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    I already moved to the country... but can't go too far away due to work.
    It's a tough find.

    Here's a good start, however it doesn't show the fault under the Mississippi River or the Yellowstone Park Volcano.

    I'm on the edge of their listed earthquake zone. Also on the edge of the projected Yellowstone volcano ash zone. I'm downwind from one reactor, but it's 1500 miles away, that's something.

    If our ICBM sites get hit, I'm toast... literally.
    Library of Congress (year unknown)

    That leaves NW Washington state & western Oregon. They have significant quake issues.
    Therefore, north central Washington state.
    British Columbia, CAN doesn't list any reactors or ICBMs, but Alaska does.

    It's a matter of probabilities.
    Life is a fatal condition. Don't be so busy "surviving" that you don't take time to really live.

    ICBM hits: pretty unlikely
    Earth quake (for me): very unlikely
    Nuclear reactor meltdown in Washington state: rather unlikely
    Electrical grid meltdown: who knows, I'll deal with it
    USD meltdown: highly likely

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    I know for a fact that is not up to date as there is a nuke in California near Morro Bay, Daiblo cannon. But having said that it is a great map none the less! Thanks for posting!

    I'm in southern ohio and we have 2 up on lake erie

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    Crossville Tennessee, plenty of hills to climb, lots of woods to hide in, bunch of good ol' boys to get drunk with,
    just aint got no jobs round here....

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    "good ol' boys" are the people that will go through adversity the best, they don't typically have that high of a standard of living to start with, but what they do have, they know how to make for themselves. i grew up around some good ol' boys, was a lot less stressful way of life

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    10-4 Guys!

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    Oh Hell Ya,
    Just some good o'l boys, never meaning no harm.
    But when ya mess with one, you'll have em all over your ass.

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    If it was a forum....

    Quote Originally Posted by Shoo View Post
    I think this FORUM needs some Survival Guidance. Don't seem like too many people are actually using it on a regular basis. Seems like only a small number of members even post anything. Am I missing something?
    If this entire web-site/forum was truly for educating those who want to learn, and have a hunger for
    knowledge; it would be free, and not a by-product for subscriptions to "Lamplighter" or any others.

    I understand that everyone has to make a living. However, other survival forums are free, and have
    VOLUNTARY paypal donation buttons. In other words, if the web-site has helped you, and if you
    Want to, and if you have the money; you can contribute to the author of the web-site. These other web-sites
    do not send you fear-mongering, advertisement e-mails that you are too late; that you are being warned-you
    have not responded, etc., etc.
    The author of this web-site appears not to have posted in several months. That tells me he doesn't care
    about the people who visit and post on this web-site.

    No, I don't think you have missed anything.

    Wonder if this post will go through.

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    I think this is the active forum and we don't think like that,
    I think forums is the good way to learn something and get solutions of your problems.

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    Wherever you move, do lots of research before you commit to buying. I recently moved to a small town(to help care for an elderly relative) that lies about 30-40 miles from a large city. If I had been moving in order to live in a more "survivable" area, I would have chosen somewhere else. Here's why and what I discovered after moving....

    *44% of the children at school are on some sort of assistance.
    *The unemployment rate is much higher than average for the area
    *There is a large migrant worker population due to the agricultural nature of the jobs that are available
    *There is a burgeoning drug/gang problem that is being swept under the rug because the city govt is running a "move here because it's a great place to live" campaign
    *A recent minor storm event demonstrated that the city govt is woefully unprepared for any sort of disaster
    *The police and fire dept are underfunded and stretched thin
    *None of my neighbors have wells or gardens

    To me this all spells trouble in a shtf scenario. I do not believe that the small town I am living in will be any more stable than the nearby big city. In fact I think some of the nicer suburbs of the big city will have a better chance of stability than the small town. If things do get really bad I am still planning on retreating to another relatives country home. We have already agreed that my family will join them and I know that I will be welcomed because of the assets I will bring. Also you may have to make an extra effort to get to know people, when I first moved here the long term residents were very reserved and suspicious of me. However, with friendliness and a willingness to lend a hand I was able to win people over. Sorry for the long winded reply, but I think that many people(myself included) view all small towns as a Leave it to Beaver Utopia when in fact they can have as many problems as a larger city.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mosin View Post
    Wherever you move, do lots of research before you commit to buying. I recently moved to a small town(to help care for an elderly relative) that lies about 30-40 miles from a large city. If I had been moving in order to live in a more "survivable" area, I would have chosen somewhere else.
    Unfortunately, like you, many people don't have much choice when they move. We're here because of my husband's former "Navy career"-- specifically this location, because of close access to freeways that took him to/from work without being in a "bad" neighborhood. No military housing was available at the time-- 3 year wait, we were told, and I wanted a yard for the kids to play in and for a garden, so that pretty much ruled out renting apts and condos; rent on SFHs weren't that much cheaper than a VA mortgage.... So, 20 some years later, here we are, and because of "paying ahead", will have the mortgage paid off by the end of the year.
    The local schools here also seem to have at least 40% of the kids getting "free lunches" (and some get breakfast, too), but most of those are kids being bussed in, and the schools seem to actively recruit those students (they get paid more for "free lunches" than they can charge students who buy lunches). I do think one needs to research re: potential problems, and have a plan to deal with them, but no place is perfect, and it's better to "commit to buying" where you have a job, family, etc., than wait; if the place is "yours", there is a lot more you can to to make it secure and stocked.


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