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    to cammo up the cammo / mil bags, put a garbage bag over them, gives the look of 'last minute' & 'i'm unprepared'... maybe

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    Go Bags: Color is important

    I've put together two Go Bags: one for my wife and one for me. Both are black as we live in an urban area and anything resembling a military style backpack might garner too much attention. If we have to hike any distance with these Go Bags on our backs, I want us to blend in as much as possible. That means NOT calling attention to ourselves.

    In fact, before I joined David's community here, I based my Go Bags on this guy's example (see link below) with some modifications to accommodate my environment and situation. He goes by the moniker of Nutnfancy on YouTube. I believe he is a reserve Air Force pilot and has some military training. See the videos here. It is a series of three vids:

    He may be a little long winded, but he is just being thorough and imparting to his viewers his philosophy.

    He reviews guns, equipment, knives, backpacks, etc. In fact, I've found many of his videos to be instructional and thought provoking. I hope you do too.

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    Bug out bags should not attract attention to you so try to keep the color neutral. In my case, I used a couple of old black backpacks from trade shows.

    If you are interested in a very thorough look at a bug out bag, I suggest you check out Nutnfancy on YouTube. He did a series of three videos about his bug out bag, what he placed into it and why. His situation is somewhat different than many (and he points this out) because he is in the airforce reserve and assists law enforcement in some capacity.

    Check out his vids here:

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    Keep several styles handy - Black (night), light digital print (cold weather), duty green easily hidden.

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    Mine is olive drab.
    "Keep your powder dry"

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    Camo back pak,, my old duffle bag


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