My comment: Quit your crying and bellyaching. Get a sign that says I’m volunteering at:
ie, the local jail, just to listen to an inmate; a library, they always need help; a school for whatever; a nursing home; a Church. Now speaking of Churches, that reminds me of God. Get down on your knees and thank your God for all of the Blessings, like Freedom, that He has given you.
Now get out of that Park that is private and used by the citizens of NYC. It is owned by a Corporation for their use and not yours to destroy. It makes me sick to see how they are destroying a place of peace and beauty. How many of the elderly and children are now afraid to use it. And how many of the taxpaying workers of Wall St. can no longer use it. I would like to say to that NYC Mayor. Get a spine and go down there and tell those loafers what a 85 yr old Grandmother just said to them. Thanks.


+3 Vote -1 Vote +1MotorCity Mike
October 8, 2011 at 3:48 pm

But it doesn’t make you sick what that Corp did to your money/country? It’s OK for them to commit criminal acts again and again but for god sakes don’t mess up the lawn.


Vote -1 Vote +1Star River
October 8, 2011 at 5:32 am

Luckily for me, I live in a temperate climate all year. Our problem comes from most of our food about 95% comes from other places. We do not have the resources here, to actually grow our own food to feed all the people. I am still learning how to grow our own food, but it has been met with the black thumb of death. I learned very early on…that my mindset is different from most people. When an emergency situation happens…something just clicks in my brain and I calmly begin to get organized and have things ready for what is needed in doing. When the Earthquake hit our island, we had electricty for maybe five minutes after that. I was on the phone with our Property Manager (I was at work), when the electricity went out. The first thing I did, was Swear. Then, I called my family to make sure they were doing alright. Verizon was the Only Cellular company working. And of course, we only had One radio station working…so as soon as I could find our radio, consfiscated a few batteries to work it, I had it tuned in and listening to what happened. Then our guys on bikes came in and we went over our emergency plans for the Shopping mall. Our radio was down, so we made use of our cells, those who had Verizon of course. After the course of the day and our electricity still didn’t come back on, we had to leave and let the next shift take over. Once I got home, everything was good. The only thing we didn’t have enough of was Water. But, this was a sudden emergency…for us. This was the first Earthquake to hit our island in a long time. We are normally prepared for Tsunami’s and Hurricanes…but not Earthquakes. Rest Assured, my family is now prepared for an Earthquake. More than liekly we we also have to start preparing for tornadoes also. We’ve been getting them about once every two years or so. Luckily they have not touched down yet. But, one day they will. Even Lightning Bolts used to stay in the sky, but 15 years ago…they started hitting the ground. I’ve noticed over the years, that our thunder stomrs and such weather have been getting stronger. To me, this is not a good sign and not something that is likely to lessen. I basically have only prepared for Emergency Weather situations…anything else that is likely to hit us…well, let’s just say…it’s an island and we can only get so far away from anything. Hey, thanks for reading! I hope it went faster than my writing this. The site is very slow this morning.


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