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Waterproof Bible
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    Waterproof Bible

    I was watching a video on youtube and the man was open air preaching in the rain outside of the superbowl this year. Someone made the comment a comment about his bible getting wet. The man at this point said he had a waterproof bible. He gave the name of the company and I looked it up, thinking it would be nice to have something like that. I don't have one at this time, but am hoping to get one when I can afford another bible. Here is the link if it works;

    I do not have any connection with this company, I just thought that as preppers a waterproof bible would be the perfect addition to anyones survival gear.

    Milo H.

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    waterproof Bible

    Thanks for the Post. Those are a must. I went to the site to order, the KJV and NIV was available but the NKJV wont be out until July. I will be ordering one of those as soon as they allow orders.


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