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    Timing of this lesson

    All good so far, but may I humbly suggest that the OpSec and Team building lesson maybe could have been Lesson #1 or #2, as Many of the mistakes that you stated therein, I have already made , about telling neighbors and friends that I believe they should get prepared, Several think I'm nuts, but state that IF I am right That they're coming to my house, because they know that I will have food and water, I tell them that that is WHY I have so many bullets, and that they should reconsider ..........
    John Galt

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    The way you handle this is to say friend , I have prepaired just enough for my self and my famiely . The rules we have made say I can only give food prepaired for myself to an outsider. I am going to give you my own supper. I will not be allowed to eat today. I am sorry that I can't do more.
    You will have to go elsewhere tomorrow .

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    Hey Urban Ninja - check here to find other preppers and groups in your area:


    There appears to be a "prepper network" in every state. The one in Texas has many groups available and most are eager to get new members. It's a matter of finding one you feel compatible with. The members meet regularly to exchange ideas and even train together, on tactical firearm use and such. Good Luck!

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