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How to know what to buy, and when
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    How to know what to buy, and when

    As more people seem to be waking up to the conditions which exist in the United States, and the world;
    and realize they should do something, here are a few simple hints with which to begin.

    1. Make every trip count. Plan (make a list of where you are going to go, and all the stops you will be
    making along the way). If you have to go to the bank and the post office, and realize the local
    food store is in-between, or on the way: write it down that you are going to go in there and ask
    if you can have their empty icing buckets {from the bakery department}. Wonderful, heavy duty,
    food grade, With Lids (most have rubber seal included).
    -realize a lot of people are starting to get on board, and there is demand for these buckets, so if
    you really want them, you will have to make a diligent effort. Try alternating the times you go,
    like early morning before other people get moving for the day.

    2. Sign up for a free commodities newsletter, and an environmental report newsletter by e-mail.
    Get used to getting your world news from Reuters or These places are where you will
    get your information. For example: last year new rules were implemented regarding how long
    companies could store their coffee. So there was an issue where the coffee companies had to dispose
    of their old coffee that they had been holding onto.
    -Now this year, 2011, the coffee issue is due to climate change. Yes, folks, the regions that produce
    the best coffee (arabica: NOT from arabia, folks), have had too much rain for the last 7 years, and
    coffee production has dropped 70% in those areas.
    Several years ago, US sugar company announced that within 5 years it would cease sugar production
    in the US. If memory serves correctly, it had something to do with rising water in Florida
    (Everglades?). Don't quote me on the reason, but I'm relatively sure it was that.
    -the point is, here we are three years later, and sugar is going through the roof. It probably Is Not
    going to come back down.
    Prior knowledge lessens the shock of an event when it happens, or occurs in your life. It is incumbent
    [absolutely imperative] that you must start informing yourself of what is really going on in our world.
    As you decide what foods your family eats (and/or wants), and what you want to stock up on first,
    or most: it helps if you know what foods are going to Increase The Most in Price. Cocoa (and
    chocolate), you already know is one of the commodities that is climbing higher in price very
    quickly. So you know Easter is coming, and after Easter are all the discounts on chocolate candy.
    You budget ahead of time [and oh man, if you have your coupons-along with the 50%-90% off
    discount AFTER Easter], and you can easily get $50.oo worth of pure chocolate for twenty bucks.
    These are just a few tips that most of you may already know, but if not: good luck and good shopping.

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    good idea about the icing buckets

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    Some great tips! Thanks for the input!

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    Why wheat is going up

    Russia has severe drought for 2010 wheat crop, and unsure of 2011 winter wheat crop coming in. We should all
    know of the problems Australia has had with flooding (coal mines) and drought (wheat). China has stopped all
    exporting of wheat (and is also dumping MORE US Treasury T-bonds).
    Breadbasket of the U.S. is forecast to start having Severe water problems due to decreasing levels of Ogalla
    water aquifer (predicted extreme crisis by 2014).
    Less wheat affects meat prices. More corn grown for ethanol (this corn is Not feed corn) reduces amount grown
    for food.
    Wheat (we all know is used for flour), but also comprises graham crackers, vanilla wafers, etc.
    Another tip to watch for when buying canned goods is ALWAYS check the expiration date. Some stores are
    selling canned goods with expiration dates as close as 3 months away.
    If you are serious about purchasing canned goods, take the time to sort through all the cans on the shelf.
    Lazy (or time-rushed workers) often just push new stock in front of old stock. So if you are wiping out the stores
    supply that is on the shelf; you may get older goods if you do not check the dates.

    I am glad that some of you liked the posts. Remember, Knowledge is power; and you Must be getting
    your information from sources that are reliable. Main stream media Does Not Exist to give you the truth.
    Recommend guardian uk. com, reuters, and environmental newsletters.


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