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    I haven't seen the earthquake map before. Boy am I screwed in central pa that's an awful lot of pink dots and I'm right in the middle of two of them.

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    Credibility...A letter to David.
    I know I'll offend some but I truly want what's best for a survival course/forum intended to teach and save lives.

    I can understand the use of Glen Beck for reference, for who better to highlight "conspiracy theory" and, it works in your favor for this type of business, BUT, as far as credibility goes, in my opinion, you are shooting yourself in the foot, There is a reason he is no longer on national television and relegated to the internet. Whether what he is espousing this particular week has some validity or not, he's kind of lost any authoritative appeal. It's kind of like bringing politics into a non-partisan conversation. We don't need to start dividing our community before we get up and going. Just sayin....

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    I don't know where you live. But I do know that Montana, North Dakota and South Dakota are considered to be the best states to live in the event of a financial collapse or major event. I prefer South Dakota as I live in Iowa which borders South Dakota and the fact that it has a higher elevation than North Dakota. While I am not all that familiar with Montana or Wyoming (I lived in Wyoming for awhile), I am concerned about the extreme survivalist factor that is reported to live in Montana and Wyoming. While I am sure that mentality exists everywhere, it seems to be reported more in states where there are more isolated areas with people still living like in the days where people survived in harsh weather and extreme conditions. Isolated people living in isolated areas often have a feeling of disdain for outsiders, may have other issues that keep them from wanting to be close to others and adhere to radical thinking, extremist thoughts and ideas and are generally not safe or unpredictable. Do not misunderstand… There are people like this EVERYWHERE. I just know that small communities in religious areas or areas with long histories of families that go way back are more unwelcoming of outsiders than newer small communities formed out of new businesses that bring in people to work and live. New groups of people can often come together as a community and are sometimes more open to new ideas that bring them together with a common community bond out of social necessity.
    I would feel safer establishing a presence and acceptance prior to heading that direction if things suddenly went bad, as all people everywhere would not be welcoming of strangers. As human beings we all seem to lose our compassionate, Christian and tolerant sides when times turn desperate.
    I sincerely wish there were groups of preppers that developed communities in smaller towns, gated areas, rural towns or warehouse areas to help prepare and fend off bands of looters. While most of us have good intentions and want to help those we love and care about... it just is not realistic. Once you tell someone you are storing items for a potential National financial collapse or major event (solar flares, super volcano, or any other event)... those people usually just say something like; "I'll just go to your house if that ever happens." They may end up telling someone else who tells someone else etc. etc.
    The best approach is asking people what they think about food and water storage and if they would ever be interested in starting to store food, water and/or buy bulk together. If they are willing to invest in preparing together and understand the need for secrecy and discretion, then they are your best bet for incorporating them into your prepping community.
    Even then, it is best to never tell how much you have. Maintain a conversation that includes no more than what the next person has. Keep reserves that are ‘above and beyond’ out of the conversation and stored elsewhere to protect yourself and your family. Hopefully we all want to help as many people as we can. But we have to be able to help ourselves before we can help others. The best way to help others is to educate them about the value of having supplies for more common reasons (accident, illness and job loss).
    If you are unable to convince others of the value of storing/prepping then you should change your approach to something that sounds conservative and rational that appeals to most people. Try convincing people that the best insurance in these uncertain times is to start their own insurance policy which consists of having enough of everything on hand for at least a year by adding a few cases each time they see something on sale and having enough of everything they would need for at least a year in the event they lost their job, were injured or became suddenly ill and could not work. Tell them that if they did that they would have a whole year to worry about it which would relieve a great deal of pressure and stress. Even people on SSI or food stamps can afford to buy an extra case or two of canned foods, a case of Ramen noodles, etc every time they shop. Teach them to shop extreme sales, couponing, etc.
    People will respond to rational forms of thought such as the aforementioned examples. Trying to tell people to prepare for solar flares, super volcanoes or total financial collapse is usually received as conspiracy theory, radical and fanatical thinking. We need to set our religious beliefs, our scientific speculations and other extremist beliefs to the side and get people to focus on the rationality of making ourselves dependent on ourselves over dependent on the government with their FEMA programs which have a less than attractive track record.
    People just need to be reminded that the only one they can truly depend on is them self. They need to be shown the value of buying when things are on sale a few cases at a time until they have a year supply (minimum) of everything they would need in the event of a job loss due to any number of 'normal' realistic scenarios that include accident, job loss and illness... NOT speculations of Financial collapse, solar flares, pandemics, super volcanoes, etc.
    Should you have any questions or need help getting started or continuing your efforts, email me at placing “HELP ME GET READY” in the subject line.


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