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Found good source for hand target
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    Found good source for hand target

    Found some striking target mits at LDU Company out of China with free shipping to anywhere in the world. My friend bought a few first and then I got one in black. Price was cheap. I have seen others that were made of real leather but for what I do it works just fine. Martial arts stuff is on this page or you can click through from the main page at

    Just thought I would tell other people in case anyone out there was looking for some.

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    Vernice Malarkey

    slight problem

    The thing that would definitely be great relating to this discussion board is if you had the ability to subscribe to posts that you generate; Is this conceivable?

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    Vernice Malarkey


    How's things?, Great website merely a heads up that I was getting automatically redirected to the homepage if I looked at this internal page; It seemed like a browser hi-jack as well, I'm not really too absolutely certain but believed you may want to be made aware about it. Cheers


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