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Will Hundreds of Family Survival Mocro-groups Be Rounded up? Yes
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    Will Hundreds of Family Survival Mocro-groups Be Rounded up? Yes

    We will be attempting to survive the depredations of a vicious enemy who has already announced his intentions towards us. (If you doubt it, precisely peruse all Homeland Security and FBI documents on the internet.)

    We are told: The police state technologies are inherently fallible. One privacy and security expert says, "whatever you can store, I can steal." Meaning the existence of private biometric data stored in big government databases (and big commercial databases, as well) isn't safe. "

    But there seem to be no hackers in either the survivalist, right wing, or pro-white groups. They are all concentrated in communist (liberal, leftist, democrat-republican) groups. So they will not be serving any freedom-seeking families.

    Wait a minute; Most of the power serving family internet connections will be shut off . Only the government will control the same internet watchdog process that leftists corporations like Google furnished to the Chinese communist government, which is used to suppress freedom in communist nations. From time to time the feds will turn on electricity (calling it surges) in order to swatch family computers.

    The only people capable of coping with such procedures are hackers. However, most of them are communists.

    What are we to do, comrade citizen?

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    Keep hardcopy backups as if your computers are not going to work! If you have a laptop(shield it!) and a big enough solar panel to charge it good. But figure on most of you technology being inop! I used to work out at Kennedy Space Center, and being ready for hurricanes. One laptop, one net book computer, having a deep cycle battery with a 20volt 3 amp solar panel to run them for just a few hours a day. Hard copies of your most important info is a must! If you do have a computer running keep that info to yourself. The ones who did not prepare will come looking for anyone who did! Be ready to defend your family and supplies.

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    Alternate power supply is a must. Do you have all your files backed up?
    "Keep your powder dry"

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