Using with Callaway Diablo Edge Irons

The benefits from using the GolfGym Club 38 or GolfGym Club 28 include increased distance, fewer injuries and more importantly more enjoyment of the game! The Club 38 or Club 28 comes with Katherine Roberts Quick Start DVD. "Since incorporating GolfGym products into my fitness programs, I have been able to offer a more effective level of golf-specific training with callaway diablo edge irons and conditioning to my students." - Katherine Roberts Golf Channel Fitness Expert Golf Instruction Training Aid - The Learning Curve System by Stan UtleyThe Learning Curve System will condition you to be more comfortable, relaxed and athletic on the green. Designed to support Stan Utley's teaching philosophy of the putting stroke using an arc, you will develop the fundamentals of a consistent putting stroke as Utley himself teaches you to use the Learning Curve in any of several ways on the accompanying DVD.Golf Instruction Training Aid - Swing Mirror by Izzo GolfWith the Swing Mirror, you will be able to check your own posture, swing with clubs from store of diablo edge irons for sale, grip, club face, finish position as well as your stance and ball position.The Swing Mirror will give you instant visual