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Thread: Necessities

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    Hi all, we live in Western Australia, no guns, no crossbows allowed etc, not allowed to carry any form of knife in our cars, nanny State, anyway, wife and I have some health issues, spinal damage, (long story) esp wife, so backpacking in a hurry will be very difficult, whole area we live in is mostly urbanised with little bushland, in the hills it is easy access for every man and his dog, if we had to bug out, would try and head inland, if not it will be home stay and defend. What do you reckon about the bag I am setting up, torches, Ponchos, lighters (three sorts), two hammocks, wife has to lie down all the time because of her pain, water filtration, multi tool, dynamo torch and charger, compass of we do make it into the hills.
    Am considering a small tent for two, dome? with a tarp placed under and over for concealment and protection from cold, paracord is coming, what do you think about the tent? it gets very cold here, have to think of my wife, we are 58.
    Got a cpl of survival books, SAS, also Bush survival,
    anything you guys can recommend, esp the tent etc, have gotten my adult kids interested and looking into this, am getting stuff for them, just in case.
    ps oops, what knives to get? on pensions, so hundred dollar knives are out, looking at the Mora, but which One, self defense and survival in mind

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    Heya Waz52,

    I would look into backpacking trailers, they make single wheeled trailers so you can carry a load on a special belt with straps, basically it's a modernized travois. Considering your back problems this would make packing much more gear far easier for you. In a pinch a running stroller will do with some modifications. I have converted one into a bike trailer which can carry a 50lb backpack or other gear without me having to shoulder the burden. See my article on SHTF Transportation for further information.
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    Thanks for the reply, have thought about the trike setup, be ok for close to home, but not for a bug out situation, take up too much space in our vehicle, the suggestion of making it into a trailer for a bike is a great idea and will look into that, thanks for the tip, and will look at your post.

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    A cook use some very nice and big knives! A couple of good steak knives in with silverware should go by anybody looking for a weapon type knives. We have some large steak knives which would be very good for other uses! Are you a scuba diver? those knives are very good. A meat cleaver is a good choice too. having a small picnic set in the car should not raise any issues as long as you have some plates, cups to ho with it.


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