Start here, it says. Okay.
I'm new to the forum.
Thought it'd be proper to start by saying "Hello!"
David Morris... I've got your book. Its a good read and I will recommend it on other forums.
There was a real need for your book as most Americans (and others) now live in cities or in close proximity to them. There are a few other decent books out there, but the subject of urban survival
hasn't really been explored like wilderness survival.
I'm not new to the survivalist mindset, but... like most of you, I'm currently living in an urban area.
Los Angeles, California to be precise.
I've already noticed posts by people who are, in reality, virtually neighbors.
Funny how we get on the world wide web now to meet potentially like-minded people only a
few miles from home.
Anyway, David, thanks for the forum. Looking forward to learning and sharing on a vital subject.
Best wishes to you all.