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I also am one of the "First Responders". As the Red Cross Coordinator of Emergency Services for several Counties, Part of my job is to try to encourage the rest of the population to prepare for diaster. If I'm successful, there will be fewer folks looking to raid others stash of goodies. Because of this, I can't hardly say that I don't prepare. That wouldn't be setting much of an example. At the same time David's point is important. As he jokingly said, his friends plans are to get to his house. I have had the same said about me. Since I can't hide the fact that I am prepared, I think I need to minimize the extent, and since my home is 20 miles into the country outside of town, I am careful about who knows where I live. I have to give this some more thought. Guess that was the plan, huh David?
Glenn Beck said something funny around Christmas time. Everyone in his family knows how much they've prepared and to keep them away from his house, he's bought their family food storage! While that is out of reach for most people, one thing that you could do is cache a rubbermaid container of food (rice, beans, oatmeal) at a couple of friends' houses who have expressed their intent to come to your house after an emergency. You can tell them something to the effect of, "it breaks my heart to think about not having enough to help you after a disaster, so I got this for you to help you get your food storage started. Oh...and if we get wiped out, you know where we're coming now, don't you? "