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    A two wheel folding dolly to carry my get home pack. I work 55 miles from home, so I know it will take me while to get home.
    I have a back injury and am not able to carry it, but I can pull it.
    The pack has 7 days worth of water and food, a tent, sleeping bag, tarp, poncho
    and first aid kit, fire kit, cook kit. A bit of money, two flashlights ( headlamp and hand held).
    FRS radio with spare batteries, pruning shears and small foldable saw, tp, sanitary pads,
    small plastic bags to carry carbage, OTC meds and sanitation kid tooth brush, hair ties, wash cloth
    hand towel, butt cloths). Can of BEAR spray, pepper spray, walking stick, umbrella.

    Having had to get the bag out when I had to change a flat, encouraged to make do with less, except in the
    shelter/water/protection areas.

    I have a GO bag at my job site that stays there and is a duplicate of the truck bag.

    My truck has a first aide trauma kit, shower curtain, basic tool kit, extra fuses, NBC bag, binnoculars, disposable camera,
    SD with docs on it, some money, a box of snack and drinks, tarps and a can of tire flat fix it spray, extra light bulbs and
    a local phone book.

    In winter I carry snow chains, an extra tarp, an extra bag of clothes and a snowmobile suit for when I have to chain up.

    My purse has a pepper spray, id, cell phone, brush, flashlight, mini first aide kit, whistle and my wallet and multi-tool.

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    Rural, Kentucky
    In my pockets
    1. A good pocket knife
    2. a magnesium Fire starter
    3. space blanket
    4. 15 feet of para-cord
    5. cash
    6. a small keychain light
    7. 3 condoms, (non-lubricated)
    8. two feet of 1/4 inch dia poly tubing
    9. 3 rubber bands

    In my vehicle

    1. a pistol, 9X18 mm and a waist band holster
    2. boots and 1 pare of wool socks
    3. Army folding shovel with web belt
    4. 2 MRE's
    5. coat ,hat and gloves, (appropriate to climate)
    6. 10x10 6 mill poly tarp
    7. 50 foot 6 lb test monofilament fishing line
    8. 1 week supply of my medication w/ copies of my RX
    9. 1 nose spray bottle with bleach.

    The idea is to be able to walk home if necessary. I would want to keep it lite. I don't want to look dangerous, (I might get a chance to hitch a ride) I would want to be able to hobo camp and to get off road if it is dangerous.
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    On a daily basis I always carry my sidearm, a spare mag of ammo, a XL100 maglite a voice recorder, a closed blade pocket knife, a gerber Epic fixed blade, a watch with compass built in and my iphone. The iphone is a multi useful tool outside of being a cell phone. With the advent of apps, it is a gps, a copass, a library of survival and first aid guides, maps, locations of different spots of interest etc. Sometimes when I get ready to take a shower and remove all this stuff and see it laying on the table I think WHAT THE HECK! LOL

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    Quote Originally Posted by GST View Post
    ... Sometimes when I get ready to take a shower and remove all this stuff and see it laying on the table I think WHAT THE HECK! LOL
    You take it off to shower? My stuff is waterproof. lol

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    What do you carry ALL the time

    Just keep it in your personal gear and keep it quiet ...... none of their business what you carry along for personal use .......

    The only way they find anything is if you have to use it for defense and then its a stay alive proposition vs getting a new job ......

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    What do you carry ALL the time

    Well out of habit all I generally carry outside is a multitool. It doesnt really help in the way of fending off critters but its a very helpful tool around the house and work.

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    On my person I carry my firearm (model depends on destination) and my pocket knife w/flashlight and fire starter (Tool Logic). In the car is a Next Generation KaBar fixed blade, 72 hrs of water and food bars, survival bag, SOL Origin survival kit, tube tent, First aid kit, Magnesium firestarter & cotton balls, bic lighter, 4Sevens flashlight, Leatherman MUT, leather gardening gloves and a roll of duct tape.

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    Heya Henre'

    I got the three pack of firesteels from and they work wonderfully, come with a steel striker and a ferrocene rod. One thing I'd suggest is a good windproof lighter too, one doesn't HAVE to do it the hard way unless there is no alternative.

    Keep on Preppin'


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    I carry on my person a Ruger P89 DC with extra clip and two pocket knives.
    Of course I have my trusty pick up truck with a tool box loaded with ropes, tools of all sorts, and some food and drinking water.

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    "7. A TINY lock pick set"
    Do you mean a few picks and a Turning Tool?
    Or does it mean the smaller profile type of picks meant for the smaller keyway profiles?
    I use old pen bodies which I have cut out the insides for the small to house the Lock Pick tools.
    The most difficult part to get into the pen body is the Turning Tool or as some call it the Torque Wrench.
    Commercial Pick Sets can be modifed for both easier confinement and use.
    Also the back of a flat fridge magnet can be cut to the size of a Business Card.
    Then a second flat magnet can be placed on the back to act as a small housing for the 4 piece Pick Set.

    Brian ...........................................


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