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Skills Test
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    Skills Test

    My husband and I are really enjoying the course. Lots of good stuff and things to get busy doing.
    As is my habit, I just finished skimming through the lesson before digging into it in depth.
    I did not find the test or a link to the test. Did I just miss it, or is it somewhere else?
    Nancy H.

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    Re: Skills Test

    I was wondering the same thing. I sent an email, but never received a reply. Thanks.

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    4/24/10 and still no link to a skills test.

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    Hi everyone, Sorry for any confusion (and if somehow, I did not get back to you via email yet, I apologize for the oversight).

    At the top of the members area, there are links to different pages with bonuses, the resource pages for each lesson, etc. The resource page for lesson 3 has the link for the skills assessment. You should definitely check out all of the resources, but you can find the skills assessment directly by going here: http://ezs3c686f6ab98a7b817ebe7e8576...assessment.pdf

    Enjoy the rest of the course.



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