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PAYPAL is withholding funds
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    Angry PAYPAL is withholding funds

    Paypal is with holding funds donated to Sheriff Mac. Some where near $40,000 as I understand it. We can no longer trust PayPal because they are being used as an instrument of the left to cripple those against Obama.
    "I just spoke to Sheriff Mack and was advised that PayPal has frozen that portion of the funds donated through PayPal ($40,000+) for the Constitutional Sheriff's Conference. PayPal has refused to release the funds and have stated that they may refund the donations to the donors. They have cited no violation of law or online regulation. They inquired if was a 501C(3) and excused their actions on fear that the IRS would fine them. Apparently someone opposing sheriffs learning they are not alone in their desire to live up to their oaths of office is involved." This info was pasted on by an OathKeeper. See Conference information here: [URL=""]
    Sheriff Mack's Website:

    I didn't know where else to help get the word out.
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    This is OUTRAGEOUS!
    I may just cancell my paypal account and let them know why as well!

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