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02-13-2012, 01:41 PM
In the future, medieval communist, afromoslem domestic wars against freedom, most individual survivals families will be wiped out or enslaved quickly. Only the larger groups, if properly led, will survive in the face of torture and other terrors. Those groups with non-lethal weapons will be only a tragic memory.
Anyone who has fought irregulars armed with a multiplicity of weapons soon realizes that the enemy band is most vulnerable when its fire begins to slacken. The idea is to get them to fire while sappers detect and defuse or blow IEDs. Killer teams will maneuver towards cutting them off.
Understand this: Irregulars with a multiplicity of weapons must allocate a few basic loads to each firefight and then withdraw, or they will be wiped out. The art is to maneuver against them forcing them to fire while positioning to annihilate them.
A survival movement will realize that it has come of age when two things happens:
--it begins to use machine guns, light mortars and hand held antitank weapons
--A standard family of weapons is adopted by the survivalists.

It is imperative that all survival groups using a multiplicity of weapons and munitions, create large numbers of home-made grenades and Molotov ****tails ASAP.

As an advocate of nonviolent political activism I do not advocate the stockpiling of arms and ammunition. I do advocate creating trained leader cadres that are cognitively prepared to defend themselves in some terrible future.

To advocate firearms and ammunition hoarding is to identify yourself as a target for federal killers. Remember Ruby Ridge and Waco?

In offering training in such arts I am pursuing a hobby or lifetime avocation which is far more interesting that watching sports. It is participative and sharpens the awareness and problem solving skills of all participants. My training on recon and intelligence, man tracking, ambushing, raids, tunnels, fortifications, tactical tricks and understanding the combat uses of terrain, as well as survival map reading, is fun learning and cognitive preparation. Throughout the world thug children, cretins and brainless goons of all types can handle weapons, but few of them understand tactical maneuver.

Montego Man
04-20-2012, 03:56 PM
I agree that having a basis in tactical knowledge is a must, even in daily life. I've had too many friends sexually and physically assaulted because they didn't know how to be tactical. They were oblivious to their surroundings making them easy pickings or they had a Polyanna attitude about life and people. I've seen the evil people do to others for just a bite of food. I've seen pure hate. I've been a student of history and civilizations all my life. However, to be truly tactical, you have to know HOW to respond to a threat. As for weapons, I've stopped bad guys cold in their tracks - some with a very knowing look and a smirk, others with a flash of something, and others knowing they could die in a second. These peple are brazen, especailly in groups. Several people in DC in the last couple of years have been killed or nearly killed by gangs of teens in front of others. The fact remains, in times of turmoil when life is on the line, only heros/warriors step in and they will be methodical and unemotional in their response. Survivor/warrior mentality. They'll stop the enemy, save the victim, escape and evade as if they weren't even there. That's the whole process of being tactical. In SERE training, the basis is about escape and evade since you'll be outmanned and outgunned. But, when the EVENT happens and you and your family come face-to-face with pure evil, you'll have to do more than escape and evade. You'll have to defend.

07-09-2013, 07:10 PM
since it's a felony to PRACTICE what you preach, how is anyone going to learn how, hmm? We aint going to need mortars or rpg's, dude. if shtf, 90+% of the population is going to be dead within a year, and most will be dead in a very few months. 10% are going to die in the first month. Therefore, there will be a great plenty of almost everything (except food) to be simply picked up by those who are smart enough to have a cache of food and simply "hole up" for a year, if shtf.

03-26-2014, 12:01 PM
tactical manuever assumes that you have a GROUP, which is a VERY bad assumption to make, for shtf. There isn't going to be any large groups, cooperating and acommplishing anything. They wont be lugging around mortars or belt feds, and you're a fool if your hideout is not below ground, far from the nearest road, or even 4wd accessible point.

03-26-2014, 12:02 PM
There won't be enough booty to keep large groups together. there will be infighting over the small booty, breaking them into smaller bands. Nobody will agree on who gets what slaves, gear, etc.