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    Following is a link to one of my blogs originally issued on a social networking page. As a genuine, certified, geriatric old cuss I have opinions on just about everything, none of which are blessed by excessive humility. Hope you all enjoy. I welcome comments on the theory espoused.

    I hope that external links are tolerated; this seems just a bit long to enter (copy) here in full.

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    While I love guns as much as anyone

    Nearly all of us are blinded to the fact that you can't carry more than one longarm and maybe a couple of pistols, and if you aint got it with you, it can't do you any good when needed. No looters are going to let you go back to your base and trade in that bolt action, .22, pellet gun, shotgun, etc, for your AK. Since you can't control when the looters will come, you have no choice but to always have your fighting rifle with you. Therefore, that rifle has to be able to do the maximum number of things. Like a Leatherman multitool, it may do few things well, but it beats having nothing but a hammer when you need to saw a board, or nothng but a saw when you need to drive a nail. Having a slow bolt action, or a very short ranged shotgun, when you are up against many looters who have AK's or AR's, is going to be suicide.

    I would much rather have to take a grizzly bear with an M4 than have to fight with just a bolt action or a shotgun. I can always simply bait the bear in near my tree stand, and brain him, you see. Ditto for elk or moose, simply get within bow and arrow range, which hundreds of bowhunters manage to do every year, assume a braced firing position and put a 223 into the critter's brain. It will drop like a rock, if it is anything smaller than an elephant. A 223 softpoint to the cranial cavity has been well proven to pulp the brain of such critters, you know.

    Given the Ciener .22lr conversion unit for the M4, which groups 2" at 50 yds or better, you can use CB Caps or Shorts to quietly forage for food or remove a "problem" animal or man, without using up your stock of 223 or making noise that will be heard for 2 miles or more. 223's weigh 40 to the lb, .22lr's are 135 rds to the lbs. 12 ga shells are 10 to the lb. 308's are 18 rds to the lb, so how many of the centerfires can you carry, hmm?

    The caliber swap, 22lr to 223, or vice versa, takes only 20 seconds and the .22 kit weighs only 3/4 lb, so it is easily carried in the thigh pocket of your cammies at all times. It costs $150, no more than any 22 rifle, really, but you can't carry the AK, the .22 rifle and all the other survival gear that you dare not be without, much less the deer, wood, etc that you will have to be working with. Also, practice with a 1022 doesn't make you skilled with a FAL. However, practice with the .22 unit does make you a better shottist with the M4, because he sights, trigger pull, safety, bolt release, mag release, etc, are the same, you see. Also, any improvements you make to the M4, optic, scope, trigger job, ambi safety, sound suppressor, folding stock, etc, are automatically also made to the .22 unit. That saves a ton of money, as compared to making all those mods to both your .22 and your fighting rifle.
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    When you have a hammer as your only tool, every situation looks like a nail.

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    Well, this interesting. My user name is Doorgunner and I didn't post this thread.

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    Heya Doorgunner,

    it's a guest post, not a registered username.
    Keep on Preppin'


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    that's right, and people who "think' that they can haul around a bolt action, a .22, a shotgun and an AK, along with a pack, are just too stupid to bother with. Ditto anyone who thinks that the can tell, in advance, what gun the will need. You have no choice but to carry the most verstatile gun available, and that's a shorty AR, with silencers, in 223, with the .22lr conversion unit.


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