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One Second After
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    Cool One Second After

    If you have not read the book One Second After by William R. Forstchen you may want too put this one on your reading list. I have just finished the book and found it a reminder of what could happen if we ever get hit with an EMP (electromagnetic pulse weapon). I is fiction but has a lot of realism in it, and makes you think just how unpared we might be.

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    I have been lending out my hardcopy to friends etc but still can't get my wife to read it and she needs to...

    Overall - I concur its a Must Read.

    The chances of a EMP attack will go up once Iran has a nuclear weapon in the 500Kt to 1Mt range and the launch
    vehicle to go with it. But its worth noting that the Sun can do alot better and throw an X or M class CME at us that
    will cause almost the same EMP effects & be real bad for electronics - all electronics that have not been "hardened"
    or protected somehow.

    If there is a catastrophic CME coming our way - we will know about it 15-25hrs in advance and the best thing to do
    is put as much electronics as possible in your big metal gun safe - use copper mesh or something to make sure you
    have good contact conductivity around the door. Nothing must contact the metal walls inside. To be sure, firearms
    will not be affected by CMEs in any way but that does not go for you favorite EOTECH scope or NV gear...

    GET the book, read it and get your mind around being without any comms or power for a year... and what it will
    mean to the gen population and small towns with lots & lots of interstate travellers caught by it, 100's of miles from
    their homes.

    It aint pretty... and I believe its going to be movie in the future but I hope they dont sanitize it too much.

    ps. This is the one things that really pisses me off about The Colony TV series - they dont have firearms.
    This is America and one of the very FIRST things you are likely to do is get hold some guns and as much
    ammo as you can carry - otherwise, you & your own supplies will soon be parted !

    This single omission makes the show totally useless from any realism...

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    Have your wife read "Lights Out" by Halfast at amazon.
    Your wife would most likely be able to get into that versus OSA.
    Having a solution mind set versus an grab the gun Molly mindset may help her get on board.

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    My wife and I are both senior citizens. I have taken her to the range and showed her what I know about pistols and revolvers. Yet she will not touch a rifle or a shotgun, she says it is not necessary. Oh well! So I signed her up for a "Frontsight" 4 day defensive pistol. They try to introduce all to rifles and shotguns as part of the training!

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    Another big concern about EMP is the effect it will have on aircraft, I have three airports in my area so I'm going to be keeping a close eye on the sky!!

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    Thumbs up One Second After book

    "One second after" Was a really great read!

    What was amazing to me was how quickly things deteriorate in such a short manner of time.

    One fault that I would give this book was the town where the story takes place a large quantities of nearby water supply. I think if you do not have a large area of water nearby that what water you do have nearby will be a very unsafe area. In the wild the watering holes are where creatures need to be very cautious. Predators and prey have to go to the same water supply.


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